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Friday, 29 December 2017

The Most Ground Breaking UFO Revelations Ever (well...)

Is everyone involved in Ufology just very dim these days?  They are astounded by documents released by the British Ministry of Defence via the National Archives such as:

1) UFO reports have been taken “seriously” by some of those in the Ministry of Defence in England, particularly by some of its “scientists and engineers”

I am sorry but the MoD has always stated that it can call upon scientists and other professionals to look at UFO reports and it has been widely known since the 1950s that there were those who believed UFOs were not of this Earth and those who did not.   There is nothing astonishing or ground-breaking in this.

2) A decision was taken in 1993 to classify a UFO study for the British Ministry of Defence and its output as “SECRET UK EYES B” explicitly “since a potential exists for political embarrassment”

Again,  nothing new. The whole reason that the AOP Bureau's officially unofficial worked stopped was because every agreement made by those who instigated the AOP B was reneged upon because it might be embarrassing. 

3) The British Ministry of Defence in 1993 was aware from intelligence sources that “Russia believes that such phenomena exist and has a small team studying them”

Again,  NOTHING new. The UK, France, Australia, United States -everyone knew that the Russians had a small UFO study group and there were enough articles about it in publications such as FSR in the 1980s.

4) The British Ministry of Defence was aware in 1993 that “an informal group exists in the US intelligence community” in relation to UFOs and that it was possible that this reflected “a more formal organization” or “more formal assessment activity”

Oh really, I am not writing "again".

5) In 1982, unnamed “US authorities” wished to have copies of any reports on a UFO incident which involved the launching of two USN F14 aircraft and the diversion of a RAF Phantom to “assist” a USAF aircraft to the south of Cyprus involved in a “UFO incident”. The few documents on this incident in the relevant file refer to various materials which are not included in the released material

I write nothing!

6) A British Air Attache in Paris in 1977 reported in that “the French military authorities had found nothing of an aggressive nature in the sightings although their scientists had been unable to explain the phenomena”

Okay, absolutely nothing new. As I discussed in High Strangeness/UFO Contact? the French attitude has been consistent since the 1940s and every other country could have learnt from "The French method". NOTHING new.

7) The Ministry of Defence had learnt in relation to sightings over Belgium in 1990 “informally, that the view of the Belgian Air Force is that a craft of some sort was involved and that they maintain an open mind on the sightings, which remain unexplained”

Oh come on. These points are all being treated by certain "elitist" (it is how they see themselves) Ufologists, who do everything from a comfy chair so as not to bruise their arses, as ground-breaking. This is the state of 'Ufology' now.

No, the Ministry of Defence never sent out "Men In Black" to silence witnesses and there was never ever a secret UFO study headed by Nick Pope -I had an internet exchange with an American over this last week and gave up because...the person in question seemed unable to understand what I was stating. The UK has always exchanged UFO information with its allies but mainly as an informal "So what's new?" Q&A.

From trying to set out investigating flying saucers in the early 1950s to subject has devolved into a factless, repetitive arm of the entertainment industry. Are there no really serious Ufologists out there now or is it all now pure spin?

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Strange Creature with Glowing Head

I was rather bored.  It was Christmas Day and being on my own I decided that I would waste time by trawling the internet.  Why not?  I typed in all sorts of search words -"monsters", "mystery creatures" the usual.  Nothing.  So I decide to just look at what images the search threw up.

That is when I saw this one.  Fairly straight forward account heading, too:

Police Officer Encounters Strange Creature with Glowing Head in Pennsylvania- Late August, 2017

No way was I going to ignore this and the report came through veteran researcher Stan Gordon  the web page is well worth visiting and I think I have mentioned it before...but that may have been in 2015 or 2016.

Sketch Used With Permission of the Witness


     One evening in late August, 2017, a police officer was driving along a road in a wooded area in a south-western section of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, when he observed something very unusual which startled him. To the side of the road ahead of him was what appeared to be a ball of very dull white light low to the ground. Being familiar with the area he had never noticed any type of lighting in that particular location.  He drove to around 50 yards from the round light –when it suddenly rose up from the ground.  And before anyone thinks this was going to be yet another UFO story –read on.

     It was as the light rose that the percipient observed something that he could not process in a logical, everyday context. The officer told Gordon: “it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.”  It seems that the ball of light was actually the head of a strange entity that he described as standing approximately 6 feet or taller, with the head about 8-10 inches in diameter and shaped like a ball –just a ball of light, possibly egg shaped but pretty rounded. The light emanating from this head seemed to be a dull white and illuminated the shoulders, top of the chest and a section of the arms. Hands were not seen. The chest itself looked to be about 18 inches across and the waist small but the arms were abnormally long. The long limbs also looked skeletal as did the body with no real muscle mass. The overall skin tone of the body appeared to be a dull greyish-blue. Obviously, the witness could not distinguish any facial features.

     The officer told Gordon that he was of the opinion that when he first observed the entity it had been lying on its belly on the ground ‘face’ down. The entity had then stood up facing the road and it was then that he saw the figure illuminated by the dull light from the glowing head.

     The officer watched as the creature turned toward the right and then turned and looked toward him: it then turned to its left and took off at an incredible speed away from the road and it was as it moved that the percipient could see the entity’s arms swinging. As far as the percipient was concerned the entity took off at a speed that could only call abnormal: “it was faster than anything I have ever seen. It was there, then it was gone.” The percipient assumed that the entity moved off on two legs though he could not see the lower sections of the body in the dark.

     It was estimated that the whole experience only lasted about 10 seconds. To sat that the officer was confused by what he had seen and also and about what could move so fast is probably an understatement. He pulled up at the location where the entity had been standing and used his vehicle spotlight to look around at the ground but saw no evidence such as footprints, etc..

     Stan Gordon was contacted by the percipient soon after the sighting and the officer was still trying to make some sense out of what he had seen.

     Gordon notes that: “While this is a very strange report, many very odd creature encounters have been reported for years from Pennsylvania and all across the country. There have been other reports somewhat similar, and there have been other cases reported where the creature involved had a glowing effect in the dark”.

     Anyone who has read any of my books will know that I prefer to use the term “entity” or “Alien Entity” –AE (“alien” indicating something outside of normal everyday frames of reference) rather than creature.  I do not even use “creature” when referring to Sasquatch cases. Can we call what the police officer saw anything but an AE?  It certainly was not a Sasquatch by any stretch of the imagination. There was no object seen in conjunction with the entity so it cannot be honestly classed as UFO related and this is where we have a problem.

     Let us say that this officer had not contacted Stan Gordon in confidence to relate his sighting –we would never have heard about it and would be non-the-wiser.   I have been in contact with many people who have seen entities of various types –Whiddon Down, Devon in 1977 and Telegraph Hill, Devon in 1967 not to mention encounters from Nottinghamshire in the 1960s and elsewhere.  All honest people who do not seem to have suffered some form of hallucination and yet report strange entities and absolutely no UFO –and they can account for the entire duration of their encounters and there is no missing time.

     So just what are they all seeing?  My mind is open on this question but before shouting out “dimensional portal!” you need to prove it, even if only with anecdotal evidence.  Let’s not bring the “Skinwalker Ranch” fiasco where only one person who seemed to be in near panic or hysterical claims to have observed a large entity leave a light tunnel (obfuscations such as “two scientists monitored the light tunnel and observed an entity leave it” or “Scientists monitoring a light anomaly observed a dimensional portal open up and huge entity emerge” are just that and pure fantasy).

     Now, Gordon has spoken to the officer in question who provided a sketch of what he saw.  Assuming that the percipient was not experiencing an altered state –everything he states seems to be against this including the fact that he believed the incident only lasted around ten seconds— what are we left with? He fell asleep momentarily and dreamt the sighting –does not hold water because he pulled the car off the road and used his spotlight when the entity ran off: no “I just sat there staring …I don’t know how long” –he pulled in and used his spotlight.  A hoax?  Well, that has to include so many improbabilities that it can be dismissed also remember the speed the entity was described moving at in the dark and not a missed step or tumble over.

     So what was it? A living entity with some form of bioluminescence or was it something artificial?  Those questions can be argued over long and hard but the truth is that unless there is some interaction between a similar entity(ties) and humans we will never know. We simply have a perplexing report from one person but even had it been two witnesses would it have helped? Why was the entity facing downward on the road and where did it go to or come from?

     These sort of questions keep me awake for many long hours because not every percipient was asleep, hallucinating or lying/joking.

(c)2017 T. Hooper-Scharf

Monday, 25 December 2017

This Is A Worrying Trend

Image result for Sasquatch
So how do I relax on Christmas Day? I check out You Tube videos.  And I notice that there is a very worrying trend.

"Mad Sasquatch attack!!"
"Aggressive group of Sasquatch"
"Terrorised by a Sasquatch!"

And many other similarly titled videos.  There are videos with vocalisations that could be "Bigfooters" out "Squatch-calling" or even coyotes.  Certainly some bear warning off vocalisations and this follows on from years of TV and online fakery and lies.

But then we have the comments to videos about "As the sasquatch population is growing they move closer to urban areas" and "They are moving into urban areas and unchallenged its humans who will pay the price" to which can be added: "We heard these noises in the forest close-by and we need to move before they attack!"

The fact that humans are cutting swathes out of forests and covering former game trails or habitat with houses is NOT wildlife/Sasquatch "invading" urban areas but humans invading THEIR areas.

It seems that in the United states EVERYTHING is out to kill humans so needs to be killed.  Wolves, wolverines, badgers -you name it and people will shoot it.  When you see two grinning morons hunters posing next to a truck load of wolves they just killed you understand what "Federal protection" of a species means.

Say a Sasquatch was shot and this proved they existed -what then? Federal protection won't do any good because the good ole boys with guns will want to get their trophy protect their families and livelihoods and the rich hunters will want one, too.   Constantly building up a very faked threat from a species simply puts it in the sights of anyone with a gun -"It was standing there and looked at me and I'm sure it was going to attack so I shot it!" (people killing wolves have tried that one).

Wildlife -which includes Sasquatch if they exist,- live in the wild whether forests or mountains. It has been where they lived before Europeans landed in North America -and I include the Vikings, Irish and Welsh before Columbus.

Leave the wildlife alone and it will leave you alone.  Bigfoot is not going to go on an inner city rampage.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

National Geographic’s image of the year

Photographer dodges crocodiles to snap National Geographic’s image of the year

 Hillary Grigonis,Digital Trends

2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year
Standing in five feet of crocodile-infested water could very well have been photographer Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan’s favorite moment of 2017. That’s because the resulting shot of a shy orangutan has earned the Singapore native the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Nat Geo recently shared the winning photos of the annual contest, along with the top images in categories for landscapes, underwater, and aerials.
The winning photo, “Face to Face in a River in Borneo,” was shot when Bojan was photographing orangutans in the Tanjung Puting National Park, a multiday project that meant living in a houseboat. While there, the photographer heard of an orangutan with some unusual behavior — crossing the river. Bojan decided to spend some time by the river to see if he could spot the swimming primate. After waiting a full day and a night, his patience was rewarded when a ranger spotted the primate further down the river.
Rather than risk scaring off the animal, Bojan hopped into the Sekoyner River at a spot about five feet deep. The river is also said to be home to some freshwater crocodiles, but Bojan just focused on the orangutan. The orangutan hid from the photographer behind a tree — and Bojan captured the winning shot when he peeked out from the side of the tree.
“Honestly, sometimes you just go blind when things like this happen,” he said. “You’re so caught up. You really don’t know what’s happening. You don’t feel the pain, you don’t feel the mosquito bites, you don’t feel the cold, because your mind is completely lost in what’s happening in front of you.”
For the winning shot, Bojan received $10,000 and publication in National Geographic’s magazine and Instagram.
The judges — Nat Geo senior photo editor of natural history Kathy Moran, Nat Geo photographer Anand Varma, and  photographer Michaela Skovranova — also selected category winners. For landscapes, Karim Iliya of Hawaii took first for her shot of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. A shot of an anemone won Jim Obester of Washington first for the underwater category. For aerial shots, Todd Kennedy won first for a shot of a rock pool in Sydney.
The entire gallery of images, including honorable mentions, is available at the National Geographic website. The contest runs annually (see the 2016 winners here), along witha travel photography contest.

Who's Afraid Of An Old Bearded Man?

A few years back I decided that it might be nice to play with other people for a while.  Or "cooperate" and work with other people involved in 'ghost hunting'.  I obviously tried the two local groups that I knew of and they seemed pleasant enough.

However, after more than a year I had still not been invited on any of their investigations and there had been a few.  So I began being more straight forward and asked whether there was a problem?

"Well, we were...a little concerned about why you wanted to join. You have a ...reputation".  

I asked what type of reputation and it seems that my name was known in ghost hunting circles as a sceptic and someone that stood no nonsense and did not accept claims without solid evidence. The other group responded that "Oh, we were concerned you were trying to expose us or something!"

I explained as politely as I could that no one person or group needed to be concerned about me if everything was above board and honest.   That seemed to ease things. Ten years later I am still waiting to be invited on an investigation by either group!  
(c)2017 T. Hooper-Scharf

Back when video cameras began to emerge, if you are old enough to remember the 1990s, ghost orbs were everywhere.  Either a single orb or a group of orbs appeared in photographs.  TV show presenters asked photographers and ‘experts’ whether they could explain these orbs –none could.  Well, I guess these were “paid to say what they are told” style ‘experts’ because I was telling everyone that orbs were dust and/or dirt particles and the way a digital camera worked was nothing like the old film-roll cameras.  Then came the “rods” and when digital video cameras started picking these up there were theories of every kind other than the obvious –“rods” were insects caught flying past and not inter-dimensional, alien or any “previously unknown creature.

That in 2017 cobwebs, hairs, dust and dirt particles, breath mist and insects are still being called paranormal takes a very special kind of stupid…or liar.  Let’s not go into camera straps getting in the way of lenses or thumbs!
(c) 2017 T. Hooper-Scharf

To prove the point I refreshed the cats litter tray with fullers earth and turned the light off and waited one minute and the took a photograph with the camera flash on. Then two minutes –photograph.  Five minutes and photograph again.  The results were very impressive even five minutes later.  Two years ago with a more modern digital camera I tried the experiment again and the results were very poor because the improvements in digital camera technology.

Digital recorders to “record EVPs” (Electronic Voice Phenomenon or ghost voices) are a con.  Those involved have to turn volume levels to full and even then the awful racket on the recordings themselves are what are being interpreted as ‘words’.  There is a very good why I used a tape Dictaphone and a digital one because the old style Dictaphones are far clearer.

It is the amount of information that digital cameras and Dictaphones record that create the ‘ghostly’ and those involved in the field know this –hence the pretend ‘scientific’ instruments they use.  Let’s not discuss the torch/flashlight responding to questions –read this post:

And when you tell me “We have two psychics on the team that give us lots of information” or “We have Sensitives in our group who pick up on things and communicate with spirits” I tend to back off.  I have no time for silliness and fakery and have seen –even on broadcast TV shows- two or three ‘psychics’ give conflicting information…presenters get very creative explaining this.  I do not dismiss “psychics” but have seen no evidence over the decade of genuine abilities (which means I’ll believe if you can prove it).

Leaping forward to around 2015, I contacted a very well known US investigator of UFOs and strange creatures about two sightings on his website.  I was told that I did not need to introduce myself as “Your name crops up in discussion groups and on websites” (wow. I am a celebrity!).  Things seemed to be going well as we exchanged emails and then I made the fatal error.

I had just re-read a Flying Saucer Review article from the 1970s about a “UFO-Bigfoot” incident.  Something didn’t seem to gel in the account about the main percipient.  Then I found the case report in detail in one of the investigator’s books and some of the odd events before and after the main incident  made it very clear that the percipient was experiencing altered states (I go into detail on what “altered states” are in High Strangeness/aka UFO Contact?)

So, very carefully as I did not want to seem rude or a debunker, I explained why I thought this was the case.  I have not heard from this investigator since. 

With another UFO case I knew what the explanation was and I had three sources that documented the case (none of these three sources –none had anything to do with UFOs- had the slightest inkling that the phenomenon involved had been called a UFO) and gave full details and explained the process of the phenomenon.  I sent these along.  The response?  Well, one less person to send a Christmas greeting to I suppose!

The problem is that this reputation of mine runs in cryptozoology, Ufology, ghost hunting and other circles.  But why is this a problem?  If a group or individual is honest and looking for facts and the truth then they have to be open to constructive suggestions or theories.  These are not “attacks” or “debunking attempts” but how Science does things: if I say that such-and-such was “This” and the investigator(s) look into this and can counter with evidence that dismisses “This” then we move on and ask what else it might be before declaring “it” a true Unknown.

The problem is that very few attempt to conduct their work using scientific principles. Having all sorts of pretend equipment or not knowing the pitfalls of the gear being used might look good in the local press when these people claim “We are very science based and carry out police style investigations” but it is not Science.  Using your pet psychic is not Scientific.

I have caught people out telling lies because they feel they will lose face if a case they have hailed in the local press or on TV turns out to be nothing.  The “Big Boys”, of course, are terrified of losing money as well as losing face as both are part of their entertainment “Biz”.

I really should never scare anyone who is genuine.  I am not here to say “Oh, you thought it was a ghost/UFO/strange creature you silly fool!” and then mock them in the press and media.  I made mistakes.  I made a lot of mistakes when I started out over four decades ago but I learnt and if I can pass that knowledge on to others then that is great.  No one should ever be scared of learning something new.

Even with wildlife and natural history I have learnt from experience and pass the knowledge along based on recorded observations that others can double or triple check to confirm 

There are no Sasquatch type creatures in the UK and there is no evidence for such in the UK.  There are non native cats and other species that are established here and for which there is abundant evidence: they are not “paracryptids” or “Zooforms” but solid, living, natural animals.  Ghosts –the dead returned?  Doubt it but then what are they –that is what we should be looking at.

UFOs –see my last book on that subject.

I am only interested in discovery new things and learning and no one needs to be afraid of me…unless they are lying or frauds.

What is this strange animal? Man captures unique creature

It is nice to know, reading this story from June,  that not everyone is a money-making scum-bag and I hope the raccoon lasted in the wild.

What is this strange animal? Man captures unique creature tearing up his grass

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man trapped an animal that was tearing up his grass, but it's nothing he's seen before.
"I don't know what it is. Some people say it's an albino raccoon, some said it's an albino fox. I don't know what it is. It's just an animal that I want to get rid of, and no one wants to come and get it," Calvin Lee said.

The captured animal compared to a photo of a baby albino raccoon. We think it's a match!
WREG investigated, and we believe it's a young albino raccoon.
Albino raccoons are not very common and struggle to survive in the wild because their light coats prevent them from camouflaging.
Now that that question's been answered, it still leaves the question of what to do with it.
"I called the police department, I called Apex. They said they'd come and set the traps, but they don't come an pick up trapped animals. So, I don't know what to do with it, so I called Channel 3 News. Maybe you guys will know what to do with it," Lee said with a laugh. "I don't want to put it down, I wouldn't turn it loose. I wanna call someone to come and get it. Maybe there's someone out there who wants it. I don't want it."
Apex Wildlife Control told WREG it did offer to take the animal and release it in its animal reserve in north Tennessee. However, Apex said Lee declined the offer because it would cost a small fee.
We asked the Memphis Zoo and the City of Memphis what Lee should do with the animal, but we didn't hear back Wednesday. By Thursday, Calvin's wife, Barbara, released it on a country road.

The Dog-Bear/Bear-Dog/What-is-it? of the Russian Woods

Another story that hit the internet seems, amongst certain circles, to be a mystery animal.  A cryptid. Again it is a case of ignoring the follow-up stories that are as easy to find as the first 'discovery' story. Mystery canids of large size in Japan are very likely also feral dogs.

Mysterious dog-like creature found wandering in Russian woods

A dog-like animal with a bear-like face was found wandering in Russian woods. The strange dog baffled people trying to figure out what type of breed it is.
Image Credits:Nash Dom animal shelter /VK

A mysterious dog-like creature was found wandering out of a forest in Russia and is currently confusing locals and others because nobody seems to know exactly what breed it is.
The furry, brown and dog-like creature seems to have a bear-like face.
The brown animal baffled locals ever since it was taken to an animal shelter in the city of Chelyabinsk in south-central Russia’s Cheliabinsk Oblast region. The creature is currently known as “Igor”.
According to numerous reports, the animal stands on four legs and has thick brown fur. Animal rights activists also admittedly said they have “never seen anything like it before.”
Veterinarians who examined the dog estimate the male canine to be around four-years-old.
Nash Dom animal shelter released photos of the animal on VK, Russia’s biggest social media platform, in hopes of finding the animal’s owner or breeder.
Some believe that the animal has chow chow ancestry. According to The Sun, vets said that although they are not sure, it is likely that the dog looks that way due to being a strange cross of a stray dog and chow chow. The animal’s blue tongue also indicated that it might have generated from a chow chow.
Shelter volunteer, Polina Kefer also believe this to be true.
She also told the Siberian Times that it’s like the pet markets accepting dogs from breeders who claim their animals are a purebred. Once the puppies mature into something like this dog, they’re discarded like a “broken toy.”
She also said that the animal isn’t approachable. He’s reportedly in serious stress and fights back when people try to interact with him.
Other volunteers also reportedly said that they’ve tried their best foods on him: “The dog is clearly so stressed that it might take weeks, if not months, to help him trust people again.”

The Mystery of the Siberian Mummified 'Monster'

I have to admit that seeing 'cryptozoologists' still claiming this is an unidentified creature and that a "wall of silence was thrown up" after it was reported in the news and nothing has appeared on the subject since is somewhat ludicrous and worthy of contempt.

Here is the original news story that appear in newspapers and online:

Mystery Of ‘Mummified Monster’ Found In Sub-Arctic Siberian Diamond Mine

Miners believe it may be a previously unknown type of dinosaur

 09/08/2016 12:08 BST 
The mummified remains of a mystery animal have been found in Siberia by diamond miners.
The creature was discovered in sands at Udachny, 1160 miles northwest of regional capital Yakutsk.
“The diamond miners who unearthed it believe the ‘monster mummy’ is a previously unknown kind of dinosaur,” reported The Siberian Times.
A diamond miner holding the mysterious find 
Scientists however, were reported the be “less certain” and want to study the animal which was found at one of Russia’s major diamond mines. 
Other theories suggest the mini-monster could be a wolverine -  a carnivorous mammal that resembles a small bear - or a sable or marten.
The mystery animal is due to be taken from Udachny - literally meaning ‘lucky’ - to Yakutsk for examination. 
Udachny is famous for its pipe diamond deposit, which has been mined since the 1960s 
The diamondiferous sands where it was unearthed date from the Mesozoic Era from about 252 to 66 million years ago.
The town is famous for the Udachnaya pipe diamond deposit, discovered in 1955, and mined since the 1960s. 
In 1974 a 1.7 kiloton atomic bomb was detonated 98 metres (322 ft) underground to create the basin for a tailings dam for the diamond mine. 
Today’s climate in the area is extreme sub-arctic. 
Average temperatures are from minus 43.6C (minus 46.5 F) to minus 35.2C (minus 31.4F) in January.
The mystery remains were found in Udachny, 1160 miles northwest of regional capital Yakutsk

And the follow-up that certain people are ignoring because it ruins their little story:

Identity of 'monster mummy' found by diamond miners is revealed 

By The Siberian Times reporter
23 August 2016
Experts give their macabre verdict on mummified remains after speculation a new type of dinosaur had been found. 
Diamondiferous sands where it was unearthed date from the Mesozoic Era from about 252 to 66 million years ago. Picture: YSIA
The remains of this strange creature-looking  were found in Mesozoic Era at one of Russia's leading diamond mines in the Sakha Republic. Scientists were initially puzzled about the animal, apparently well preserved thanks to the climate in Siberia's coldest region.
But leading paleontologist, Semyon Grigoryev, director of the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, was in no doubt.
'It is a skinned sable, a modern one,' he said. 
Strange creature in Udachny
Scientists were initially puzzled about the animal, apparently well preserved thanks to the climate in Siberia's coldest region. Picture: YSIA
A scientist at the Institute of Permafrost Studies said: 'We think it was a sable. Yet we cannot say the age of this mummy, because a special study would be needed.'
This was also the verdict of hunters, who suggest it was a sable that was killed and skinned, with the body being buried in the sand. 
'The animal was killed a few years ago, the hunter skinned it and left the body, maybe even dug it into the sand. It mummified, probably because of the freezing winters,' TV channel  Almazny Kray were told by specialists. 
Yakutian sable
This was also the verdict of hunters, who suggest it was a sable that was killed and skinned. Picture: Alexander Krivoshapkin
The diamond miners who found it believed it could be an ancient dinosaur of a species never seen before. The mystery animal was found near Udachny - literally meaning 'lucky'. 
Diamondiferous sands where it was unearthed date from the Mesozoic Era from about 252 to 66 million years ago.
The town is famous for the Udachnaya pipe diamond deposit, discovered in 1955, and mined since the 1960s. 

Always search or go to the source and find out the truth!