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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Strange Aliens From Outer Space?

NOTE: The following is taken from the book 
Some Things Strange & Sinister.  Images used 
are lower res.

Although I have, over many years, encountered reports of Alien-Entities [AE] associated with Unidentified Flying Objects [UFOs], or “Flying Saucers”, described as “Nordic”, ”Hairy Bellicose Dwarf”, ’Venusian’ or even “robotic”, since the 1980s and the work of people such as Budd Hopkins, the “Greys” seem to have taken over –allegedly millions of people in the United States and elsewhere claiming to have been abducted by this type.

    As a young astronomer with a strong interest in Exobiology, I knew that most astronomers who were asked about Flying Saucers and Contactee type Nordics dismissed the reports –politely or otherwise.  It was the concensus of opinion based on all we ‘knew’ that visiting aliens would be non-humanoid in appearance.  And, as was stated in articles and talks and even in TV and radio interviews, ”No such reports exist”.   Even UFO researchers claimed this.  One astronomer told me: ”If there were reports of non-humanoid creatures in UFO cases those would be the cases to look into”.

During the 1960s and into the 1970s it was considered quite alright to investigate and research objects flying around our skies but if you started doing the same work about AEs you were, as the late Graham F. N. Knewstub (of the British Flying Saucer Club and its successor the British Flying Saucer Bureau) put it “potty”.  He noted however, that talking about Contactees such as George Adamski did seem acceptable. 

 When Ted Bloecher started putting together his Humanoids Catalogue [HUM-CAT] in the 1970s, Anthony Pace of BUFORA asked me to draw up the UK section as no one else in the British UFO Research Association [BUFORA] had the same knowledge or files as myself.  I was rather worried as Bloecher’s paper, 1973: The Year Of The Humanoids, as well as articles by other Ufologists, featured no non-humanoid AEs –the AEs seen at Pascagoula, Mississippi, were the nearest it got.

Repeatedly I asked for a full survey of cases involving AEs to look for non-humanoid reports.  No one was really interested and by the mid-1980s, Hopkins’ work had started making the “Greys” and abductions  the area of research.  It took a while for the UK and other parts of the Western World to catch onto this aspect of AE study but when it did TV documentaries, films, articles, books, magazines and a whole industry sprang up.  Abduction and possible abduction reports were coming in so fast and accepted so quickly that to even question a case resulted in howls of derision and abuse for daring to question.

Dark Skies, The X-Files and many TV series outlined all the ‘symptoms’ of abduction.  Even one national news stand UFO magazine editor I met later admitted that he had been abducted.

I found less and less evidence to support abductions as one piece of evidence after another crumbled under investigation. 

In February, 2004, quietly, I re-opened Grey Book to re-assess a great deal of the 1977-1995 Anomalous Observational Phenomena Bureau file material.  Amongst the thousands of pages of case summaries from around the World I found thirteen that fitted the type of case profile I was looking for:

[1]    Lima,Peru,1947
[2]    Flatwoods,Virginia,USA,1952
[3]    Garson,Ontario,Canada,1954
[4 ]   Braemar,Scotland,1958
[5 ]   Denmark,1958
[6]    Helsingborg,Sweden,1958
[7]    Yssandon,France,1960
[8]    Salta,Argentina,1963 and 1965
[9]    Cordoba,Spain,1966
[10]  Barcelona,Spain,1967
[11]  Tivissa,Spain,1968
[12]  San Marti De Tous,Spain,1968
[13]  Eupora,Mississippi,USA,1973

There is one 1975 case from Wales, UK, that fitted but is excluded as was another from the United States, the reasons for which I will explain further on.

What is interesting is that, four not widely reported AE incidents, [5], [6], [7] and [12] match in descriptions to an amazing degree. With the exception of the Flatwoods, Virginia incident, now seemingly being re-invented as an almost Roswell-like case, all the others were never fully investigated as we might hope for today.

The Eupora, Mississippi case [13] is unique amongst the thousands I have on file and certainly does deserve far greater study.

Between 1995-2004 I attempted to try to find out more detail by contacting every UFO investigator or group I could find in the countries involved.  Those that did respond fell into the following categories:

[a]  “We meet to talk about UFOs –we don’t investigate reports”

[b] “If it happened now we might look into it but….”

[c]  “We’re inspired by the X-Files but don’t investigate UFO cases –it’s too  dangerous!”

Other, more credible, organisations failed to respond to letters, e-mails, faxes or even phone messages.  This was highly disappointing considering just how important these reports could be.  Cases [5], [6] and [7] took place over a three year period but then, if we include [12] as being of similar AEs, then nothing similar was reported for another eight years –could this be significant?

Unless such cases as these are publicised then newer Ufologists may dismiss similar cases as being “too weird” and binning the reports.

The cases I have not included, though they are very interesting and might be added to the list later, should more information become available are:-

[X1]  Long Prairie, Minnessotta,1965

[X2]  Machynleth, Powys,1975

Machynleth was excluded because it has all the hallmarks of a possible psychological episode and, as the witness was a a youngster, the chances are very high that he would have watched an episode of the BBC TV series DR WHO, particularly “The Three Doctors” in which creatures strongly resembling those described by the witness appear.  For this reason there are too many doubts so it is noted but no more.

The Long Prairie, Minnessotta case of 23rd October, 1965, is repeatedly referred to as being an encounter with ‘robotic-like’ AEs.  Unless more detail can be found indicating biological rather than mechanical AEs were involved then this case cannot be included.

I have attempted to draw images of what the entities may have looked like based on the descriptions given –other material that might exist from other sources for the Flatwoods and Yssandon cases I have included.

The Case Summaries

[1] Near Lima, Peru.  Night time,1947                                       Investigators: A.P.R.O.

    Mr “CAV” came upon a grounded, shiney disc-like object on an highway outside of Lima.  Stopping his car, ”CAV” approached the object on foot only to be approached by “…two incredible amoeba-like” AEs that  “looked like bananas joined together.  Their skin was sandy-coloured with a towel-like texture”.  In height the AEs stood at around 5 feet 5 inches [approx. 1.6m].

    A voice, in English (which he understood), suddenly broke the silence sounding  “…as if from a speaker” and told him that they (AEs) were sexless and to demonstrate this they divided themselves like amoeba.  “CAV” was taken on a tour of the rather barren-looking interior of the craft.  He was then escorted out and watched as the craft departed.

    The witness suffered loss of volition and appetite as well as total exhaustion.

    This is all we know of the incident. Although investigated by representatives of James and Coral Lorenzen’s Aerial Phenomena Research Organization [A.P.R.O.], this case never appeared in their ground-breaking 1967 book, Flying Saucer Occupants or their 1969 book UFOs: The Whole Story. Even Gordon W Creighton’s chapter on Latin American encounters in the book The Humanoids [196 ] does not list this case.  Back in the 1970s James Lorenzen did confirm the case was dealt with by A.P.R.O but that was as far as I got.

    Is it possible that the case was just too weird for the more conservative Ufologists to handle or put their name behind?  Most people will be familiar with the case from the book by John A. Keel, Strange Creatures From Time And Space –an author not too concerned with the weirdness of his subject matter.

    Today, of course,”CAV” would be taken to a hypnotherapist or “abduction specialist” and undergo hypnotic regression.  However, in 1947, hypnosis was a thing of horror movies.  It is doubtful “CAV” is even alive today;  if he was in his twenties in 1947 he could now be in his eighties.

    What is so striking is the fact that AE encounters in association with UFOs was unheard of in the 1940s and I cannot find any popular movies from that period in which AEs of this type appear from which “CAV” could have been influenced.  The description has not, as far as I am aware, been repeated since.  The description of the interior of the craft looking barren seems to be in-keeping with the appearance of the AEs.

    This case really does need further research and I am hoping that somewhere there exist A.P.R.O. records with a full case report.

    For High Strangeness this case deserves a 3 rating (5 being the highest possible).

[2] Flatwoods, West Virginia,USA.  Evening. 12th September, 1952

    The “Flatwoods Monster” case is a classic, though it appears to be under-going something of a re-telling in certain quarters.  Ivan T. Sanderson personally investigated the case and the detailed report can be found in his 196  book Uninvited Visitors.   For this summary, however, I would like to quote the account by James and Coral Lorenzen which appeared in their book , Flying Saucer Occupants, and their chapter in The Humanoids:

    “At sunset…a group of youngsters saw what appeared to be a ‘meteor’ land on the top of a nearby hill. Similar observations of a low-flying ‘meteor’ were made in that vicinity on the same night,along with many others along the central Atlantic seaboard.

    “The boys decided to investigate,and started toward the hill.  Along the way they stopped at the home of Mrs.Kathleen May,and she,her two sons and a seventeen-year-old National Guardsman,Gene Lemon,joined the group and they made their way to the top of the hill.

    “The first thing the crowd observed was a large globe or sphere beyond the crest of the hill.  One of the boys said it was ‘as big as a house’.  Another boy said he heard a ‘throbbing sound’ ,and still another said he heard a ‘hissing sound’.  At about this         juncture in the sequence of events,one of the group saw what was thought to be an   animal’s eyes in the branches of a tree and shone a flashlight beam toward it.  The whole crowd then saw what appeared to be a huge figure just under the lower branches of the tree.  It seemed to be about ten or fifteen feet tall,had a blood-red ‘face’,and glowing greenish-orange ‘eyes’.  The lower part of the ‘thing’ was in shadow but Mrs. May  thought she saw clothinglike folds.  The whole apparition ‘floated’ slowly toward the observers,who fled hysterically down the hillside in the direction from which they had come.

    “Some of the group were violently ill during the rest of the night,and this fact was verified by the editor of the local paper. He was one of several who searched the hill shortly afterward,but found nothing.  On the following day,however,he and others found marks on the ground including two parallel skid marks and a large circular area of flattened grass.  A strange and irritating odor lingered close to the ground….”

    Oddly, the Lorenzens noted that:

    “The Flatwoods incident is one which was accepted by researchers, partly because of the large number of observers and supporting evidence, but we suspect that the nonhuman characteristics of the ‘entity’ was a large factor.  By and large, researchers in the United States have hesitated to accept and even strongly resisted the idea of humanoid UFO operators…”

    Making the lack of reference to the “CAV” case unusual. The Flatwoods case is desperately in need of  re-appraisal.  And when I say “re-appraisal” I mean independent of the almost Roswell-like following the case has gained over the last decade.  There are rumours of secondary objects seen crashing and much more.

[3] Garson, Ontario, Canada.  June or July, 1954

    Ennio La Sarza, aged twenty-five, a miner, reported his sighting of a disc-shaped object and AEs to the Royal Canadian Air Force [RCAF] who investigated but refused to publicly comment, though a copy of their final report did go to the USAF Project Blue Book and also to the Air Ministry in London, though the latter copy it appears has been lost.

    La Sarza claims that he saw a “huge disc” descend from the sky north of the nickel mining centre of Garson, one Friday in either late June or early July.  The object landed and from it emerged three AEs “…all 13 feet tall with ears like spurs and three sets of arms”.  This is all we know of the AEs.

    From a distance, La Sarza asked who they were and where they came from?  In response “…they fixed me with a hypnotic stare until I fainted: when I came to they and the ship had vanished.”
    One has to ask why La Sarza would fake a reported UFO encounter and make it so brief –ending with him passing out?  How much time had elapsed?

    This case begs for a new investigation and I am currently attempting to discover whether the RCAF has their report archived or if it was destroyed as per normal disposal of documents after a certain period.  

    With so many veteran UFO investigators from Canada now dead and groups having disbanded with their records scattered it may well prove very difficult to track down details of this case.  I should note that a number of investigators believe La Sarza was suffering from a mental delusion.

[4] Braemar, Dee-side, Scotland. November, 1958

    The Territorial Army were on a week-end exercise just outside of Tarland, between Braemar and Ballatar, some 60 miles from Aberdeen.  Two of the young TA men were assigned the duty of guarding a hill-top and dug a trench to lie in.  The duty should have lasted only a few hours.  As dawn was breaking, the men heard a “strange gurgling” sound a few hundred yards away and  behind some trees.  Because the noise continued the men decided to investigate.

    Leaving their position the men moved in the direction of the noise when two “large figures” came stumbling toward them.  The young men were paralyzed with fear; the two figures were at least 2.10 - 2.40m [7-8 ft] tall; they were dressed in rather unusual clothing that seemed to make it difficult for the AEs to move about.  The guttural sounds appeared to be the AEs talking to each other.

    The young men now turned and fled down the hill to the main Tarland Road.  As they ran along the road one of the men looked back as they heard a “swishing” sound.  A huge, disc-shaped and glowing object was behind them and only a few feet above the ground –the two ran faster.  The object then swooped up above them and disappeared quickly from sight, leaving a trail of sparks behind.

    A temporary Post Office engineers hut was the first sign of normality the men encountered –several engineers were within.  The men banged on the door begging to be let in.  Opening the door, the engineers let the men in and because of the state they were in, made them rest a while.

    When I initially read this I assumed that someone from the Flying Saucer Review [FSR May-June,1959] must have followed this account up.  Because it was, potentially, one of the best in the UK.  In the 1970s, Charles Bowen, then editor of FSR, told me he had checked: no one had investigated –but he did have the news item.  It was suggested I try UFO groups from that time.

    The main group would have been the British Flying Saucer Bureau [f.1952]: they had not looked into it.

    In fact, I tried everything and everyone I could.  The case had gone no further–even in FSRs Special Issue, later a book, The Humanoids  [Neville spearman, London, 1969], only the details from eleven years before were quoted.

    We do not even have any details of the AEs appearances apart from the scant ones given in 1959.  This case has become a priority to look into and I am hoping the men are not just still alive but living in the same area. 

[5] Denmark, 1958 [?]

    So far all I have been able to ascertain is that Danish officials sat in on the Helsingborg case interviews as a woman in their country had been involved in a similar encounter.  I am currently trying to locate records from Denmark.

[6] Helsingborg – Hoganas, Sweden. 03:00 hrs.  2nd December, 1958

    Two young men, Hans Gustafsson and Stig Rydberg, were driving home  from a dance through a thick mist  along a road lined on either side by forestry.  At one point the mist cleared and the two men observed a strange light.  Leaving their car, the men set off to investigate.

    What Gustafsson and Rydberg saw when they got closer was a disc of peculiar, shimmering light resting on 60 cms high “legs” –the light from this object was seen to change colour.  Before either man could say a word they were suddenly confronted by a number of “blobs”, described as looking like “protozoa”, a bit darker than most and a bluish colour.  These “blobs” were jumping around the object like animated blobs of jelly but then a more frightening situation arose.

    The “blobs” got close to the men and began to envelope them with a “powerful suction force” attempted to pull them toward the object.  The drag of these “blobs” was described as “terrific” and a stench like either ether or burnt sausages was noted.  Rydberg’s arm sank right up to the elbow into one of the “blobs”: he said that these blobs almost seemed to read his mind and parried every move he made.  The strength of these “blobs” was, according to the men, was not very great but it was the manner in which “they” wielded what strength they had.

    After moments of struggling, Rydberg broke free and ran toward his car, with two of the “blobs” closely behind him.  Flinging open the car door, Rydberg slammed his arm down on the car horn in the desperate hope that someone might be nearby and help.  On the horn sounding, however, the “blobs” began to move off.  Gustafsson, meanwhile, was tenaciously holding on to a fence post –stretched out horizontally as they “blobs” tried to drag him off.  These “blobs”, however, also retreated back to the object as the car horn sounded and having entered it, the object then took off and was soon gone from sight.

    Badly shaken, the two men went home but after several days of being unable to shake-off the ether-like smell, suffering from a piping whistle in their ears and “queasy stomaches”, Gustafsson and Rydberg reported the incident.  

    For some twelve hours the two men were questioned by officers from the Swedish Defence Staff, doctors, psychologists and police officers.  Gustafsson and Rydberg stuck to their stories and even offered to take their interrogators to the site in  question, which they did.  Investigators found tripod markings and these were photographed.

    A few points to note here: first, despite sticking to their stories and the physical traces, the case was later pronounced a hoax but with no evidence to support this.  Secondly, during the witness interrogation, Danish officials, possibly Military Attaches, took part or at the very least sat in on interviews: the reason being that a Danish woman had been involved in a similar encounter.  Thirdly, there was a British involvement; either a British official was present or a British agency was consulted.  Certainly a copy of the end report was sent to the UK, according to the late Air Vice Marshal Sir Victor Goddard.

    Why would Danish officials ask to sit in on interviews if it was believed to be a hoax –and, surely, the fact that they were aware of a similar case in their country negates the hoax theory? 

    This case really did need urgent re-appraisal and I contacted Swedish Ufologists who forwarded case reports and I learned that alcoholism and much more was involved –something that Ufologists and FSR would have known at the time, yet FSR never produced a follow-up in English to what has become a “Classic” UFO case.

    As for the Danish incident I can find no further information and the report sent to the Air Ministry, which revealed the truth about Helsingborg, would probably no longer exist.  But I live in hope.

[7] La Prodelie – Ayen (Yssandon), Correze, France. 23.00 hrs. August, 1960

    Monsieur and Madame Plumauville were taking a detour around the Puy d’Yssandon (a peak), a winding road that was bordered on the right by a meadow with many walnut trees.  On the left, above the road, were meadows and cultivated fields.  As they approached a left hand turn the slope was wooded. It was at this point that M. Plumauville noticed a reddish-violet light.

    The light had no precise outlines and was level with the trees to the right of the road.  Initially, he thought the light source was a long way off but, as it suddenly rose, he realized that the object was no further away than 100 metres.  He then saw, on the right hand side of the road and lit-up by the car headlights, a “mass” the size of a sack of potatoes which seemed to be rapidly contracting and collapsing inwardly upon itself.  It was now that he and his wife saw a number of smaller (rugby football size) but similar “humpy” mis-shapen masses; these were moving about in the grass ditch beside the road.  Two of these objects then crossed the road in front of the car and moved into the bracken on the left hand-side ditch.

    The car was not travelling very fast but had not stopped  -M. Plumauville and his wife are certain that they did not hit any of the objects.  The reddish-violet light in the sky vanished and there the sighting ended. 


    Madame Plumauville, it must be noted, did not see this reddish-violet light, only three or four of the “things”, noting that one was larger than the others.  According to Joel Mesnard, who reported on the case for The Flying Saucer Review [FSR vol.20/no.3,pp.14-16], Mdme. Plumauville “…compares their form to that type of big knobbly potatoes which have globular excrescences.  The movement of the objects put her in mind of the movement of a sack with a person or an animal inside it.  She thinks that it was this deformation that enabled the shapes to move, by contraction, by the inflation and deflation of their swellings.  The bodies were not luminous in themselves,  and were only visible because the car headlights lit them up.  Their colour was a light brownish-grey, comparable to the colour of wrapping paper or a jute sack, but their surface looked smooth.”      

    There are few details as the sighting lasted “only seconds”.  Mesnard notes a similarity to the Helsingborg and San Marti de Tous.  Were it not for FSR and the translations carried out from foreign publications by Gordon W. Creighton, we might never have come across these cases.  And as Creighton noted at the time, there were many more cases and articles awaiting translation. 

    What was really needed was for follow-ups on cases featured in FSR that would show us which cases were hoaxes (as at Helsingborg) or due to psychological problems (La Sarza).  The one thing I have always found true about some Ufologists and publications is that, after building up a case, very few if any, are willing to then admit “it was not a genuine UFO incident”.

    In the Plumauville case, however, I have so far found nothing negative.  So there remains hope?

[8]  Salta, Argentina. Daytime.1963 and C. 4th October, 1965

    On or about the 4th October, 1965, three school children,Santos Vallejos, Antonia Aparti and Adela Sanchez, were on their way to the Libertador General San Martin School when, at a place where the road runs through wooded hills they noticed “several creatures of short stature, greenish skin and only remotely resembling human beings.”

    These “creatures” attempted to catch the children, who fled in terror to the school.  Here the trio told their story to the headmaster.  The headmaster commented that a similar incident took place two years previously, in 1963, in that area.

    The original source for this report was La Cronica Matutina (Buenos Aires) of 5th October, 1965.  This was later translated by Gordon Creighton for his chapter on alien entity cases from Latin America in The Humanoids.  No details are given of the 1963 incident nor is there any reference to UFO investigators having looked into the case.

    We have here the names of the children who would now be in their 50s (?), the school name as well as the location. This should make it less complicated to track them down.  Although seemingly a case we might accept because of the number of children the problem of memories after so many years is a big one and for that reason, unless further back-up can be found, I have to voluntary exclude this report but with a big question mark.  

[9] nr Cordoba, Spain.  ?Daytime. 16th May,1966

    Snr. Manuel Hernandez was returning from a field near Cordoba when he observed a disc-shaped object land some 100 metres from him.  As he watched, Snr. Hernandez observed small AEs which ‘looked like’ birds leave the object briefly.  These AEs then re-entered the object which took off.

    That, incredibly, is all we have on this case.  It is the third from Spain involving non-humanoid AEs and yet there is little information.  Spain has always, or rather did, have some of the best investigators of UFO cases, drawing up detailed maps, taking photographs of sites and testing areas for radiation –and for furnishing well detailed, witness approved drawings of objects and AEs.  I cannot believe that this is all that exists on this case.  This case really does need much more research and, hopefully, we might find a written, detailed account that can be translated.

    The original report was from Paris-Jour of 18th May,1966 and then Magonia 769 before Jacques Vallee included it in his summary of AE reports from Spain for Flying Saucer Review Special Issue no.4, August, 1971.

[10] nr Barcelona, Spain. ?DT.  3rd December, 1967

    An un-named woman near[?] Barcelona reported encountering a ‘cactus-like’ entity with four members/limbs which left deep traces in the ground.  The witness later refused to comment on her encounter.

    Veteran investigator Antonio Ribera looked into this incident so I am assuming there are far more details –somewhere.  The case was noted by Vallee in FSR Special Issue no.4.  However, when I contacted some ten UFO groups in Spain none knew of the case and, sadly, with no further data has to be  yet another “possible” but filed away.

[11] Tivissa, Sierra de Almos, Tarragona, Spain. 0600 hrs.  16th August, 1968

    A man by the name of Mateu, who lived some 7 kilometres from Tivissa, had risen to take care of his cattle when he saw a light, rather like a reflection from a car, and about 1 kilometre away.  Mateu called to his wife and, thinking that a car may have broken down or stalled, walked towards the object accompanied by his dog.

    On getting closer, the witness noticed that it was not a car but an hemi-spherical object hovering about 1 metre above ground.  The object was described as giving off a formidable amount of light.  On the far side of the object Mateu saw two ‘things’ some 100 metres distant from the object and ‘running’ toward it.  These AE resembled octopuses, about 1 metre tall in height and with ‘four or five legs’; very light in colour and thoroughly ‘disgusting’, according to Mateu.

    A large area of burned grass was found in the area, however, two similar but older areas of burnt grass were found some distance away.  On three occasions watches stopped at the site –the burned grass and watch stopping was also observed by an Austrian couple camping in the area.

    Originally reported in Tele-Express, 27th August, 1968, the case was, again, reported on in FSR Special Issue no.4.

    I have to wonder whether the description of the woman from Barcelona would be anything like that given by Mateu? If the descriptions did match then that would really be something to look at.

[12] San Martin de Tous, Barcelona, Spain. 2345 hrs.  11th September, 1968

    An anonymous witness was driving along a mountain road from Barcelona to Coloma de Queralt on a clear night when he suddenly observed a yellow light.  The light was a dome shaped object which was illuminating pine trees on the top of a hill.  Reaching a level area, he was able to see the object clearly and decided to investigate.  Getting out of the car, the witness climbed about 50 metres above the road when he saw four shapes.

    These ‘shapes’ were described as ‘four shapes of beings or objects, giving off metallic reflections’.  They were some 80 cms tall and moved toward the object, presumably entering it.  The object ascended, showing many colours and making a deafening noise.  Within a short time the object was just a point in the sky.

    This is all Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos tells us in his analysis of these reports with Jacques Vallee.  Even the described appearance of the AEs is not dealt with though an illustration gives them an appearance matching cases [4], [5] and [6], decribed herein.  In Ballester Olmos and Vallee’s ‘catalogue survey’ twenty-six [26] AE cases are covered in just over 14 lines.  We need to refer to Creighton for a little more data.

    In his footnotes to the Yssandon case, Creighton tells us:

     “…A Spanish gentleman,designated only by the pseudonym of
     ‘Miguel Costa’,saw four weird shiney grey metallic objects shaped
     like the figure ‘8’ moving up the side of a conical hill
     near Barcelona…the ‘8’ shaped figures seem to have hastened up
     the hill,traveling in the expansion-retraction (says ‘retration’) fashion
     used by worms and maggots,and to have entered the large craft which
     then moved off and was out of sight in a flash.”

    This movement description seems to make it more than a match for details from Helsingborg and the other cases. None of these cases was widely enough reported, with the exception of the Swedish encounter [which we know we can ignore], to influence later reports.

    Again, though, contemporary Spanish UFO groups claimed no knowledge of the incident and pulled out the excuse so ridiculed when given by the U.S. Air Force or Ministry of Defence:
”The amount of time that has elapsed makes this case impossible to re-investigate”.  Which makes it another interesting but struck-out report.

[13] Eupora, Mississippi, USA. NT. 17th October, 1973
    Night time (no exact hour given) and two UFOs were observed near the above location, by several witnesses in a car.  One object hovered in the sky overhead while the other landed on the highway just over 100 yards [103m] from the vehicle, the engine and lights of which now died.

    An opening appeared on the object and an AE appeared; it was noted that it had to hold on to a handrail.  The entity had a wide mouth, flipper like feet and what appeared to be webbing between the legs.  Even more strange were the feather-like structures on its back which gave the impression of opening and closing when the entity moved.

    The entity then re-entered the object which took off.  The car electrics then began to function again.

    The feather-like structures on the back could have been some form of breathing apparatus or gill-like organs.  The fact that the object landed, AE exited and then re-entered makes me ask whether all time could be accounted for?  It would be interesting to see any witness sketches or a full report [?] on this incident.  At a time when humanoid type entities were being reported, one has to ask why hoaxers would go for such an unusual entity type never before or since reported?

    Originally reported in The Columbus [Mississippi] Triangle Advertiser of 24th October, 1973, the case was also mentioned in Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucers Magazine no.85, p.38, 1973  and also in David Webb’s ,1973: The Year Of The Humanoids, pp.9 & 13.   Contact [UK] UFO Register 5/1 & 2, p.62 also noted the incident.  This would have to have a High Strangeness Rating of 5+ if genuine.

    So far, these are the non-humanoid cases we have to look into and there are those that we now know are dismissable as hoaxes or “psychological”.  A more data lucrative source for such cases might be the Catalogue of Extraterrestrial Humanoid Types by Brazilian researcher Jader U. Pereira,reprinted in the French journal Phenomenes Spatiaux but never printed in English as far as I am aware. 

    I think it important that a call out be made to all investigators and researchers world-wide to open up old files and look for similar cases to those in this paper or,more importantly, make known any non-humanoid cases they have investigated or come across.

    Somewhere out there could be the report that will give those interested the proof they need.

footnote;if anyone has any information on the 1958 Braemar incident please get in touch.

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