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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bigfoot Files: Almasty
The final programme and in the series and I have to say that the results of the DNA tests/theory were interesting as I've written about this sort of thing in the past -I am NOT giving the conclusions as I think people should wait to watch it themselves.

It was interesting that when Bourtsev questioned "the results" -in fact it was clear that his concern was that there might have been a mix-up in the samples he had sent- he didn't get much time. In fact, to have such a distinguished group of hominologists gathered together and suggest they were almost silent in shame at the results was very wrong.

Again, this was a travelogue but if anyone ever saw the amount of field work/papers and the material they contain on almasty habits/habitats and so on they might ask WHY everything seemed dismissed because the DNA tests were negative?

It is because this series was intended to refute the possibility of there being any mystery primate anywhere and because of the rather dubious provenance of the samples the results fitted perfectly.

Overall, this series has been a disappointment (the yeti/bear results were interesting) as we saw very little of Sykes and the series was built on his work and reputation.

People -including journalists I've spoken to on other matters- are already declaring that it has been proven the yeti and Bigfoot are myths coming from the minds of nutcases and fools. Tonight add the Almasty to the list of creatures 'proven' not to exist.

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