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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Giant salamander

Giant salamander: Scientists believe this newly discovered animal is the world’s largest amphibian

Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo
Scientists have determined that a giant salamander previously housed at the London Zoo not only represents a newly discovered species — it's also likely the largest amphibian known to man
The finding is part of a new study published Monday in the scientific journal Ecology and Evolution. In it, researchers detail the realization that Chinese giant salamanders — previously thought to be one species — are actually a group of three related species. 
The biggest of those species is the South China giant salamander. The newly named amphibians, usually found in China's Pearl River system, can grow as large as six feet in length. That's far bigger than other species of giant salamanders, which are usually less than four feet long
REUTERS / David W Cerny

"For me, the big take-home message is how shocking it is that [we are] just beginning to realize that world's largest amphibians are actually multiple species," Samuel Turvey, the study's lead author, told the CBC.
The largest South China giant salamander, which researchers said is likely the largest amphibian ever recorded, lived during the first half of the 20th century and was housed at the London Zoo for two decades. 
Today, it may be difficult, or even impossible to find a similar animal. Chinese giant salamanders are heavily endangered, with Turvey telling the CBC that all three species "are on the very, very edge of extinction" and that some may already be extinct. 
The London Zoo is still home to four, smaller versions of the animal though, which were acquired in 2016 after someone tried to import them illegally. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Time to probably call it a day.

Since 2011 there have been 1125 posts on this blog and -not including chat between myself and a friend- only three comments.

No comments, no passing along news items or links and certainly no books sold.  Yet over 369,000 views -and a lot of original material being used by others as their own.

18th September, this coming Wednesday, if there is no change then after 9 years I give up.  You want unbiased, factual and fully referenced material -buy the books because there is no backing or support for this blog and I have tried many times in the past.

It was only when I realised that this blog -on blogger at least- had been going 9 years that I decided life is too short to keep giving and doing all the work from free.

Time to probably call it a day.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

UFO expert claims he's unearthed brand new evidence to prove 'alien abduction'

That is the title of the You Tube video.  Now I am going to be a pain in the arse.

The points to make are these: firstly, the puncture wounds were known about as they were mentioned by Ted Bloecher in passing during a 1970s UFO event.  In fact, most people who were seriously investigating and studying CE3K/AE cases back then had heard about this and, yes, the Centre for UFO Studies has a big file. In fact, this made a lot of us particularly look out for puncture marks.

To the general public and ufology in general -most of whom did not accept crazy alien encounter stories in any case- it was not widely known if at all.   

The sceptic -the debunkers with no problem at all- will jump in and say "Okay, they had puncture wounds.  That doesn't prove anything!"  Which is correct.  If we knew what these puncture wounds indicated, what procedure they were the result of it would be easier to accept as a form of evidence of "something".

Yes, Dr Hynek and Dr Harder discussed these but, medically, their opinions do not count since one was an astronomer.  James Albert Harder, Ph.D. was a professor of civil and hydraulic engineering at the University of California, Berkeley where he was a professor emeritus.  He was not a doctor of medicine.  That written it does at least prove that there were puncture marks.

But it cannot be called brand new evidence since the record dates back to 1973.

I fully discussed the Pascagoula case in UFO Contact? and if you are that interested in what I believe -buy the book!

One small aspect of a 40 plus year old case report is interesting for people just getting into the subject or wanting to find out more.  However, this goes to show the biggest problem we have.

Research and investigation is at an all time low because everyone just stopped after the false Grey Abduction Syndrome debacle.  Why bother when Hopkins et al told us what was going on?

The Mantell case -explained at the time- as well as that of the Hills, Travis Walton and a few others are seen as "the classics" and are churned out ad nauseum. Other older cases are ignored because ufologists know where the money and publicity is.

Even the classics get misreported.  No surprise there.

But if someone had a CE3K and it is not involving a "Grey" or abductions throughout life what do they think?  It must have been an hallucination because 'millions' have been abducted by Greys so they;ll keep quiet?  This is the legacy ufology itself has created by ignoring everything but "the agenda" that makes them money or keeps them in the media spotlight.

I feel very sad for Mona Stafford, the survivor of the trio abducted in Liberty, Kentucky. After decades she is still in the dark about what it all means -the trio were exposed by ufologists, used and then tossed aside. Stafford, like others who have had similar experiences, should never be just ignored or forgotten.  They need counselling or at least someone they can contact when the memories eat at them as most genuinely suffer post traumatic stress disorder.

Learn everything you can about these cases but keep in mind that "if" these events are happening to people then they need support rather than ridicule from people scared of the thought that ET may be visiting.  

Pascagouls is still a fascinating case.

I was asked about "proof" of CE3K/AE cases and UFOs

I was asked about "proof" of CE3K/AE cases and UFOs.

That cup of coffee or tea may well be cold by the time I finish this!

Firstly, evidence may be left behind -radiation, burnt areas and so on by a natural phenomenon. I have witnessed these phenomenon on several occasions and fairly close to  -I'm told it may be why I have certain health problems.  Constantly walking through/over UFO sighting areas should come with a health warning. In these cases we are not talking about some type of extra terrestrial scout craft! But for the natural phenomenon that even "seasoned" ufologists are still calling craft we have a lot of evidence.

Here is the problem: how do we explain people -some living in isolated forests or communities were radio and TV are just about the highest tech- who report an encounter with "UFOs" or craft and entities and has received a high dose of radiation?  There are other locals who saw the object from a distance but none of them saw the entities.  They saw the burn marks on the ground, a few might have become a bit "queasy" later on but they did not see any entities.  The locals saw damage to trees but did not see any entities just a large, bright object rise up and fly off.  TVs and radios had interference on them -but all anyone saw was the object.

From which we have to assume that the guy who got a high dose of radiation poisoning was a lying sack of bovine excrement.  All that happened was a big light irradiated and burnt him/the area around the sight and screwed up TVs and radios and made a few nervous people a bit queasy later -but, come on, only from mild radiation sickness.  The guy made the "little green men" story up. Case solved.

I could have worked for Project Blue Book.

In over 40 years (I prefer not to actually peg down the number of years so that I can kid myself regarding my own mortality!) of checking into these things I am aware that "background radiation" in certain areas can vary -some times to a scary degree. Illness can come after many years of living in such an area The biggest source of natural background radiation of course is airborne radon, a radioactive gas that emanates from the ground. Radon and its isotopes, parent radionuclides, and decay products all contribute to an average inhaled dose of 1.26 mSv/a (millisievert per year). This is why in some areas properties have to be fitted with a Radon Meter.

In a village of my acquaintance in Germany no one ever asked why someone was ill or dying. It was 99.9% "krebs" -cancer.  Oddly, no UFO landings or extra terrestrials stopping and talking to people. Our fella in the isolated community would not have suddenly developed radiation sickness/burns in such a locale -in fact, locals would be only too familiar with "the local sickness" and assign it to some cause including superstition.

I need to point out here that we must not say "extra terrestrials" apparently as we cannot point to a place of origin and, today, ufologists still chasing their tales have gone for the hip and trendy "other dimensional" theory. I wrote about Other Dimensional Intelligences (ODINTs) back in the 1970s and there was no evidence even back then unless you counted some very dubious reports).

Guess what?  After our guy in the isolated area told his big fib and there was all that "natural kerfuffle" the air force reported that the (or a similar) object was seen by other communities. They even detected the thing on radar.  That guy and his fib started a whole lot of trouble, right?

We have the physical traces and later investigation reveals detection of a high amount of radiation. We have 15-20 people who saw the object -some saw it rise and others only saw it as it moved off but a lot of people were annoyed that "it" messed up their TV viewing or radio listening. A doctor or doctors confirm mild radiation poisoning/sickness.

"Ball lightning!" shouts one person.  Another cries "Meteorite!"

All ignore or ridicule the guy who met the "little green men" -he is just trying to cash in on the UFO report.  There are problems.

Firstly, the guy came running into the village or town screaming that he had just encountered "devils" who got out or were near to a bright object.  Before he passes out he points in the direction he came and to the shock of everyone who thought he was drunk or had gone loco up pops a huge bright light from that direction.  It is at this point that the guy who made it all up (of course) recovers slightly and despite feeling unwell leads a group back to where he made up his 'fib' -that or a few brave and curious souls retrace his foot steps and find the landing area.

Secondly, the 'fibber' had encountered humanoid looking entities who stood around 2 m in height and were of a greyish-blue skin tone.  Definitely not "little green men".

However, the press based in some city a couple hundred miles away declare how a man reported a meeting with Martians after a light was seen.  Some might report "locals claimed their radios and TVs were effected".  Ahh, TV....So they would have been watching programmes about UFOs and that fed into their minds and the local ill educated guy, a farmer, flipped and, probably a lit drunk or over imaginative, believed that some trees or bushes moving were Martians.  Case closed..

You know, this location is a continent or thousands of miles away, and ufologists prefer to base everything on newsclippings.  Hey, it might even have been a crashed flying saucer -the decades of conspiracy, books and TV appearances out of that (cough cough Varghina)!

Any real detail from the witness is gone.  I have files where it is proven that top ufologists made up details or based their accounts on secondary or third or fourth sources that were nowhere near the area and never met witnesses.  For the debunkers this is all so delicious -maybe one of them can get some dubious information showing the guy was a fraudster?  He once sold 120 chickens to another man...who found out he had only received 119!!  And WHY did this man living in a remote area refuse to undergo a polygraph test?

Well, no one asked the guy in question who actually graduated from college but was working on his family's farm during harvest season when they need all hands in the field.  But the guy is a fibber -he says he met Martians!

But then you have to isolate the facts.  Firstly, this was in fact a well educated man who was training to practice law. A few years previously another local had reported seeing a strange light above the forest.  Our guy had explained about satellites, the planets and aircraft lights.  When the person was insistent our guy simply said "yes. Okay. You saw a funny light". Really, our guy thought the local had an over active imagination.

Our guy was known to all the locals since he was a child.  Very serious, studious and was quite religious and despite every opportunity given never lied or exaggerated. In fact no one was surprised when he graduated and decided to study law -the only surprise to some was that he decided against the priesthood.

You see, our guy was a pillar of the community and well educated to boot and one of the things he usually took care of was paperwork for illiterate villagers and helping advise them -in fact he was returning from a neighbouring village on the day in question having tried to help someone with a legal problem and it was this problem he was thinking over as he walked home and heard sounds that he investigated in case it was someone local -perhaps needing assistance.

Immediately we see that this was no over imaginative UFO nut. All 25 years of his life had been absolutely standard normal: a few mild illnesses, working on the family farm, school, college and the intention to pursue a career in law where he thought he might do more good for the community rather than get involved with corrupt politics.

Then on this one day he turns a corner and finds that he cannot move. He is then  more than shocked to see several humanoid entities and they are close to a 3m wide, saucer shaped object. The entities may talk to him in a language he cannot understand or he may understand them and they tell him not to panic: they are not going to hurt him -would he like to look inside the saucer?  Somehow our guy blurts out or thinks "NO!" and the entities say "fine" and re-enter the object which begins to take off and he can feel the heat and he CAN move again and so, in a state of shock, he somehow rushes back to the village and blurts out his story.

It is hard to imagine the mind set of an isolated native somewhere who has laughed at others who claim to have seen a shiny bird unlike any they have ever seen before and 'men' were flying inside it -they were in its belly!  "Cut back on the mushrooms you are eating" might have been the response. Then one day our native hears a noise...and he sees a shiny bird unlike any he has ever seen in his long life.  He cannot move a muscle as he is paralysed with shock and perhaps fear: men come from inside the birds belly!! 

That is how an Australian aborigine described encountering an helicopter and crew.  That moment and its impact on him cannot be overstated as it totally and utterly shattered his world view of the past 45 years.

How did he recover?  Who knows because the story was told by several aboriginals and that is all anyone wanted to hear -that first contact story.  Anthropologists probably know how things developed but, you know, they can be very dry and boring so who cares: the first contact is what we want to hear about and have a good chuckle over -"it was only a helicopter and crew!"

The one thing I have learnt over the decades is that you have to go back to the source if you can. Back to the percipient.  Maurice Masse at Valensole, France, stated that the entities he had encountered had said things to him but that he would tell no one -not even his wife.  He kept that promise into death.  Yes, we can scream and shout and even, as some did, harass percipients to tell us what happened or what was said in these encounters but what if they do? Some 20, 30 or 40 years of ridicule and demands that they explain what "this" or "that" means -they have no clue themselves.

The point here is what our Guy had radiation contamination and was 2000 miles from the nearest radiation source.  People saw the object, saw the physical traces and interference and some received slight radiation sickness.  Yes, it is possible that it might have been a natural phenomenon but our guy encountered those entities.

Had he simply reported the event and there was absolutely no corroborative evidence then one might suggest that through physical or mental stress he had entered some form of altered state.  If he had been known for having reported dopplegangers of other people, ghosts and other things then it is possible that he might be prone to what, in UFO Contact? I termed Ruth Syndrome.  This would rule out others seeing or reporting things that the percipient had as it is a very personal based syndrome.

A US Highway Patrol officer out on night patrol sees an unusual light on a property he knows is deserted. So he drives to investigate but then turns a corner and finds a huge, brightly lit object just a little above the road.  He also sees three entities move past his car and enter the object which then takes off. This is a conservative, by-the-rule-book cop who considers himself to be of high standing in his local community and church. He is not going to run screaming into a newspaper "I JUST SAW A FLYING SAUCER AND ALIENS!!"

An astronomer has built up his reputation after 30 years; he has written papers and presented lectures and he is the guy to consult on all astronomical matters.  Several times he has been asked in TV or press interviews about UFOs.  With a chuckle he dismisses them and states clearly that there is absolutely no evidence of any such thing and that if there were then astronomers would know about it (but he knows most ignore it).  Our astronomer is driving back from a seminar at which the subject of SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) crops up someone asked about UFO reports to which he responded "Talking about UFOs is not going to get you any sort of career -other than janitorial- in astronomy,son!"  He turns a corner and his car engine stops...all the electrics have stopped.  He gets out to check under the hood and then sees it. 200 yards/metres away, in a woodland clearing, sits a big spherical object. Immediately he thinks "Ball lightning...please..," he looks up and around but it is a perfectly clear summer evening with stars visible.  He takes a quick look at the object again then turns away.  He pinches he hand -very hard pinch to boot- "I'm dreaming. Hallucination. Worked too hard!"  He winces at the pinch.  He is awake.  He turns around and now four very curious looking entities are standing several yards away looking at him (probably wondering what his curious behaviour means and why was he hurting himself??

That may be all he recalls.  Great -he just blacked out and somehow managed not to veer off the road in the car he is now driving again.  It's 22.00 hours not 21:00 hours.  He guesses he must have passed out, restarted the car and then driven on....wait, "Why am I thinking I restarted the car? It stopped." He then scratches an irritation on his stomach.  Later at home he finds curious round marks, almost like burns on his stomach.  He then realises that he felt uncomfortable walking because his shoes were on the wrong feet. In panic he gets a compass and rushes to his car and finds that placing the compass over certain parts of the car makes it spin wildly.  He tries this again in the morning -same thing. His mechanic swears the car engine and electrics are in perfect order. It was all just a fluke -he's sure that if he was f=daft enough to waste his valuable time  he could explain it all.

Our astronomer picks up his papers and turns on the radio. "UFOs sighted!" are the headlines and the radio is full of talk of the big ball of light UFO seen over the 21:50 hours the night before. He goes back to the area where he "believes" the object was.  There are traces that something moved through the long grass....and a 10 feet (3 m) wide circular, burnt area is found exactly where he saw the UFO.

What does he do?  He shouts "I saw a UFO and aliens!" his very conservative colleagues will, at best, shun him.  At worse they will talk about his breakdown.  Either way he'll be working in an observatory as a janitor for the rest of his life.

A local woman, very down to Earth, goes out to pick some wild berries.  She goes down a quiet lane surrounded by high hedgerows and then senses something behind her.  She turns and standing there watching her is a short, very strange looking entity. The shock is so great she screams out in terror and then faints.  People nearby look around when they hear the scream and head in the direction it came from -they see a strange object rise 20 feet (6m) into the air and shoot off to the south.  They then find the woman in a state of shock and babbling about a "strange little man". Half a mile away, several motorists report "the weirdest object" flying south above the road. Thirty minutes later a pilot reports a bright object streaking up into the sky at tremendous speed.

The woman involved had seen no object.  No UFO. No flying saucer.  She had seen an entity the description of which seems out of this world. Entity and UFO -coincidence?  Unlikely.

Some percipients who have had more life experience -seeing combat in the military or having been through natural disasters- draw on that and "It happened. Now I get back to my life" and that is all they can do because this one off event was just that -they were not beaten up, maimed or permanently harmed in some life changing way physically.  But even these people are not going to just forget what happened -they may pretend to when you talk to them but it is always with them.  Others suffer mental breakdowns (which, of course, debunkers jump onto because this 'proves' they were mental;ly unstable) or have their habits changed for life.  People who grew up as woodsmen will no longer go into woods or forest unless with others and definitely never alone: and never at night. Others will either leave their employment if it involves night work or will not travel the usual short route home alone.

If you rule out hypnogogic trances or even Ruth Syndrome and there is no long history of having seen ghosts or even the percipient having believed they were psychic or predicted events and you are sat across from someone who, quite honestly, has about as much imagination as a corpse, you are faced with the fact that they had a one off hallucination of some kind (which can involve some psychosomatic effect).  End of story.

But when this same person has actual burns, appears -and confirmed by doctors- to have been exposed to a mild radiation dose.  You have to re-think things.  If to this you add the fact that UFO(s) were reported in the area at the time then find out that the percipient had not heard about this (the report reached the investigators with no press coverage) his he/she a fibber?

Astronomy has its own fibs.  Oumuamua -what fantastic images astronomers took of this object that took the world press by storm.  Well, no.  As I had to point out repeatedly, the famous images were artists interpretations that actually did not match what astronomers, after a lot of bitching between one another,  decided the object might look like.

"New Exo Planet Discovered!" run the headlines.  And there is a lovely image of what the planet looks like.  Clouds, oceans, maybe mountains and of course this is all an artists interpretation of an "Earth-like" alien world. Look at how astronomical artists interpretations of the planets in our solar system were painted and then look at reality. And these are planets in our solar system. These exo-planets in star systems many, many hundreds of light years away are see, at best, as something dark that crosses a star's face.

Astronomers will talk about the "habitable zone" also known as the Goldilocks Zone where planets are in a position similar to Earths.  They will talk about the possibility of water and composition (possible) of the planets and I have even heard astronomers produce the fantasy illustrations with the words "This is how we think it might look"/"It could well look like this -similar to Mars or our own Earth".  They do not know but they will claim that they are basing things on "scientific principles" and things they have learnt.  Even complete solar system illustrations of "how it may look" but it is fantasy non-the-less.

There is a reason they use these illustrations -to capture the imagination of the public.  I was not shocked to learn that most of the public believe these images are real -that even the Oumuamua image was a photograph taken by our great telescopes in space.

One might call this "fibbing".  Also, it does not matter how many times you allow yourself to be introduced as an "expert in exobiology" or "SETI expert", or even do so yourself, you are not. Splutter and rage as much as they want about how much work they've done or how important they are: not one person involved in exobiology or SETI has ever met or communicated with an alien life form or founbd one.

These people will even continue their careers and talk about unusual signals they have received and state repeatedly "From the get go it is never ever aliens!"  Now, yes, you need to look at every signal or sound and narrow things down until you identify the source -look into the history of radio astronomy to find out why-  but when you say you have "eliminated everything -but it still isn't aliens!" you have to explain why it is not aliens.

There are people involved in SETI, etc. who state repeatedly that they  have no doubt that there is only intelligent life on Earth and we will never find intelligent alien life.  So, basically, they want a good salaried job for life knowing they have to do nothing?

My point, I am sure some of you will be glad that I am getting to it, is that for every chide or piece of ridicule astronomers, particularly those involved in SETI, throw out at UFO percipients -they can get it returned in spades because UFO percipents tend not to get high salaried jobs for life in a field they do not believe in.

Astronomers can say "based on past research" or "We know" but as they have had to say countless times before it is all speculation based upon instrumented and repeatable experiments...that sometimes proves wrong and new angles need to be looked at. That is Science -find out something then double check, triple check but always remember that because one object looks exactly the same as the other object -they could be very different.

Hey, I have no time for certain factions of ufology as they have let things slip into a joke subject -perfect for debunkers and know nothing about it astronomers.  However, I am not talking about stars, planets, aircraft, Chinese lanterns or even the Moon in poor conditions being labelled a bona fide alien spacecraft.  In UFO Contact? I explained why I had no belief in the whole Grey Abduction Scenario as it stands -based on facts. I went into that work having spent 40 years of hearing and reading reports and finding I was learning nothing.  Prejudices, lies and worse were being fed to ufology and so the book began with data from many sources, some very obscure, and once it had all been gathered I set out to finally put an end to this whole rubbish subject. I even aimed my sights at some of the "classics" because they had faced debunking for 40-60 years.

I searched every angle. I debunked the debunkers in that I found out that facts were not facts. I ended up stuck alone between ufologists on one side and the debunkers (their use of the word sceptic was misused as a sceptic analyses the information and facts and does not pervert them).  My conclusions actually shocked me.

It took me weeks of going over what I had found out and analysing and re-analysing everything because as it stood my intention to conclude "mass psychosis" or "hoaxers" in a small number of cases fell to pieces.  Even in the final editing there was a point when I said out loud "This cannot be right.  I must have missed something!" But I had not.

When it comes to evidence we do not have any crashed UFOs -ie. extra terrestrial craft- and no one has so far pinched anything from such a craft or entities.  We do not have "many thousands" of cases of UFO (ie. extraterrestrial) trace evidence.  A great deal of what is reported and found can be put down to a natural phenomenon/na so mixing up the two -rather like mixing up hoax and misidentification  reports with those of natural phenomena leaves us with a nonsensical data base. We can or should only be looking at those reports where an object that is quite clearly constructed -a UFOB- and where there may be entities reported.  If we narrow down the data base to these cases and where there has been nothing proven to make the percipient/witness unreliable then we have a great deal of physical trace evidence as well as physiological effects data that cannot be put down to a nuclear technology based hundreds or thousands of miles away, planetary or even natural phenomena because although confusing natural phenomena do not (up close) look like solid constructed craft and most certainly do not carry living entities.

In a perfect world where Scientific Principles (and there are no set principles as such) are applied then investigators reports should be forwarded to SETI scientists and any physical traces checked by scientifically trained people and that way a data base that scientists can check would provide a wealth of information.

There is, however, prejudice based on fear.  Many debunkers as well as those involved in SETI appear almost terrified at the possibility of their being extraterrestrial life or even craft and entity reports.  This leads to the personal attacks on witnesses/percipients as well as certain debunkers going as far as to offer large amounts of money for people to, let's be honest, lie about a percipient so that the case can be closed.

It is very possible that there are people out there -in fact if I were a betting man I would put money on the fact- who have had encounters and will never tell anyone -perhaps not even members of their own family.  I would very much want that 100% incontrovertible piece of evidence just so that the more established sciences can get past their dogma and personal prejudices and do the work they were meant to do. 

But when it comes down to it when a percipient like our guy in that isolated village, or the cop or the astronomer have experiences that others never had but they did see traces and even an object you cannot really put it down to psychological explanations/hoaxing.

You have to look closely at that percipient and decide for yourself because, like it or not, what is being reported is still evidence being presented.

THE Only UFO Book You Will Need

Charles I. Halt (b. 1939) is a retired United States Air Force colonel and a former deputy base commander of RAF Bentwaters, near WoodbridgeSuffolk. After serving in VietnamJapan and Korea, he was assigned to Bentwaters as deputy commander. The Rendlesham Forest incident of late December 1980 occurred shortly afterwards, and he was an important witness to events on the second night of sightings.

Why do I mention this?

Look who has my book  -Charles I Halt

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Since 1947 it has been claimed that UFOs/flying saucers are evidence of aliens visiting the Earth.  Since the 1950s claims of encounters with landed craft and alien beings were talked about but not taken seriously.

In the 1960s the subject of UFO abduction was a "slow-burner" until the whole "Grey" abduction phenomenon and claims made by researchers such as Budd Hopkins, Prof. John Mack and Dr David Jacobs and Whitley Streiber.

But is there evidence to back up any of the claims -and what about those encountering Alien Entities but who were not abducted?

Are these people all hoaxers, psychotic or suffering from some other mental illness as some claim?

Are those people who were exposed by Ufologists against their wishes, people who wanted to report what happened and then just get back to their everyday lives -thrust into the media glare against their will?

And if US authorities were so interested that in one case at least they broke into the home of two abductees and this was later proven -why?

Why did a hard core of these people never want publicity or to make money from what happened to them?

Above all, why did a major UFO landing incident take place on a US Inbterstate road in front of a large number of observers (all willing to talk to investigators) never get investigated? If it were not for a radio presenter interviewing and taking notes we would know nothing of the case -it would be labelled "insubstantial".

James and Coral Lorensen -the Scopolamine Kids; using a very notorious "truth drug" on alleged UFO witnesses and selling stories to newspapers.  An investigator (a veteran) showing a witness images of "aliens" encountered in other cases before any memories were retrieved.  Worst of all, the constant "pissing competition" and breaches of trust between UFO investigators.

2017 is the time to assess the past evidence and look at the faults within Ufology.

Not everyone is going to be happy -debunkers or ufologists.

Praised by Dr Mark Rodheiger of the Centre for UFO Studies and, below, John Hanson of the Haunted Skies Project and Colonel Charles Halt the officer involved in the Rendlesham incident.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

I've made it in the world!

I find it rather interesting being the target of attempts to discredit me.  Cryptozoologists have faked at least six "big cat" reports -all forwarded to me anonymously- and all based in Devon.  I say no more.

Then we have the ghost hunters and "paranormalists" who cite my debunking of poltergeists -as any reader of my books or this blog will know I have seen poltergeist type activity with my own eyes and only when there are known hoaxers at work would I debunk.  I think those involved with the paranormal are missing the biggest explanation for 90% of 'ghost' sightings.

Then we have the Ufologists -both sat in their arm chairs collecting news-clippings and drawing conclusions based on some of the worst reporting around and those who have no idea what investigation and research means.  Aurora UFO crash -VERY WELL KNOWN HOAX but money spinner. Roswell -a fake story that was only picked up on in the late 1970s since which time at least 32,000 "sworn to silence" witnesses have come forward (I was being sarcastic with that 32,000 figure by the way). I could go on but the point I have made many, many times is that these pei=ople are ignoring genuine reports and accepting based on dubious eviodence the whole "greys abduction agenda".

I have, apparently, and that shows they have not read this blog nor any of my books, never come up with a single piece of credible evidence to discredit the abduction research of Hopkins or Jacobs. I have actually given plenty. Search the blog. But for Hopkins:

These four videos completely shred Hopkins' work while Jacobs' own words and behaviour shreds his. This is not an "earn a quick buck" game but a subject that should be treated as serious and of great importance -hence my disbelief and disgust that Ufologists and MUFON in particular will not re-open investigations into at least two major UFO Entity events with multiple witnesses.

They have the finances to carry out this work whereas I do not but still try my utmost.
So when I am told that bands of fakers and frauds such as cryptozoologists, ufologists and "paranormalists" are trying to feed me hoax reports and attack my credibility I have to respond with "so what?"  And believe me, I have had the debunkers -the real ones- try to discredit me.

With so many enemies I guess I've made it in the world!