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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The "Unidentified" Corfu Sea Creature

Here's one that ought to interest a few of you.  It's from The Mail Online and an item by Naomi Leach:

Mystery of the deep: Tourist baffled by bizarre SEA MONSTER captured on camera in Corfu

  • Harvey Robertson was on a boat trip and took the pictures inside a cave
  • He only noticed the animal in the water when he looked at his snaps later 
  • Experts have been unable to identify the creature which looks mythological

But a Scottish tourist was left in shock after unwittingly capturing the image of a bizarre sea creature in his holiday snaps. 

Harvey Robertson, 52, was on a boat cruise with his family in Corfu when he took a number of photographs inside a sea cave.

He held the camera over the side of the boat to take pictures of the sea.

But when he lifted his camera back up, Robertson later realised a mysterious creature had appeared in one of the frames.

Robertson said: 'I have no idea what it could have been, I have never seen anything like it.

'I caught the picture by accident. I was in a sea cave on a small boat about 20 miles south of Albania on the west coast of Greece.

'I was trying to capture the water colour and was not looking at the water, the flash went off. I only saw the creature when looking back through my pics.'

'The creature, that has so far been unable to be identified by experts, evokes images of Greek mythology.'

Harvey Robertson was taking photographs of the water when he realised the animal had invaded his frame
Harvey Robertson was taking photographs of the water when he realised the animal had invaded his frame

That's it.  Who were the experts unable to identify this?  What size was this thing and what type of camera was being used?

Let's have a look at the clearest photograph.

And let's enlarge that somewhat.

It looks rather shiny and plastic-like and those eyes have no "life" in them at all.  The distortion some think might be due to the water but I do not think so.  If you look we are seeing a rounded body -almost hippo-like.  Look at the head and what seem to be two rounded ears.  If you look to the right of the Hemedia logo, at an angle toward the head are what look like (large)  fingers reflected in the water, but this might just be me.

My opinion is that this is not a living creature but rather a toy and the nose/mouth area have been morphed on a computer.  It just looks like a hippo toy with elengated nose.

There isn't much to the story and if you are looking at the water and want to capture the colour of the water then you ought to see something like this but then we read "the flash went off" -so we have to ask what type of flash was used because there isn't much indication of camera flash here. 

Unless we can get all the necessary information we are left with two conclusions: someone dropped a hippo toy into the water and it turned up in the wrong place at the right time, or, this is a hoax because toys do not use computer programs to morph themselves.

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