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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Marble Mountain Bigfoot Footage...A Person!

If there was ever a better example of a video showing imaginations gone wild I cannot think of it. Some campers find a makeshift lean-to that is about man-size -nothing that would really cover a full-sized sasquatch. They find a 'fire-pit" where there has been no fire...???

So then someone points out a figure on the hilly horizon.  Here things get so over the top it's unbelievable. Even on the zoomed-in image you can see thyat this is a regular person with a rucksack low on the back but not to those who, without the zoom camera, see that "his" arms reach down past his knees. They do not.  Then we get:

"he's screaming at us!"  "He's jumping up and down...he is furious!"

 Some kid then suggests they "bag him. Tranq him"?? 

This looks exactly the same as the 2008 Russian 'bigfoot' footage -a person walking along.  You can see the over exaggerated claims for it being genuine here (please do not laugh too loudly):

According to the description on You Tube re. the Marble Mountain footage:

This Video footage of Bigfoot was taken in June, 2001 By Jim Mills the leader of the youth group "Campus Life" on the annual Marble Mountains backpacking trip. This is the longest know video of bigfoot ever recorded. In no way was this faked or some kind of hoax

The video:

To see comments on the internet such as:

“This is the longest Bigfoot video footage on record”

Is incredible. It is a regular person walking along –NO JUMPING UP AND DOWN or SHAKING A FIST at the observers who must have been tiny to the person involved from his/her distance away.

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