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Thursday, 26 February 2015

And, Yes, Ghost Adventures DID Lie To Viewers
 "Three is a sign of the trinity" -it also denotes how many liars make up Ghost Adventures "A" crew

Watching the Return To Tombstone episode (Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 11 - Return to Tombstone) while working on something I was shocked to hear Zak Bagans say that, until he was JUST told by someone, he had no idea an incident had been film in the first visit.


"The incident was while our "B" crew were filming"....

Interview after interview (until we saw and heard there was film and crew support which we were led to believe was a new thing) I've seen Bagans as spokeman for the trio (before Groff left) state: "It's just us three guys with three cameras and three digital recorders" so no chance of noise contamination or hoaxing.  He was saying this even after the first Tombstone programme where we now know there was another crew and Bagans did not even hear or view the footage (?!) of the incident in question.

In the new episode one of the women being filmed has her hair "lifted straight up" which stuns the crew -the "A" crew.  Looking at it once, twice, three times and even a fourth time does not alter what I initially thought -which is why I was looking at the other woman and asking "What? Where?"  The woman in question moves her body and head and there is even a hint of arm shadow as she brushes back her hair.

That was either deliberately faked or done accidentally and.....well, you figure it out.

Most Haunted a proven beyond doubt faked/hoax programme.  Ghost Hunters -the same. Ghost Adventures I thought had credibility and I supported them.  Yes, it seems I was taken in.  Even their best footage is now, as far as I am concerned, VERY dubious.

At least that's one less programme to waste my time.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


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