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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

REAL BIGFOOT :: Shooting Bigfoot. Or, WHY Face Book Finding Bigfoot Closed

Okay. I do NOT want to turn this into a plain Sasquatch site but I was asked whether I knew why Face Book Finding Bigfoot is no longer active and what the statement on the page about a Bigfoot shooting was about?

Right, this footage is what the people of that page FBFB staked their reputations on.  They did not look at all the physiological differences between Sasquatch and the man in the costume here.  Height, arms, head/face, legs and other basics such as this not being the type of cheap costume Bigfoot wears. :-)

If I were FBFB then, yes, I'd close my page, too out of sheer and utter embarrassment. I have no idea why they would scream "Authentic!" after watching this -from someone known to hoax?

So, that is why.                      

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