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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Did LaSarza Encounter Aliens at Garson, Ontario in 1954?

On my list of unusual Alien Entity cases is the 1954, Garson, Ontario, Canada incident.

This involves what would have to be listed as "non-humanoid" and that, for a number of reasons, interests me.

You can find this account wrongly dated as 1947 or 1949 and the basic details can be found condensed online but as far as I am aware LaSarza was not fully investigated by Canadian Ufologists? Again, it is sad that standard Adamski-type contactees were more likely to be accepted than this type of report.

There seems no doubt that LaSarza was terrified -others stated so.  But it is because he claimed this flying saucer landing and weird aliens that the account is considered "made up".

Here's the newspaper account:

 DAILY STAR, Sudbury, Ontario, 6th July, 1954, pages 1 & 3 
"Martian Visitors at GarsonPolice Scoff Women Scared

GARSON - On July 2, the planet Mars was closer to earth than it ever has been in past. On July 2, three men, all about 13 feet tall, with strange, hypnotic powers visited earth.

This is the story told by a Garson Mine employee to men at the mine First Aid station after he recovered from a dead faint. It is also the story he related to Garson provincial police and R.C.A.F. Radio station investigators at Falconbridge.

Ennio LaSarza, 770 Charlotte St., Sudbury, who claims he saw the three men descend from the space ship fainted at the First Aid station after he had been "released from the hypnotic stare" of one of the Mars men and ran for help.

"He was white as a ghost and passed out when he got to the station," one of the employees there said.

According to the first aid employee's story LaSarza described the space ship as being 25 feet in diameter, had two electronic ear-like spurs on its "head"; it had three sets of arms with claws and six legs. The centre of the "ship" was described as square with a telescopic projection. LaSarza said the men were built in much the same manner.

LaSarza told fellow employees that the machine sent out radio messages - there was some confusion as to whether or not they actually spoke to him.

Provincial Cpl. Bill Cook said that Garson provincial police conducted an investigation into the report, but nothing had developed from it. First reports that LaSarza was still hospitalized were denied with the information that he had returned the same day to finish his shift.

Cpl. Cook said that police received the report shortly after 5:30 p.m. and investigated it. 

"LaSarza is in his 20's," Cook said, "and there didn't seem to be too much the matter with him when we spoke to him."

Sqdn. Ldr. King at the RCAF radio station said that he conducted an investigation into the report and "actually found it to be fictitious. It just didn't corroborate with anything of what it should be," he commented.

When asked what it should be, King commented that that is "classified information."

One woman on Skead road said that she was actually afraid to go outside at night since reports of what has been dubbed "the monster" have circulated through Garson.

She asked to remain unidentified but added that she was not the only one who held these fears.

However, reports now circulating throughout the townships of Neelon-Garson have snowballed by leaps and bounds with some sincerely believing that the earth was scorched where the men had stood and limbs were broken from trees along the path the space ship took on its trip to earth. Police, however, claim there is no evidence to back up the reports."

 So, the case was dismissed because LaSarza returned to work after medical checks. Well, so did a lot of other people who had encounters.  In certain CE IIIK cases we note initial shock and fainting passes and the percipient regains normality -if still shaken.

If you've read of the reactions of Betty and Barney Hill after their UFO incident for instance, you'll understand.

Then we get the real killer of the story:

"An air force spokesman said that he conducted an investigation into the report and "actually found it to be fictitious. It just didn't corroborate with anything of what it should be," he commented.
When asked what it should be, he commented that is 'classified information.'"

Now hang on a 1954 a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) states he investigated the report but "actually found it to be fictitious. It just didn't corroborate with anything of what it should be," And people accepted this.  These were more innocent times, yes, but the Press and others let that statement slip by: "It just didn't corroborate with anything of what it should be" which is bad phrasing for one thing but how/what did the report not corroborate with??  Well, he was asked but responded with "classified information."

Now, does this mean the case was dismissed simply because the whole idea was "rubbish" and the officer did his duty and investigated but he was not going to sign off on a flying saucer report -his superiors might think HE was nuts!

Or, had the RCAF, like the RAF -and USAF with whom information and reports were exchanged- looked at other reports, say, of Contactees and felt humanoid was what to expect not "giant freaks"?  

Oh, and no policeman at that time with a mind to upholding law and order (and keeping his job and promotion in mind!) would say "Hey -this guy saw a flying saucer and Martians, man!"  I've known police officers and military men who ridiculed UFO witnesses....then saw UFOs!

I have no doubt that any such report would have been ridiculed in 1954 -and later. 

If still alive LaSarza would now be in his seventies (accounts state "20s" though others give "30s" and even "40s"!) ?  It would be interesting to know what he says now if still alive.  Was it a joke?  Or did he learn a lesson pretty quickly and kept quiet and got on with his life (as the Hills wished they had done)?

The aftermath and cartoons didn't help (apologies: I have these scans but my disc naming the newspapers is now unusable -anyone know...let ME know!)

 July 10, 1954

and... July 13, 1954

Well, until I can get much better information and draw a conclusion..."Open"

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