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Friday, 20 January 2012

Puma Tracks UK

Some very interesting news last night. Around 21.00 hrs I was trying to relax and watch a movie while reading when the phone rang.  It was a woman (DD) I had been in contact with before about possible puma sightings in the area she lived in (let's say "the North").  There have been good sightings and descriptions over the years but activity seems to have picked up.

The area has rabbits and deer and there has been some chicken house raiding going on.

While out walking, DD and her husband spotted deer tracks in the soft ground but also some quite large, non-canid tracks.  Displaying good common sense, the couple photographed the tracks before attempting to cast them with plaster.

One plaster cast didn't look too good but did show it was not a dog.  However, the second cast is so clear I had no problem declaring it to be puma.  However, I am currently awaiting a reply from a professional tracker whose opinion I want because that opinion would hold far more water than a statement by some over-bearded old naturalist in the UK (though I have identified numerous tracks for UK police forces).

So, stay tuned....

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