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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

REAL ALIENS (Part 1)...OR Maybe Not...

I think that this video demonstrates exactly what I was writing about last week in my post about Sasquatch, UFOs and ghost hunters.  Society in general and in the main people who really do have rice pudding for brains and will seriously -seriously- accept these really bad computer-effect aliens because they have been fed movies, TV shows, documentaries sci fi books and comics for so many decades that they cannot accept no one has recorded a real live alien in a street somewhere. 

Seriously, if they believe all they read -I take it they DO read?- then Budd Hopkins, John Mack and David M Jacobs and even C. D. B. Bryan have actuallt explained WHY people are not catching aliens on video or phonecams. 

And, yes, I DO still watch all this stuff and study new photographs because one day there just might be a genuine piece of footage or photo.  Budd and David both told me that if that ever happened it could be explosive -if people didn't dismiss it as another You Tube fake!  

So I suffer the eye-strain!

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