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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Patterson / Gimlin: The final word -No. It Is NOT

Some people here need to READ.  Comments from two months ago show total
ignorance of any facts and I am speaking as a naturalist and former
skeptic.  You need to get a copy of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science by
Jeff Meldrum -it's a few years old now so no excuse not to read it
unless you do not want facts. There is also the Monsterquest special
with the same title.

Also, every hoax claim has fallen flat. Look at
the enhanced clips of the footage including ruptured leg muscle when it
moves. THAT was impossible to fake in 1967 and why would a hoaxer add a
touch that no one at the time would ever see and which he probably never
knew would be seen.

I go by evidence and I speak from the evidence -of
people who are scientifically recognised experts in their fields
-anthropology, biology -people who have studied primates and
particularly great apes who find so much consistency in evidence and
most of it unknown to the general public.  I used to mock the subject
for years until I took a look at the evidence.  If it is the mere fact
that these creatures exist that scares you then do not watch items about
them or books.

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