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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Why Seal "Mystery" Deaths?

I realised that I really should have explained why it is so important to ascertain who or what is killing seals and if they are facing hunger because of depleted fish stocks.

We have sharks and other predators that pass through British waters -some moving into the area due to the sea warming up. One would expect that sick, weak seals would therefore provide easy food sources since predators do take fit and healthy ones so a weak seal is less effort. So how long before sharks begin to go hungry?  Possibly a very long time since sharks tend to have a wide variety of prey.

As I pointed out in two of my books, however, Man has been fishing on an industrial scale for a very long time and in most cases had no interest in what fish populations were, or how young the fish were -they were simply interested in money.  We saw nets being brought in so that was supposed to stop fishermen taking young fish that were too small and so of no modern (real) commercial value. Fishermen have also dredged up the sea floor to make catches causing any amount of damage to the environment and species of flora and fauna there.

As two fishermen I had a conversation with about ten years told me loudly: "We don't give a **** -this is our living and that puts food on the table".  Long term effects of over fishing was of no real concern to them.

We know that in certain areas fishermen will lure in seals and kill them.  Illegal but no one catches them -so what?  We know certain fishermen put devices in and alongside lobster pots to kill seals. Again, if not caught they just keep doing this.

I have seen photographs of seals that have been shot -now, how on earth did that happen?  I have seen the evidence of seals that were bludgeoned by fishermen.  So we can call this Explanation 1.

I have also seen photographs of seals killed by what could only be a spiral device -a propeller. The wounds seem quite obvious.  However, why did the seal hearing and seeing the craft coming towards it not swim away?  Because it was weak and unable to?  There is also the speedboat used by sporty types for fun and I have heard reports of these being steered at seals and even dolphins.  So Propellor driven craft could be seen as Explanation 2.

We then have unknown or known diseases that affect seals could this be a major problem if they are weaker due to hunger?  Older seals cannibalising younger ones is a possibility but not in high numbers so we'll class this as Explanation 3.

I have not seen any signs of "mysterious" deaths. Deaths that do not fit into 1-3 above.  Does it exist?

Smaller prey or vegetation are eaten by fish and these fall prey to other aquatic dwellers including seals (themselves prey).  Now, if we suppose that there are any large and unknown sea dwelling species out there and they survive the pollution and man-made hazards at sea, how would they cope if another chunk of the sea food chain goes?

So in looking at any seal deaths the "mystery" deaths if they exist, are just part of an overall problem. Just how many seals are recorded dying around the British and Irish coast -and are other aquatic species also being found -there are large numbers of whale strandings each year.

This is why I am interested in finding out just what is going on.

Image title: Male gray seal marine mammal animal halichoerus grypus Image from Public domain images website,
Boyd Amanda, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -

Haunted Skies -The British UFO Encyclopedia and the only UFO books you'll ever need!

Back in July, 2017, I posted this:

I have been investigating and researching UFOs, amongst other things, since I was a teenager and got involved with UFO groups in 1974.  I have, therefore a LOT of publications and books from the late 1940s onward.

I own a complete set of the original Haunted Skies -all 11 volumes- and I can tell you without any bias that they are the best books looking at UFOs and UFO history I have ever seen.  The photographs and research, not to mention the interviews carried out by the authors, make these books a must for anyone seriously interested in the subject. If you can find copies I suggest you buy them.

Of course, since that time, John Hanson has taken over publishing the books himself under the Haunted Skies banner.  These are far superior to the original volumes and supersede those but, if you can get those original books do.

With content running to over 600 plus pages the books cannot –honestly, I am in publishing and you cannot get books this size any cheaper- be faulted.  Yet they are not selling in any number so Hanson runs things at a loss.  I have pointed out before that actually buying and then reading a book seems confined to the sensationalist trash full of inaccuracies and, honestly, lies. I can prove this by showing the sales of my six books!

In September, 2017, Hanson posted this to his Haunted Skies Face Book page:

At long last Revised Volume 2 is completed! Here is the cover and here is the 'blurb' that will go with it....I’ve brought the price down to £28 as its well over 600 pages with 400 illustrations sketches photos etc that cover the period 1960-1969...A huge amount of work which has cost thousands of pounds but I believe its important to preserve this information especially as the as the MOD records do not exist for that period...

Haunted Skies Volume 2 *revised – The history of the UFO presence on Earth - the files that Governments don’t want you to see! Foreword by Nick Pope, Endorsement by Irena Scott, Ph.D John and Dawn along with V.J Hyde proudly present their latest unique book, which covers the now forgotten period of UFO history spanning 1960-1969.

Many people have given us support over the years; some of them include, Betty and Freda Turpin of Coronation St fame (aka Betty Driver) Bill Chalker, Colin Andrews, Colonel Charles Halt, Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, Edgar Mitchell, Ex-Canadian Defence Minister - Paul Helyer, Gordon Creighton, Graham Shuttlewood , Kevin Goodman, Steve Wills, Malcolm Robinson, Moira McGhee, Nick Pope, Philip Mantle, Robert Hastings, Roy Lake, ‘Busty’ Taylor, Maria Wheatley, Polly Carson, Pat Delgado, Mathew Williams, Robert Salas, Jenny Randles Tim Good, and Trevor James Constable.

Here is what Erich von Daniken has to say, recently after having read some of our books:

There are still millions of people who think everything about UFOs is just fake news, or the whole thing is conspiracy. After reading Haunted Skies, revised Volume One, I am absolutely convinced that our planet is observed in our present time.

These books are very important and I hope they will influence the sceptics around the world.”

This revised Haunted Skies book represents another colossal undertaking of work, involving the spectacular presentation of hundreds of forgotten UFO sightings from Police Officers, RAF pilots, and members of the public, following over 20 years research by the authors – and, of course, the valuable contributions made by the researchers themselves.

This book is not about us but about them and our joint efforts to ensure that this information is preserved for future generations.

Our journey of discovery covers various peaks of UFO activity, including the short-lived phenomena that became labelled as the ‘Flying Cross’, which was to plague the later part of the UK in 1967.

This book, like the others, is published in colour and includes reports from the United States. It contains approximately 600 photos, sketches, illustrations, images and supporting witness testimonials.

Many people still ask why the books are so costly. This is due to print costs, the size of the book (624 pages) and of course, colour images which so many people have asked us, over the years, to include - not even taking into consideration the tremendous time incurred spent travelling the length and breadth of the UK to interview both the witnesses and researchers.

For further information on other books please see

*This book replaces some of the original Volumes 1-6, removed from sale in late 2014.

There you have it. £28 for a book like this is actually quite low –a regular publisher would list it as somewhere between £35-40.00.  Even now I still rummage through the volumes and if you have seen any of the interviews Hanson has given Richard D. Hall (check Richplanet or You tube) you will know a lot of work has gone into this series and the only mystery is why no established publishing house has offered to publish the books.

So, Haunted Skies –highly recommended.

Mysterious Deaths and Requests

I got two different people emailing me and one reporter from Wales(?) in the last few days asking me what I thought of the UK UFO animal mutilations.

Is something going on that I don't know about?

Why me?  Well, silly question that since I guess it has something to do with my time spent advising UK police forces on exotics (large felids and canids) from 1977-3013...also, yeah, my UFO work does tend to catch up with me! But I have not, to date, seen any evidence of unexplainable -"mystery"- deaths of animals.

The question that really needs to be asked is whether those looking into the matter would even be willing to share data they have.  One thing I have found over 40+ years is that "A" will claim to have photos or samples "proving the case" but will "A" share with "B"?  99.9% of the time the answer to that is "No".

This means that any information gathered and reported on is firmly based on the opinion of "A". He can claim UFOs, secret military devices or even green and blue zebras were responsible.  However, "A", like any investigator/researcher, must have their findings and evidence looked at -this is peer review and it never takes place in Ufology (or we would never have had the whole "Greys" debacle -unless peer review found in its favour evidence wise), cattle mutilations and so forth.

I have a good few photographs of injured/dead sheep, ponies from the UK. I could immediately labelo these as mysterious.  However, as a naturalist I know what to look for and the questions to ask and, above all else, I have the files and maps that could proffer solutions in some cases.

In effect, I go into something with the knowledge I have but never believing the cause is This or That because that is not the scientific way of going about investigation or research.  You start with a blank slate and then look at each case based on any information from witnesses and a study of what the photographic evidence shows. Only -and only- after you have gone over all of this can you tentatively assess and draw conclusions.

Claims by associates of Richard D. Hall (check You Tube) of human mutilations in Wales I have very little belief in. Over 40 years I have spoken to farmers, shepherds and many others in the area involved and I have heard many strange stories -you might think "Well, they found them mutilated bodies up there" might creep in. Never have.

One project that I am intending to get back onto is one I started a year or so ago and reported on this blog -the "mysterious" deaths of seals. As a naturalist with an interest in how things in the sea are surviving I have to admit that the idea of seal cannibalism due to very low fish stocks on our coasts (how this means we might have a "healthy" fishing industry once the UK leaves the EU beats me) and seals starving.

I am more than aware that fishermen in some areas are actively killing seals, whom they see as competing for 'their' catch, using methods from shooting, traps and bludgeoning with all sorts of items. I am also aware that seals run into/pulled into ship propellors -some are hit by speedboats and so there are any number of grisly wounds that need checking and assessing.  Not to mention whether hunger has resulted in seals becoming weaker and being unable to fight off diseases.

Again, it is a case-by-case assessment.  As with UK non-native cats in certain areas, I got the warnings to keep my nose out of seal deaths in certain areas.  It seems that most of my life as a naturalist/researcher I have been told to keep my nose out of things or "face the consequences" and the one thing I note is that this was never ever from official bodies.

So my Autumn and Winter projects are sorted out!

Can I just add that if you have seen anything unusual -UFO, odd animal (where ever), or ghost activity- then please get in touch. I never EVER dismiss reports out of hand and confidentiality is always very important!

In email messages use the subject "AOP Appeal"

Thank you

Friday, 13 July 2018

Deleted Books

Two books have now been deleted from the online store and will no longer be available.

These are:

Strange & Mysterious Beasts

High Strangeness

These books were deleted due to no sales over the last eight months.  Other deletions are being considered.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Posts Removed

Posts on "What Landed At Gatton" as well as alleged Llandrillo and Berwyn Mts 'UFO' crashes have been removed from this blog.

Gatton by "request" while the other events all seem to be part of some long term skullduggery by British Ufological factions to hoax and perpetuate falsehoods.

Monday, 9 July 2018


Well, I checked to see the buyer for a few other copies of UFO Contact?

US Embassy, London

Hey, these people want to buy in bulk -no problem!

Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Encounters With...The Men In Black!

I have never believed in the Men In Black who silence UFO witnesses and researchers. I do believe that, in the United States, some government agencies have been mistaken for MIB or were involved in sending out people to suppress information about experimental aircraft and so on that were observed.

In the late 1970s, circa 1979(?), I lived with my grandparents in Easton, Bristol. Nice people but it could get rough.  One dark, winter evening at around 21:00 hrs there was a slow knock on the front door (there were two doors in those old houses -one a light front door for day time use and the heavier outer door for night time).  There was something odd about the knock and I stopped my grandfather answering the door because he would not be able to deal with any young thugs.  He went into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

I opened the outer door to be confronted by two male figures in black motorcycle gear and the smoked helmet visors down. My hand was a few inches from a club I kept "just in case".  Neither spoke so I went first: "You knocked -what can I do for you -speak or the door closes".

Both moved forward as one and MIB 1 spoke: "You will cease all of your UFO research and destroy all your papers"  Now, I will have to censor my response which was: "What are you two ****-**** going to do if I don't?"  There was a slight movement as they seemed taken aback. MIB 2 then spoke: "If you do not there will be dire consequences for you and your family!"

That was a line they should not have crossed.

MIB 1 started to speak and raised his arm slightly.  As far as I was concerned two helmeted thugs had just threatened me and my family on the doorstep. No need for the club as both were quickly pacified. As I took the wallets from the jackets of the two men sprawled on the floor I pushed up their visors.  According to my grandfather he looked around the corner and saw me standing on the two men.  I recall he asked whether I wanted a cup of tea and went back into the kitchen. My gran...she saw the scene rolled her eyes and went back into the living room.

The two threatening MIB were from a Yorkshire based UFO group and after a little persuasion told me who had put them up to this charade (a well known British Ufologist who some people have been told the name of but I like to keep things low key). I got my polaroid camera (no mobile/phone cams back then)  and photographed the IDs and men and then kicked them out the front gate.

The same trick was tried on me later when I lived in Warmley outside Bristol: three men in black suits and ties, white shirts and sunglasses.  It was dark out but summer so my living room window next to the front door was open. The three MIB seemed shocked when they found themselves surrounded by four police officers -they had been talking with me about recent UFO sightings when my callers knocked.  Hearing the threats they went out the back door -one group to the left and the other the right.  There is an expression "Bricking it" (I prefer "messing their pants") which is what the MIB did. Or, rather, more Yorkshire (I think one was Staffordshire based) Ufologists did. After 30 minutes they were cautioned and on their way.

In the past, if I came across a report that I suspected might involve a military aircraft I simply asked "Should I lose that one?" or, on two occasions, I was contacted and told the UFO sightings I was looking into "were definitely NOT aliens!"  Cases dropped.

On one occasion in 1982 I was in a car with four other Ufologists when they panicked.  We were driving back from a quarry where UFOs had been seen by witnesses so were going down country roads. The driver noticed the black car with three men in it following us.  He took several diversions -the car was still following us. I told the driver to stop the car, despite their protestations I got out.  The other car pulled up and a window went down. A man with a very thick Birmingham accent asked if we were lost to?  They wanted the local market town but the high hedged fields meant that, in the dark, they could not see were they were.  They had seen us and thought we must be heading to a main road.

The other two occupants were his wife, with short cut hair and son son who was moaning non-stop about it being a dump. We got them back onto the main road safely.

On another late 1970s winter evening I was walking along Muller Road, with Eastville Park to our left -two other Ufologists were with me and they both thought the MIB threats -more hoaxing-rampant in the UK at that time were real. As we trudged along in the snow a car slowed down then picked up speed. It turned round further up the road and slowed as it passed us on the opposite side of the road. A few minutes later it was coming up behind us again. Car horns sounded as the car was slowing traffic down. Suddenly a dark object was thrown out from the rear of the car. It was round and clearly visible as it hit the ground a few feet in front of us. I hit the dirt -or, rather, snow. My two companions looked at me as though I had gone mental. They had not noticed the car passing three times and slowing down.  They had not seen the object thrown. It turned out to be a beer can.  They laughed and I pointed out that I doubted with their observational skills that they would see three MIB in front of them!

Slightly inebriated idiots having 'fun' while driving around.

UFOs reports have always been a good way to hide military testing or if something being tested crashes.  Trying to cover that type of thing up "the American way" just leads to mistrust and so much fantasy -Albert K. Bender of the International Flying Saucer Bureau probably had a breakdown when he encountered his 'MIB' but the British Flying Saucer Bureau (f.1952) quickly put its archives in a bank vault.  From then until the early 2000s they were "always waiting" for the MIB to turn up.

Ufologists and their pals arranging to have 'MIB' walk in to places where CCTV will conveniently film them, not to mention the sensationalist lies on trash TV from 'experts' does not help.

Ask why Science will not treat Ufology seriously.

By the way, did full UFO Disclosure destroy your life or cause people to panic?

Oh...that's right...Year 20+ and still the claims "It is happening this year....or next year.  Might be ten years from now. It's going to happen" Wake up.