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Sunday, 30 June 2019

Update:The Face Book Page Is Being Updated NOT The Blog

Yes, most major posts and features are no longer available to read here.

Reason is simple: over 40,000 views of this blog and there has been no show of support in anyway. I do not expect people to comment "nice post" or "I'd like to read more about this" people come here for a free read and in some cases steal material I have written to use as their own.

I had to struggle with myself over this but what convinced me, after every argument I could put up about keeping the blog active, was the fact that 40,000 views by people allegedly interested in the subjects covered had not resulted in the purchase of a single one of my books -my sole income and what kept me posting here.

Then I found more sites using more of my work and even my original art images.  That is plain theft.

You are seriously interested in fact and showing support then buy a book. Perhaps you prefer to just buy and read the fantasy books where you are told lies. Your choice.

I told someone that as soon as my books start selling I would start updating the blog -knowing full well that you do not support anything posted here so would never buy.

I have the Face Book page that no one has shown interest in even though I updated it.

It really did come to a crunch situation financially and that is why I made the decision about this blog...not that anyone cares.


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