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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Berwyn Again.

Cartoon by Dan Pipard(?) no idea where I got this from but it seemed very appropriate!

If you have ever read a copy of John Hanson and Dawn Holloway's Haunted Skies -a UK UFO history encyclopedia, you will understand why John is one of the few people in Ufology I will cooperate with.

Recently, he asked me for a statement regarding the fantasy Berwyn Mountains (Wales) UFO crash. I outlined what had been going on regarding lies and threats toward me from Ufologists.  The only reason no legal action was taken was because the solicitor involved pointed out the main ufologist "obviously has problems" and enjoys the attention.

So I put my case and the facts here on the blog (link above).  This has now, since September, 2015, been read and shared by 53, 961 people. The fantasy of Berwyn Mountain and crashed space craft should be put to rest.  However, I have been alerted to the fact that certain persons are referring to my having been (still being) a "government agent" and even "a ranking officer in a covert Ministry of Defence unit investigating UFOs". Fantasy -my entire career of 1974 to present can easily be documented.  I just let people with "problems" carry on.

Just do not take them seriously. No alien space craft  crashed on Berwyn or onto any other part of Wales.

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