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Sunday, 26 February 2012

1857, Neston, England CE 3K...Not!

According to at least 15 internet sites I have come across, there was a Close Encounter of the Third Kind in 1857.  One I have never heard of despite going through the supposed source so many times I have lost count.  And yes, I began sifting through The Complete Works Of Charles Fort in 1977 and still have to refer to it 3-4 times a year in research work. According to Tom Slemen (the quoted person), accompanied by this image:

"The UFO that landed at Neston in 1857

Charles Fort (1874-1932) famed student of the unknown, scoured thousands of newspapers, books and journals in the search for reports that defied explanation. One such report that Fort unearthed was a 19th century encounter with a flying saucer.

In July 1857, on the outskirts of Neston, England, a young shepherd named Robert Clancy was tending his flock - and his sweetheart - when he noticed a "round gleaming vessel" standing on three legs at the side of a field. A "golden haired woman" in unusual green clothes stood by the unearthly craft watching Clancy and his girlfriend for a while, then waved and climbed into the vehicle, which afterwards took off into the sky and headed northwards. For months afterwards, no sheep would graze on the spot where the craft had stood. This incident took place ninety years before the 'Modern' Flying Saucer era began with Kenneth Arnold's sighting of UFOs in 1947."

Well, I've just checked the Complete Works Of Charles Fort (NY, 1941) and there is no mention in the Index of "Neston" or "Robert Clancy" and...nothing.  All references (Jan.-Dec.) for 1857...nothing.

Scott T. Felton noted ( regarding Tom Slemen on the 'UFO' crash at Berwyn Mts that:

 "Tom Slemen a so called Paranormal expert writes for several local papers on ghosts, spirits, after-life and UFOs. He is not an expert. He is a compulsive liar. He creates or enhances stories to improve his readership.

"The story run by the Denbighshire Free Press in North Wales was a front page headline and almost word for word, was taken from Tom Slemen’s webpage. As a result, the nurse Mrs Pat Evans threatened to sue the paper.

"Nothing as described by Slemen is true. And it is idiots like him who have forced Mrs evans to live abroad, though her two daughters Diane and Tina still live locally in this part of North Wales."

I have tried to contact Mr. Slemen but no responses.  This 1857 report just plain does not exist.  It's a fabrication.  Yet Ufologists still quote it as fact -again having never ever checked the alleged source or else they would have found this to be a hox (Slemen doesn't even quote which Fort book or page number!).

please, Ufologists CHECK EVERYTHING before citing it as fact "because someone said so"!

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