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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Someone Asked...

I was asked why I was going to post things to Face Book. The answer is simple.

Producing new posts for this blog takes time. I hear from no one. No comments. No news items forwarded. I may as well post to myself.

366,077 people have viewed and read this blog. Over 4000 have read the AE CE3K blog. That is a total of 370, 187 views.  But not one person has even purchased a copy of one of my books which are full of far more interesting things than you'll find here and I am NOT going to publish chapter after chapter for free.

If 370, 187 views shows interest in these subjects why are there no book sales.

We have been over this before: you want something for free that does not cost you money or force you to read even if you are going to learn far more.

So, this group gets left as it is but Face Book is not ideal but it is easy to post to while I answer messages.

Pure and simple.

I get no financial support from the blogs and certainly no moral support!  See you on FB or not.


For the foreseeable future please divert to the AOP Face Book page.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Posts ON Face Book

There is and will be some material posted to the Face Book page that will not appear on this blog.

Any questions please Message me via that page.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Notice of fraudulent activity

It is ridiculous that I have to do this but I have now been contacted by journalists and two 'Big Cat hunters' (with a total of 5 years 'experience').

I began acting as an exotic fauna consultant to UK police forces in 1976/1977 ans semi retired in 2015 but still get consulted by police and other organisations every so often.My Exotic Animals Register (EAR) files are confidential and there is no intention of releasing these.

Let me make the following also clear:

1) I have not and will never forward case reports with information identifying witnesses

2) I have not "passed on" my work of investigating and studying exotic fauna whether felids or canids in the UK to anyone or any organisation whether "cryptozoological" or not. My standpoint on "cryptozoology" is well known as are my opinions on some of those involved in this sham.

3) Absolutely no one has the right to identify themselves as "members of the Exotic Animals Register" or of acting on its behalf.  If anyone does then they will face legal action for bringing my name and that of the EAR into disrepute. I also urge that anyone identifying themselves as such should be reported to the local police.

4) I work with no one other than police wildlife crimes or other officers. 

5) The EAR/myself does not mount "expeditions" to trap large felids. Trapping any wild animal has serious consequences and there are very strict laws governing this activity. 

My field of speciality are canids and felids as well as the 40 year long study of wild living wolverine in the UK.  When my study is completed then the appropriate bodies will receive copies of my final report.

From what I have seen and heard the people involved in this or these "Big Cat Studies" -it is so ridiculous that I cannot even ascertain whether there are two or three groups out there or just one incompetent one.

'Facts' quoted appear to be taken from old EAR information sheets that I stopped producing around 2005 as well as some statements that show whoever is involved has no idea what type of cat(s) are in the UK or much about them. The 'origins' of these "big cats" is so ludicrously incorrect as I, working with a university, established and even identified sources that had nothing to do with the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

I am easily contactable but please note the above. I am the only person working as the EAR.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Ghost Adventures ( S19E05 ) Mount Wilson Ranch and Bigelow

Yep, here we go. Another ranch that is not just haunted by ghosts but Native American ghosts.  Oh, did I mention...aliens?  Oh, yeah, this place has lots of alien activity going on.

Guess who bought the ranch and "did experiments" there in absolute top secret?  RB a clue enough for you?  No?  Oh come on!

Robert Bigelow. You got it -the fella behind such over-hyped and fake claims as Skin walker Ranch.

Let me make it clear that I have nothing against Bigelow. It is good that someone with money and a keen interest in all things paranormal puts that money into research. That is where we hit the big obstacle and, for me personally, where this all falls to pieces.

Every Bigelow project has more non-disclosure agreements than actual documented facts. In the latest episode of Ghost Adventures, Zack Bagans tells us how Bigelow is not afraid to speak out on "these matters".  My response was: "Where? When?" And, honestly, if you have a link (to a genuine site not some "Bigfoot communicated this to me" one) to where Bigelow has been speaking out about his team and its work please send it!

You see, we had Ted Phillips tell us how Bigelow wanted to finance the Marley Woods investigation but Phillips was having none of it because he believed WE had to be told what was going on and Bigelow waved the money and non-disclosure agreement. I know, after more than a decade all we have had from the uncontactable Phillips is the same old, same old and no facts or results.

Some even claim that Phillips took Bigelow's money and non-disclosure deal or simply took them and moved on leaving everything to Bigelow's team (rather like MUFON did).

Bigelow, in my opinion, is far from interested in finding ghosts and other Intangibles. He owns an aerospace company and I believe he has some theories that lead him to believe that if he got lucky he could make his millions back and have a new propulsion system or something else (shhh!).  That is why there are all the non-disclosures -it's about not having someone else step in, have it all click into place and....earn the cash.

The statement made by one of Bagans sources that Bigelow told him the mountain was an "alien portal" -I call complete and utter bull-shit on. 

Ghost Adventures is entertainment  and not scientific investigation. It is interspersed with  humour and all sorts of "fluff" to keep its running time up to that 40 minute mark (for advertising revenue).  Also, Bagans now reveals he has been to a lot of places looking into "extra terrestrial" things.  Really? I am not going to say that this sudden interest (yet vast experience apparently) has anything to do with wanting to draw the viewers who watch trash UFO TV programmes to boost ratings. Nor would I say it has anything to do with Bagans recent 'alien' exhibit at his museum. That would be churlish.

Desperation is a very sad thing to watch but...that's entertainment!

Skin-Walker Ranch, Star Dust Ranch (completely debunked now) and the Mount Wilson Ranch are all of the same ilk.  Stories but no solid evidence..  Not even a hint at there being any evidence. Bigelow will be making money from all of this or at the least declaring a tax loss.

But there is another ranch where these claims were made. A ranch investigated by ufologists -ones with fairly solid (for ufologists) reputations. I am currently trying to add more detail to the report from the time and once I do I'll mention more.

Oh, the incidents at this ranch took place in the 1970s.

Above: Well, it has to be the giant bullet proof Skin Walker Ranch wolf, doesn't it -no size indicators nearby and it looks a little mangy -possibly where the bullets knocked its fur off though.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

New AE-CE3K Face Book Page

The new Face Book page means that people can contact me directly in private.

If someone wishes to make a report -old or new incident- then they can contact me via Face Book Messenger.  I cannot accept anonymous reports as those tend to be hoaxes and there are far too many of those out there.

 For this reason I -and me alone- will need to know a reportees real name but it will not be disclosed to anyone else without permission to do so. In 40 plus years I have never -despite a few newspaper attempts to offer me money for information- betrayed any witness(es) confidence. To do so would be unforgivable.

Messenger chat will be printed out for files but the message itself will be deleted for privacy reasons.

Your sighting/encounter may or may not have involved a UFO. It can be a recent or old encounter and if you told other people about what happened PLEASE ask them to confirm this as it adds weight to the report -again, strict confidentiality.

The Alien Entity and Close Encounters of the Third Kind Project is private and not associated with any UFO group or official body and is a continuation of the work that began in 1974.

Thank You.

MUFON and Robert Bigelow

This blog post is well worth readind and starts: 

"Spaced Out Radio, one of the leading and fastest growing nighttime radio shows, broadcasting worldwide from British Columbia, Canada, hosted Chase Kloetzke, international UFO investigator, and so much more, on April 5, 2018. Among Chase’s other accomplishments, she has been associated with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) since 1996. During the interview, she shared many of her MUFON experiences, and answered hard-hitting questions posed by SOR host, Dave Scott, regarding a couple MUFON issue

The first issue, which has been rumored for several years, dealt with billionaire, Robert Bigelow’s financial involvement in the organization. Did he or did he not buy MUFON, or at the very least, did he buy their files?"

I would note that there need be no US government agency need be involved in MUFON. If you have Bigelow and his money then he wants people who know their jobs and will keep quiet -ex military or intelligence people are ideal. So let's not get over the top conspiracy wise: people hiogher up at MUFON wanted money and they got it -and MUFON was sold.


DEBUNKED: Ghost Hunting Equipment

5 Paranormal Investigators Supposedly Caught Faking Footage & Evidence

Ghost Adventures: Reality Check -adult language

Some good points, however, the podcast recording of Arron exposing the show was proven to be a hoax.  There was a lot of name calling and claim and counter claim but the audio was so bad a hoax seems very likely.

Off the Rictor – Matt Moneymaker -Adult Language...but true

The movie Ghost Busters is NOT training....really.

The word is out "Hooper must be stopped!"

I find that offensive. It should be "Hooper-Scharf must be stopped!"

This goes beyond childish stupidity and when you have "paranormalists" teaming up with ufologists and cryptozoologists (these people all tend to know each other as they work hand-in-glove to spin out fabrications to keep that money gravy-train going) you have to wonder just what investigation and research work they are carrying out -surely not just "copy and paste"?  I can only guess that is how Adam Davies' book, Man Beasts, was put together.

And people have to be very careful who they have to jump into bed with:

In Strange & Mysterious Beasts I exposed the fact that stories coming from Cannock Chase that were promoted by writers who jump from UFOs to mystery beast to the paranormal, were known jokes and hoaxes at the time -the people involved TOLD THEM.

The fakery around the Owl Man of Cornwall is very well known amongst those people who continue to promote it as genuine.

There are certain names and blogs promoting new cases and you hear them mentioned it sounds alarm bells -fake witness names, witnesses who cannot be named even to other credible researchers. The line "....reported this incident to me and I have talked with -- and he/she seems to be genuine as far as I can tell" covers a lot of fakery.

On at least ten occasions I came across case summaries that were similar to ones I had looked into so contacted the blog/web site owners.,  They had no idea who the witness was or any other basic details: "ask --- as it was on his blog". So I messaged the originator of the story. Nothing.  Over and over again the same thing and if one did respond it was "I was told about this by a friend who looks into weird crap". Seriously, people post on what they call "Fully investigated" incidents that have no checkable facts but  "I was told about this by a friend who looks into weird crap" and, 'obviously', that friend has moved on and is no longer in contact.

Unlike my books, that are all fully referenced and can be checked by others -and I often state people should never just take my word on something but carry out their own checks- to avoid accepting what I write as "gospel".  It is the only form of peer review available but it ensures that I don't just write "Hammond told me this was checked by him and is true" and that's it. For decades I read "This photograph/image" was lost many decades ago.  So I checked the original quoted source (unlike the people who wrote and repeated that line) and..oh, there is the image "lost many decades ago".

I have found images and other items -often stolen by some of the Disreputables and claimed as their own work -including some very prominent cryptozoologists.

You see, I want to learn. I want to study the facts and if I cannot explain something I say so. If I can prove without a doubt what something reported as "unexplainable" was/is then I give the facts backed up by sources.

We are NOT living in a world where Sasquatch type creatures roam the UK. 

There are not many millions of "alien abductions of humans" taking place every year. 

There are no huge alien aquatic bases that are constant areas of activity -hundreds of reports of these strange craft entering and leaving the sea but the best the UFO 'hunters' come up with is faked footage?  

There was no UFO crash at Aurora, Roswell or anywhere else. 

Black Eyed Children were a creation of a newspaper reporter. 

The Thin Man/Stick Manor whatever you want to call it was also a copyrighted creation so how 'genuine' reports can exist is anyone's guess -psychological or hoax?

A gateway to Hell or portal to Hell seemingly existing in every American home is crap. Ask why it is the same places -open to tourism or ghost watches- on every paranormal entertainment show.  Stone and plaster fall in a near derelict building...well, that 'has' to be paranormal, right?

Poltergeist phenomena exist -I've seen that first hand. I have seen other things odd and weird things and I have even felt sheer terror when nothing was seen/present. Do I immediately jump onto the "You cannot explain this!" bandwagon or claim it was a demon or the devil. As with The Devil of Downend, if I can I confront something. To spend a life time investigating, say, UFOs, and the first time a 'UFO' is seen to away?  Again, I am reminded of an incident in which a group of police officers watched as I advanced on such an object because "That's your job not ours!"

Despite everyone else involved in these subjects I do not walk around in a silly hat, dressed all in black like some paramilitary nightclub bouncer because it "looks cool".  It doesn't.

I have read so many local and even national newspaper items about this or that group of "dedicated paranormal investigators" who were inspired by the fantasy fiction comedy film Ghost Busters.  Really?  And they explain all the "top notch scientific gear" they carry -almost word-for-word quotes from certain paranormal TV shows. Most of these people will fade away after a while when the subject does not meet their fantasy needs or something sends them into near mental breakdown (showing that they were totally unfit for the task) or it becomes clear that they were already suffering some mental health issue -I could cite cases but that would involve giving away who was involved.

I have seen and heard people "dedicated to the investigation and seeking the truth" run away when a "UFO" is seen to land or they hear what they think is a "ghost" or even spot an animal they cannot clearly identify straight away do like wise. Mounting 'expeditions' seems to yield more stories about gullibility, stupidity and drunken behaviour that about...sorry, what was the expedition for again?  Oh, of course, to get a book deal or on TV -anything that involves getting money.

What does real, factual investigation and research bring you? Not money -my bank account proves that.  Just lots of work.

I do not go out looking for fraud.  If I hear of a report and it interests me I will follow it up -if hoaxing or fakery is involved then I report on it.  

I am a sceptic in that I look for facts and I never declare anything fake/misidentified or otherwise until I have looked into it. I never ever assume that anyone is an idiot, mistaken or lying untril I meet or talk to them and look at the facts.  That does not make me a debunker who claims everything is a hoax or rot (read my books).

It was only when two paranormal groups admitted that they would not give me case information because "We discussed it and you have a reputation and we were worried" that I realised this was going on. Apparently a "lot" of ghost hunting groups were frightened of me and what I might find.  Ridiculous.  Then I learnt, via individuals involved in cryptozoology that the same thing applied there -I got people nervous.  I knew this about ufology because it is 99.9% fake and that is proven easily (as they knew) and proving fakery might mean them losing money from conning people -good.

So I am in the position of having all of these factions wanting to somehow drive me out or attack my reputation.  Firstly, I am not "in" anything to be driven out.  Secondly, as noted, everything I write and post about is fully referenced and I have made it my business to ensure that I am honest and do not hide things -I am a fairly open book so casting my honesty into doubt is going to be very difficult.

Why time waste like this unless these people are not serious.about what they are doing because it doesn't take them that long to make something up or copy and paste.

If you hear something about me or an accusation then don't just accept it like a brain dead amoeba -ask me.  I know,

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Some Ufologists Appear To Be Worried

Quite honestly I find it very pathetic that certain factions want to close my blogs (this one and the AE/CE3K one) and silence me.

There have been a few attempts since I announced that I was re-opening the blogs and these came after I discovered Ufologists were actively attempting to stop word spreading about my books.  Honestly, they have NOT read either of the three UFO books but are terrified of the contents.  Why? Well you would need to ask them but I suspect that they have vested interests in perpetuating myths and lies (money).

Do I have any correspondence or documents to prove what I wrote about Budd Hopkins?  Well, read my book.  And for those ufologists finding it difficult to read a factual book, I re-posted three videos about Hopkins work.  Also, and I suppose these people to copy and paste rather than do serious research reading, there are plenty of online articles about Hopkins and Jacobs and their false research from credible authors who are not debunkers.

You set yourself up as a researcher or investigator and you ignore anything that might challenge your money/work or simply have done no research but are just using ufological 'names' then your books are obviously not of much value.

I treat every and anyone who contacts me with respect and openess but getting semi-literate emails from idiots  is where I draw the line.  Also a little odd that these all come on the same day...?

All of this written I have to say that it warms the old heart. Because, obviously, there are ufologists out there who are afraid of being exposed. Unless you want me to focus a lot of attention on you and your work and then write about what I find out -give it a miss. I have been in ufology and gathered quite a lot of information on ufologists in 40 plus years.

Leave ufology to serious researchers.

Hickson and Parker case

I was asked again about the Hickson and Parker case. I dealt with it at length in UFO Contact?  It seems the new book -which I have not read- has gotten a few people stirred up.

It is a case I believe is genuine.  But that is based on the information and NO ONE, other than the two men, know/knew the truth.

I feel credibility is lost when Budd Hopkins enters the scene and does a quick meet-greet-and let's do a regression session before leaving. At that point it turns into a Hopkins abduction scenario. I cannot say I believe what I am reading about the 'memory uncovered'.

As I pointed out in my book, Hickson, Parker -like Mona Stafford and others- seem to have undergone a form of post traumatic stress.

Do not criticise these people until you have read the facts.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

UFO Contact -what do the experts say?

Having received a copy of UFO Contact? tgis is what the J. Allen Hynek Centre for UFO Studies had to say about it:

           " impressive body of work. I appreciate your lively writing, use of original sources as much as possible, and forceful opinions about the cases, investigators, etc. And I concur with your evaluations of cases that have been pushed aside, such as Kelly, or Pascagoula."

Other UFO researchers who have read the book are of similar opinions. So are you going to just carry on reading the same old same old half truths and lies or try to find out what is REALLY going on?

UFO Contact? Unidentified-Identified and Contact!

530 pages
illustrated with maps, photographs and more
A4 forma
 List Price:£20.00 £18.00 (excl. VAT) |You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days

Since 1947 it has been claimed that UFOs/flying saucers are evidence of aliens visiting the Earth.  Since the 1950s claims of encounters with landed craft and alien beings were talked about but not taken seriously.

In the 1960s the subject of UFO abduction was a "slow-burner" until the whole "Grey" abduction phenomenon and claims made by researchers such as Budd Hopkins, Prof. John Mack and Dr David Jacobs and Whitley Streiber.

But is there evidence to back up any of the claims -and what about those encountering Alien Entities but who were not abducted?
Are these people all hoaxers, psychotic or suffering from some other mental illness as some claim?

Are those people who were exposed by Ufologists against their wishes, people who wanted to report what happened and then just get back to their everyday lives -thrust into the media glare against their will?

And if US authorities were so interested that in one case at least they broke into the home of two abductees and this was later proven -why?
Why did a hard core of these people never want publicity or to make money from what happened to them?

Above all, why did a major UFO landing incident take place on a US Inbterstate road in front of a large number of observers (all willing to talk to investigators) never get investigated? If it were not for a radio presenter interviewing and taking notes we would know nothing of the case -it would be labelled "insubstantial".

James and Coral Lorensen -the Scopolamine Kids; using a very notorious "truth drug" on alleged UFO witnesses and selling stories to newspapers.  An investigator (a veteran) showing a witness images of "aliens" encountered in other cases before any memories were retrieved.  Worst of all, the constant "pissing competition" and breaches of trust between UFO investigators.

2017 is the time to assess the past evidence and look at the faults within Ufology.

Not everyone is going to be happy -debunkers or ufologists.

Smaller format version:
Pages 530
Binding Perfect Bound
Interior Black ink &white
Weight 1.05kgSize 18.9 x24.59cm

Second Book in the series

perfect bound
Fully illustrated with photographs and illustrations
Paperback: List Price:£20.00 £18.00 (excl. VAT) |You Save: 10%Prints in 3-5 business days

The follow up to the comprehensive book "UFO Contact?"

The Author spent 1974 to 2018 specializing in the investigation and research of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3K) and alien entity cases; the former involving an Unidentified Flying Object and the latter, apparently, involving none.

Previously unreported cases as well as 'lost' cases are looked at as well as the possibility that some percients suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after their encounters.

A must read for those with a serious interest in UFOs

Some of the contents:

The Nottinghamshire UFO Crash of 1987…or 1988    
 The Llandrillo ‘Saucer’ and Berwyn Mountains ‘UFO’ Crash Retrieval 

 Strange Pennsylvania Entity Encounter                                                        
 UFO Abductees and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome                             
 The UFO That Landed On A US Highway                                                   
 My Encounters With The Men In Black                                                        
 A Previously Un-noted Alien Entity Type                                             
 Early 20th Century UK Close Encounters of the Third Kind                     
 Close Encounter with a Boggart                                                                      
 Some Odd and Unusual Cases                                                                       
 Rosa Lotti and the Happy Entities                                                                
 The Strange Case of the Woollaton Gnomes and the Mince-pie Martians
 What Happened on the Isle of Wight and at Felixstowe?                           
 The ‘Lost’ Belgian UFO Landing Case                                                      
 Strange Aliens from Outer Space?                                                            
 Encounter with Black Aliens and Landed UFO                               
 Preliminary UK CE3K/Alien Entity Catalogue 
220 pages


Third Book in the Series

These cover everything from UFOs and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to encounters with unidentified humanoid creatures, ghosts, poltergeists, mysterious and unidentified creatures at sea, on land as well as bizarre carcasses washed ashore.  Loch Ness, Sasquatch, previously thought lost photographs of a city in the sky and others.

And if you want to concentrate solely on alleged alien abductions or encounters then UFO Contact? (receiving some praise from the Centre for UFO Studies) and the follow up, Unidentified-Identified are the books you need

Contact! Encounters With Extra Terrestrial Entities?

Format  A4
Black & white
Profusely illustrated

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) says that we may have to wait many thousands of years before any signals sent gets a response if they are detected.

The real SETI may already have established the there is alien life –and it has been visiting Earth for at least 70 years.

Once the mass of reports of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and entity encounters are sifted there remains a strong core of cases that defy logical explanation and suggest that these encounters have resulted in physiological effects and post traumatic stress.

Terry Hooper-Scharf of the CE3K/AE Project has led research into these reports for over 40 years and in this work takes a look at rare or obscure reports as well as cataloguing encounters from Germany and Portugal and focuses in on correlations in the reports and how the Dandenong (Kelly Cahill) encounter could be the best case ever reported.

Have the serious investigators and researchers looking into UFOs been unearthing better evidence of extra terrestrial life and contact with humans than established SETI ?

Sunday, 9 June 2019

1978 Paighton School UFO Sighting


Sadly, not a great deal to this one. Simon L contacted me after seeing a news appeal for three youngsters involved in a UFO sighting in 1978 (Buckfastleigh). He wrote:

“I was in Primary School ( Hayes Rd, Paignton) late 70’s when three of us saw an object fly past the window...

“Afraid of getting into trouble none of us said anything until after lesson...

“Nobody believed us so they all got us to draw the object...

“We all drew the same thing... as we were all sat together again they thought that we just copied each other...

“We didn’t. We could have been in different rooms and the same picture would have come out...

“It was put in the Herald but quickly swept under the carpet...

“One of the other chaps was called Robert T who is on FaceBook and I am sure the third was a lad called Brian M…. If it wasn’t Brian I am sure that Robert would know who it was…”

I contacted Simon and asked whether he could send me a copy of the drawing that he still had. He sent the image along with the message:

“The picture you have to remember was drawn by an 11 year old…. I’m not sure but the wings could possibly be artistic licence…. but I do remember how slowly it moved across the sky…”

Drawing by Simon L

It was then a case of tracking down Rob T and it took a while but I asked if he would mind my asking what he had seen. He was, in fact, able to add to Simon’s account:

“Hi Terry, it would have been 1978.. I remember it very well. I recall that it was very low, just above the tree tops. We were to scared to tell the teacher at the time as she was reading something out to us and she was a bit of an oger lol.. it was reported in the Torbay news (not the Hearld). There was also a couple of gentlemen who came to the school to talk to us but weren't allowed to, I remember the headmaster telling us off about that!.. Simon is correct, it was Brian M. Hope this helps.”

I asked whether he could draw the object he had seen all those years ago and he said he would try. I then received this:

“Terry, apologies for the delay and the child like drawing!.. art was never my forte!.. I've included the bungalow and trees to try and show how low and close it was. It was a rusty coulor, with no lights. Sorry again, hope this helps a little.”

Rob’s drawing. It may well be crude but gives some extra information. Namely, we now know the object moved over a bungalow and some trees. I did not let Rob see Simon’s drawing as that might have influenced him.

Brian M does not appear to use Face Book and I can find no contact details for him so have drawn a blank there. Without a date it is hard to track down the newspaper issue that covered the story.

I do recall that Bob Boyd from the Plymouth UFO Research Group (PUFORG) mentioned this incident at the time and I can remember being slightly shocked when he told me that he went with another PUFORG member to the school unannounced but never got a good reception.

Appeals Still Open -any info welcome

Appeals made to newspapers that received no responses (rather like the Buckfastleigh appeal!)

Oxfordshire 1974

I am hoping that one of your readers may be able to help me get information on an uninvestigated UFO report from 1974. If one of the witnesses involved, who would now be in their 50's, or even one of the MoD Policemen who were one duty reads this I hope they might consider -in confidence- coming forward with their side of the account:

I am an author but also researcher and I have no interest in embarrassing or publicly naming witnesses.  My main aim is to determine exactly what happened that evening and that is all.

On the evening of the 9th October, 1974, two 13 year old boys entered the station office of the Ministry of Defence Police at the Central Ordnance Depot, Bicester, Oxfordshire.  Both were described as appearing to be in a state of fright.  It seems that a “thing”, resembling a large, hunched man, had followed them along the Ploughly Road from the village of Ambrosden towards Lower Arncott; a distance of a quarter mile (0.8 km).

   This “thing” was accompanied by a light in the sky; neither the object nor the entity made any noise.  The boys were so shocked that they had to be treated by the MoD police officers; a dog and handler were sent to check around but saw nothing. A doctor later diagnosed one of the boys as suffering from severe shock.

Bardney  1976

  I am hoping that one of your readers may have been or know someone who was a witness to some UFO sightings in Woodall Spa and Bardney back in the summer of 1976.  I believe that one or more of those involved moved to your area at some point. One wrote to a UFO investigator at the time:

'On Sunday afternoon boys are allowed to go to Bardney. In the summer term, 1976, about mid-June, we saw a "stick man" jolting along. It was black with a round head, not making any noise. It was about 15O yards away from us, and it was quite hard to see’.

  At the time the sightings were all dismissed simply because the witnesses were youngsters.  No attempt was made to look for any other reports in the areas and that was it.
   I would like to hear from any of the boys -especially regarding the Bardney sighting- in strict confidence. I am a researcher and my interest is in finding out what actually happened and to hope that one or more witnesses will come forward so that the record can be corrected and their accounts included in records.

Nottinghamshire 1979

On the 23rd September, 1979,  six or seven primary school children went for an early evening walk in Wollaton Park in Nottingham, when they were approached by what they described as "gnomes in small cars” .  This has become known as "The Woollaton Park Gnomes case".

At the time the children spoke to their headmaster who recorded what they claimed happened.  Those children would now be adults in their late 40's.  There was never any thorough investigation since "They are just kids" was the standard response but I would be very interested in hearing from any of those involved in confidence.  I am an author and researcher but my prime interest is really in getting to the facts and what happened.

Was it just a game the kids thought up or are they still willing to state that this really happened? As I said, all in complete confidence as I can imagine they might feel a little embarrassed (either way) but I would be very interested in actually hearing from one of those there at the time rather than read the constant inaccurate rehashing on web sites.

And, of course, Buckfastleigh

On the 3rd October, 1978, three teenagers left a youth club in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The trio were given pseudonyms at the time of Shirley, Mark and Paul.

Investigation procedures at the time as well as protocol on dealing with witnesses were not what they are today. 

We know that the trio observed a number of unidentified objects in the sky above the village and some unidentified figures on three occasions.  We might normally be cautious but a retired gentleman named Harry observed the objects himself after the nervous trio knocked on his door –his cats also behaved oddly.

The teens were traumatised and the girl identified as Shirley was said to have been most affected.

1978 seems a very long time ago now but I am trying to locate the teens and gather as much information about observations that evening as I can.  If they read this, or any family members do, then please get in touch. I cannot over-emphasise that I deal with witnesses in the strictest confidence and have done so for over 40 years.  My interest is purely for research and so I hope that the trio will consider getting in touch with me.

I can be contacted via email at or or via Face Book Messenger –Anomalous Observational Phenomena page.

If anyone out there reads this and THEY were one of the witnesses PLEASE get in touch.  If anyone knows the witnesses please pass this along.  We have lost so much real data that these reports deserve to be looked into.