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Sunday, 13 October 2013


According to Steve Busti over at the Museum Of The Weird this photograph may be evidence of a child ghost.

The story is as follows:

The photo snapped by Ms. Sicuro's son that shows the ghostly girl.
The photo snapped by Ms. Sicuro’s son that shows the ghostly girl.

Why do all ghost kids look so creepy?  Couldn’t they ever be playing, laughing or smiling?

RAVENNA, Ohio – A local ghost story is getting new attention.

Lu Ann Sicuro has lived in her Ravenna home for 20 years. She says she’s experienced some strange and frightening paranormal activity.
She hears voices, noises in the closets and door knobs jiggling.
She claims the proof is in a photo taken by her son a few years ago. It shows a little girl’s image in the window.
Lu Ann said what was captured on camera is quite disturbing and very bizarre.
“I feel that this image is a very good photo of something paranormal caught on camera,” she said
Lu Ann thinks the girl is roaming her halls at night.
“A very disturbing photo. It appears to be an image of a child. I believe the image in the photograph shows what is in our home,” she said. “I’ve heard giggling, I’ve heard little footsteps.”
Two teams of paranormal investigators checked out the house and have confirmed a presence.

Now, if you've read any of my books you'll know that I don't really go much on ghosts, despite personal experiences. I do not dismiss them out of hand -in fact, the tv series Ghost Adventures has come up with some fascinating evidence that I think science should look into. But let's not get off topic here.

For an interesting piece of matrixing look at this panel to the right (our left) of the ghost child we see the face of an old hag/witch. I really am surprised no one else has noticed it as it caught my eye before the ghost child!

Can't see it? Okay, darken the image and...

Scary, heh?

Now let's look at that ghost kid. Turquoise top and are we seeing a name tag on the breast of the top? It could be an object in front out of focus which raises more questions. But enlarge it more and it does LOOK like writing.

Is that a candle? An old trick to try to warp faces to make them look "ghostly" was to have a candle or heat source that set up warm air between camera and 'ghost' -or between camera-window-ghost in this case?

But this is what I see as a bit of a that reflection on the neck area from the candle/light or flash of the camera? Or it that a torch used to light up the face?

To me it smacks of a hoax. It is possible that there is "ghostly activity" in the house but I'd like to hear far more and find out what evidence there is.

But for me this is just one more non-ghost photo.


I have been contacted by the lady who's son took this photograph and she assures me that it is genuine. The photograph was also investigated by Jeff Danelek on his Our Curious World website.

His analysis can be found here: 

It is only fair that I include this because it also contradicts certain information sent to me with a link to the story. In all cases the Reader has to decide so these are the facts given.

I would like to thank the lady in question (name with-held) for pointing this out to me.

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