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Saturday, 28 January 2012

DNA Evidence Of Sasquatch Or....?

I have to admit that on hearing the following I was cheerfully expectant.  However, things seem to have gotten more confused and I have to wonder if something fishy is going on.  The 24/7 Bigfoot Evidence site published the following:

This just in from Bigfoot Forums. There's so much to go through, but we're going to post it all here first and we'll dissect everything later.

The following entry is from the U.S. Copyright Office website. It's a copyright application submitted by Melba Stinnett Ketchum for a film titled "Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed."

The scheduled released date is February 15, 2012.

    Type of Work Preregistered: Motion Picture

    Literary Work in Book Form

    Advertising or Marketing Photograph

    Preregistration Number / Date: PRE000003852 / 2010-09-16

    Application Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

    Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

    Copyright Claimant: Melba Stinnett Ketchum. Address: P O Box 455, Timpson, TX, 75975, United States.

    Creation of Work Began: 2008-04-07 (Approximate)
    Date of Anticipated Completion: 2011-06-22 (Approximate)
    Projected Date of Publication: 2012-02-15 (Approximate)
    Authorship on Application: Melba Stinnett Ketchum.

    Description of Work: A film and/or documentary, narration or audio book, supporting photos and literary paper/document/book that will follow the The Sasquatch Project, the scientist and the scientific testing and proof for the existence of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot. Information will include discussion of results including A New Tribe of Living Humans, the complete Sasquatch mitochondrial genome sequence and nuclear DNA variations and text will show complete mitochondrial (mt) genome sequences were identified from DNA, analysis of the assembled sequence unequivocally establishes that the Sasquatch mtDNA falls inside the range of modern human mtDNAs and discussions of the origins thereof. The proof that the Sasquatch is not only the closest living human relative but is actually a contemporary living human. Also discussed is nuclear DNA testing performed on the same samples and the variations found in various genes including MC1R gene RUNX2 and FOXP2 as well as other targets genes involved in the perception of sound, transmission of nerve signals, the production of sperm and the lactase gene. Also discussed is how testing has ruled out ape cross and any ancient contributor and that Sasquatch is indeed a modern human with some genetic mutations accounting for their physical appearance. Also included are discussion of the history of samples and circumstances surrounding the acquisition, their testing, the circumstances surrounding the entire Sasquatch DNA Project. Documentary stars Melba Ketchum, et al

    Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
    Names: Ketchum, Melba Stinnett

Breaking: Dr. Melba Ketchum Makes A Statement Regarding The Proposed Media Project [The Ketchum Project] 


This statement was just posted on Dr. Melba Ketchum's Facebook page. If you haven't "friended" her yet, we suggest that you become her best friend, otherwise, you can always come back here for the latest updates regarding what is possibly the greatest biological discovery of our time. It's either that, or she's just pulling our legs.

From Melba Ketchum via Facebook, Posted 7:42 PST

Update: Dr. Melba Ketchum Makes A Statement Regarding The Proposed Media Project

"To address the recent hype and misstatements concerning my paper, please be advised that the information pulled off the US Copyright website for a 2010 preregistration for a proposed media project is not an accurate summary of our scientific testing and data and does not reflect the current conclusions of our scientific paper. The contemplated media project was never produced and no update was ever made to the short description on the preregistration statement. Instead of working on proposed media projects, we have been focusing our time and energy on our ongoing scientific testing and data which will be accurately summarized in the final version of our scientific paper. The final paper presenting our data, analysis and updated conclusions will be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal but we do not have a publication date at this time."

- Dr. Melba Ketchum 

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