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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mystery Beast At The Waterhole

A repost from 2011.

A few days ago I forwarded a url link to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman (a link to his Cryptomundo blog is over on the blog list).  I thought that Loren might find it of interest and wish to share it with others.

However, I have not heard back yet and I've been holding on to this since July, 2010 so want to "get it out there".

I was looking at the usage of trail-cams and how good they were for one of my own projects. I came across the web site Buckshot Survival by accident and scanned over the photographs before moving onto another page.  It was then that I said out loud "What the-?"  I clicked back to the page and saw that fourth photo.

Here is that blog entry:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 

Water Tank Pictures in Texas


I receved this in an email sorry I don't know who took the pictures to give them proper credit.

Take a look at what shows up at a South Texas stock water tank in dry weather. For those of you that have never hunted in South Texas , sometimes we post motion detector cameras at our feeders/tanks to see what is going on.

Check out this sequence at a water tank. Watch till the end.

Cool Mt. Lion picture.

Great looking Bobcat.

And then...

Just so you can see the image larger...
It's a Coati (Nasua narica)

Coati occupy habitats ranging from hot/arrid  areas , grasslands and bush areas to the humid South American rainforests and  even the cold slopes of the Andean Mountains.  The geographical range of the Coati extends from the South Western United States -southern Arizona, Texas and New Mexico and through northern Argentina.

So, no big surprise but it does show the variety of wildlife that can be filmed using trail/game-cams.  And if you want a better image of Nasua narica:

Interestingly, the water tank individual appears not to have a tail in view -someone pointed out to me that the ears are not very pronounced, one thought they were missing.  I think this is just due to angle. It just goes to show how knowledgable some hunters aren't on local wildlife -but then, they are only interested in shooting it.

I am aware, from my years as a police forces wildlife consultant and running the Exotic Animals Register (EAR) that there are/were 10-12 coati that formed a colony in Cumbria, UK. That came as news to me from Police and wildlife rangers.

Get a trail-cam --you never know what you'll film!

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