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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ben Matine Sasquatch Footage and The Yeti Of Bourganeuf

 Someone pointed me in the direction of this piece of footage (no doubt I've missed this on Bigfoot Encounters -see blog roll).

Rather like the "unbelievable" UFO footage that gets confiscated by the Air Force (whichever) Matine claims his footage was "confiscated", however, he notes that he turned it over to a man from either the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources...or a Mountie. Such important footage handed over to someone you don't have the brains to ask for ID...that has a ring of truth to it (yeah, right).

Only some stills were left and these show what is said to be an 8 feet tall Sasquatch with injured left arm that also seems to have leg paralysis.  It all stinks to high heaven.

But this is said to have been promo hoax footage for a film Jardineau and Matine were hoping to make titled "The Man That God Forgot."

After over four decades people cannot produce a Sasquatch that makes you sit back and think "Is that...?" It makes the Patterson-Gimlin footage look even better.

But I'll let you decide.  The You Tube link is below along with the info given:

"Ben Matine, Jim Jardineua story, Canadian Film release that had a delayed Press release in August 2008.
Taken from a true story, Bigfoot Documentry, the story of Ben Matine 2006.
On Oct 06 2006 Ben Matine was running from a trumped up and false charge.
Rumors from a small town bar that Local OPP where going to arrest him, He Fled.
He ran North on the old CN rails from North Bay Ontario and ended up in Temagami Ontario.
At a hunt camp and old set of deep mine shafts he arranged to meet friend, Jim Jardineau for some supplies.
During the meeting as Jim was returning with bens supplies he was struck by a standing figure that was not
present before.
Jardineau snapped 4 high resolution photos of the figure standing at the bottom of a tree root.
2 pictures at a distance, the 3rd blured from zooming, but
his 4th picture was extremely revealing, giving a clear accurate view of what he was seeing.
Ben had no idea what was happening until Jim told him to turn around slowly , pickup Jim's video camera,
and shoot. Ben shot 2:34 sec. of HDV video.
While video tapeing the large grey black figure was constantly looking to the left of Ben,
Indicating communication with something else they could not see .
Terrified both men backed off of the seen immediately.
Only Jim Jardineau and Aubre' Whitefoot have returned to the site
for pictures for the documentary crew.
Ben Matine stayed 2 days in the town of Temagami and later went back in to the site.
He vanished for 6 months.
Matine turned up in Mattice Ontario and later in Detour Lake / 652 highway / North of Cochrane.
The pictures where transferred to Jardineau's home computer but the video was not.
Its tape was left in the camera.
Jardineau agreed to meet a MNR Rep. in Tilden Lake Ontario and present the Pictures and Video
Assured that every thing was in good hands the the rep took Jim's Info and left, promising contact,
that was the last time he would see his video, it was not returned and no contact was made.
Rumors have called the pictures Fake or its a man in a Gillies suit, and not 1 sasquatch or bigfoot organization has ever made contact after photos have been sent.
The only organized groups to make contact where govermental.
leaked photos and contrived stories to internet forums by volunteer students in August 08 have also
misconstrued the truth about this story.
The 4 pictures are absolutely real, not fake, not a man in a suit ,/ IMPOSSIBLE and it will be proven so.
When the figure walked it favored its left arm as though broken and walks like an elderly man.
It has a yellow and silver top fading through red brown to grey and black.
Future documentary footage will be released 2009."

What shocks me even more is that the "Yeti de Bourganeuf" is still being questioned by Bigfoot Believers. I dealt with this case in Some More Things Strange & Sinister.  Its a fake meant to be a hommage to the Minnesotta Ice-man.

Buy the book and read about it (lots of pictures).



  1. Man you get video footage of Bigfoot a creature people have been trying to prove really exist in your possession. The most important film of your life and you just give it away to a man you just met without making a copy. It just don't add up.

  2. Personally I'm make copies and send them to every scientific institute and museum and THEN to the media. Definitely not "I have no idea who you are -take my exclusive video footage!" LOL!