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Friday, 22 November 2013

A Request....

It occurs to me that amongst the many people who visit this blog (I am quite surprised at how many but THANK YOU!) there must be people with a reason to do so.

People who believe they may have had a ghostly encounter, suffered poltergeist activity or even believe that they have seen a UFO or some type of unknown creature.

I am sure that, at times, I may appear to be someone who wishes to debunk as much of the unknown as possible. That opinion might be from not having read one of my books -but let's leave the book-plugging out of this.  I have allways looked at things this way: if it is explainable then offer that explanation.  Because only by ending up with cases that cannot be explained will you have the true data to study. 

For forty years I have applied this to accounts of creatures, ghosts and much more. I never ever jump about saying "Proof positive! This is it -this is evidence!"  I do not work that way and I certainly do not want to become one of those sad people who insist that even a bump in a wood constructed house after a hot day is proof of ghosts.

I make my data available.  I explain things to those observers whose accounts I have looked into. In 40 I have never ever broken a confidence or identified a witness unless they have asked me to do so in writing. This sort of thing was obligatory when working with UK and German police forces and most definitely HAD to be followed as a "never ever break" rule with the AOP Bureau because of those we worked with.

So, bearing that in mind, I wanted to ask those coming to this blog if they have ever had a genuine sighting or experience -managed to take photos or tape (and I've had 40 years examining these so fake/hoax spotting is very easy) to please get in touch. No one will have any of your personal information other than me -that includes other investigators- confidentiality is guaranteed.  I will NOT accept anything sent anonymously. That will be immediately deleted.

You can get in touch with me at: 

So, please, get in touch.

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