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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Up-date of Strange & Weird -A Naturalists Viewpoint

I have spent most of the day up-dating my book Strange & Weird -A Naturalists Viewpoint, to look at and respond to the Sykes DNA testing issue.

It is very poor science since all it has proven so far is that there might/possibly could be a hybrid bear in the Himalayas but who knows?  And that some hair samples with very poor provenance have proven they are not from a Sasquatch.

That the programme makers -even Sykes- had already concluded they were dealing with myths was not a good sign.

As I have allready written, decades of research by zoologists and others -such as Jeff Meldrum's work on footprint casts- was not even dismissed. It just was not even considered because the Great God DNA had decided some dubious (at best) hair samples were NOT from Yeti or Sasquatch.  Which is like having four blonde human hairs for DNA testing and concluding their is no such thing as a red haired, black, grey or brown haired person.

I am awaiting the Almasty programme but so far, with no major Bigfoot research community fight-back with evidence and facts, the uninformed public now believes that only sad little loonies see or believe in yeti/bigfoot BECAUSE DNA has proven they don't exist. Even the case for the yeti being a bear is flawed because it only proves the hairs are from a bear.

So let's see what this coming Sunday has to offer.

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