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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How Accurate Was My Memory of the 1979 Chepstow Race Course Event?

It's rather odd that mentioning the Jessie Roestenberg case and events in 1979 at Chepstow Race Course brought back a lot of memories.

Although it is 37 (37?!) years ago I can still see the view from the spectators box where I stood with Mrs Roestenberg's son.  I can recall the object looking squarish at one point then triangular and vanishing or fading and coming back a different colour and how it duplicated my torch signalling. I remember to the right of the landscape a slight hill, the water in the mid distance and to the rear one hill line and another behind that.

The sighting lasted ten minutes and having seen most phenomena, aircraft and more since that time nothing has ever appeared the same.  I am still stumped and just wish I had all my notes.

So I drew the scene (remember this was a dark evening so every light shone out including beacon tower lights) as I recalled it.  All from memory but then I asked "how accurate is this?"

Here are my two rough illoes:

At the far right of illo 2 you'll notice the sloping hill I mentioned in the other post.

It took a couple of hours but I found a photo taken closer to the Channel than we were and I was surprised -not a bad match!

We would have been looking further to the right so the hill is not seen but what was it?  A map shows that it would have been Beachley.  Where did see lights from traffic -though what we watched and signalled was way above the ground/water.

It fascinates me that I can recall things visually and yet cannot remember names!  In fact, though the names are missing from my memory, I can recall witness reports and sketches or sketches I drew of what they saw and approved going back to 1975.

Oh to have those files again!

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