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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Breakdown - Security Camera Shows Bigfoot Drinking Water

I deserve this for not double-checking!  My text from the post vanished...hmm -a new mysterious phenomenon??

 Seriously, though, I think it good that these videos are analysed in this way, however, the very first time I saw it I laughed very loudly.  Forget when that type of plastic chair was manufactured.  Forget how much surveillance systems and video recorders cost at that time. 

LOOK at the, uh, figure.  I thought it was a joke video until I realised that the very baggy man-monkey costume was being put forward as a genuine Sasquatch.

In a way it reminds me of Prof. R. V. Jones of British Scientific Intelligence who, at the height of the 1947/48 "Ghost Rocket" wave, received a copy of an analysis report on a piece of a "Ghost Rocket" -material was unknown but, Jones had examined the fragment.  "Have you taken a close look at it?" he asked.  The techs had not.  They did so. 

"Oh" was a simple reply because they were analysing a lump of coke. In this case not petroleum coke but coke a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content and usually made from coal. It is the solid carbonaceous material which is derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal. Cokes made from coal are grey, hard, and porous.

In this video the question is: "Did you look at the man in the baggy monkey-suit?"

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