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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

This Is Pure Fakery -Video #2: Todd Standing Bigfoot video as seen in 2nd Survivorman Bigfoot...

This clip demonstrates what I am talking about.  Shaky camera -odd since the 'Sasquatch' is enough at ease to just stand there- on a stationary object.  You get t what looks like it might be interesting and then...about 1 min 20 secs in -totally fake blink.

It's almost like a knowing wink -"You've been had suckers!"

But it is so unrealistic.  There are comments that it is "clearly cgi" -seriously?  Has the modern mentality of the You Tube generation become that much fixated on fakery that the only thing they believe can be used to perpetrate a video hoax is cgi??


It's not something that has been digitally altered.  TV shows used puppets that were controlled by someone's hand -the 'fur' could be covering someone whose hand is in the head -you can even buy childrens dolls that blink this way.

Get complicated.  A small air-pump to operate the "blink".  All electrical manipulated and still switch operated. It is the very basic of effects. 

Look at that blink.  That is NOT how it works.  Look in a mirror or even film yourself and others winking. You would see other facial movement.  Watch a gorilla or chimp closing an eye.

This is just outright a ludicrous hoax.

It is why I keep asking WHY Jeff Meldrum is involved in this?  He knows enough about physiology to spot this and not need a second look.

Other clips have left me equally unimpressed -including the "Muppet Bigfoot".  How many years has Standing been promoting this work and the film?   Who is seeing it?  I've looked for online reviews and not found one -if YOU have please let me know.

I would love there to be genuine footage but will I still be hearing about Standing needing to raise even more money and the "up-coming release" of his film in 2020??

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