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Sunday, 4 January 2015

I Believe That Ghost Adventures Has "Lost It"

Now, Nick Groff has split off -amicably apparently- from Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin to produce his own TV series Ghost Stalkers .  There has even been news items and snippets on Groff's Face Book about his leading ghost to Bobby Mackeys.

This made me sit up.  Okay, unlike other series in which we had three me with a camera and tape recorder each -meaning that "real time playback" ruled out hoaxing- the later series turned into three guys totally going over the top on demonic possession and demon attacks and noting all the demonic signs such as "666". 

I previously posted an item that featured Andy Hamilton's documentary "Search For Satan" in which it was explained that Satan/"the Fallen Angel" and a lot of other things did not appear in the original versions of the Bible -they were all much later, Christian era additions.  Around 2005, a fragment from Papyrus 115, taken from the Oxyrhynchus site, was discovered at the Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum. It gave the beast's number as 616 χις. This fragment is the oldest manuscript of Revelation 13 to date at about 1,700 years old .

So all these "signs" and demons using terms like "Hell" are odd.  

But the team believed that Bobby Mackeys was (another!) "gateway to Hell" -is it a franchise thing then? But -and this is important- Nick Groff swore never ever to go to Mackeys again after the evil that attached itself to him there.  Now he's going to guide a tour there?

Having seen both Bagans and Groff be so incredibly and  obviously duped by a 'psychic' in the last series and even "a guy standing nearby as we started filming who said he'd seen something" --which VERY conveniently backed up what the 'psychic' told them.  We also saw Bagans stir up alleged activity at homes of desperate people and then...go home.

That last series as well as the Transylvanian and Ireland specials dug the crew into a grave of their own making.  And the various guests who kept popping up added more scope for fakery NOT of their making. Now every ghost hunting show on TV or You Tube features demons and the usual inaccurate Satan data.

It has even made me doubt some of the things I thought were quite convincing in early series.

Then Bagans purchased a very haunted home.  Guess what? It contained ANOTHER "gateway to Hell"!!! 

Zak Bagans stops production of demon house documentary due to unsafe conditions

Zak Bagans says the house is unsafe for crew
Zak Bagans says the house is unsafe for crew
Photo courtesy of the Zak Bagans
"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans recently halted the production of a documentary film that will feature an alleged haunted house that he purchased earlier this year. According to a post on his Twitter page yesterday, Bagans said the house became unsafe for his crew and he had to call a priest to come exorcise the house.

The small house on Carolina Street, in Gary, Indiana has over 800 pages of official police reports of odd occurrences that have been said to have happened there. A police captain with the Gary Police Department says he believes that the home is haunted. According to the police captain and various psychics, the house is infested with hundreds of ghosts and demons.

In a recent photo of the house, a strange figure can be seen peering out of one of the porch windows of the home. City officials claim that there were no inhabitants living in the home when the picture was taken.

One family that lived in the home fled due to the supernatural events. The Ammons, who lived in the home claimed to have experienced their children levitating, strange footsteps, odd behavior from animals and insects. A family case manager and a family nurse even witnessed one of the children walking backward up a wall.

"This may well be one of the most well-documented cases of demonic possession ever," Bagans said to Robin Leach in an interview about the house.

Psychics came and informed the Ammons that the house was infested with over 200 ghosts and demons. According to the seers, the demons were attempting to possess the family's children. The home has been labeled "a portal to Hell."

"If it's true that this home is a portal to Hell, then I want to go there and see what happens," Bagans said in an interview with TMZ.

Bagans convinced another family that lived in the house in the 80s to come back to the home to appear in his new documentary. As soon as filming commenced demonic activity started to stir up within the house. The former home owner claimed that she was kicked and her daughter began speaking in tongues and threatened to attack the crew. Bagans took the possessed girl to a Catholic priest for an exorcism to rid the evil spirits.

"One of my production crew quit on the spot when we heard what the girl was doing when she was possessed. It was then I made the decision that the home was unsafe and called the priest to exorcise the house. The exorcism was unsuccessful, and things continued. For the safety of crew we halted production, and it’s been months since then. We plan to resume in December," Bagans told TMZ last week.

Bagans purchased the house on January 29 and paid only $35,000 for the home. He started production for "The Demon House" back in April but had to temporarily shut down production in the summer due to unsafe conditions. Production will resume in December.

Yes, ham it up for the photographer, Zak.  This is the other problem -suddenly with the last series we heard and saw all the additional TV crew.   And when has an exorcism EVER rid a house of ghosts or demons -read the literature: whatever it is moves about or gets even more active.  And a lot of these American exorcists seem far more bent on publicity.  "You say your coffee was cold after an hour? That is a true sign of demonic possession!" (I made that last bit up).

Outright fakery did not take long to appear on the UKs Most Haunted TV series -in fact it seemed fore-planned and proven beyond a doubt hence it admitted in court to being a fake entertainment programme.  Ghost Hunters has been caught out so many times but they still continue.  I really liked the Groff, Bagans and Goodwin crew when they started but I think over the top entertaining and even hysteria -if you watch the series you'll know what I mean- has taken over. 

I seriously doubt I'll watch the next Ghost Adventures series.

For me it was died.

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