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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Indian Power Station Haunted!

Power station workers are used to dealing with electric shocks, but evil spirits present a shock they are hardly equipped to deal with. After local tantriks failed to exorcise ghosts that allegedly inhabit a Rajasthan power station and the search for a true master of tantra proved fruitless, the affected employees have approached the police.

In their complaint, employees of the Sheo grid sub-station on the Barmer-Jaisalmer highway have alleged that their workplace has been haunted by a group of evil spirits over the past 10 nights and they have been forced to work in an environment of acute fear.

The evil spirits allegedly jump on rooftops, throw stones at employees and stop them from attending to electrical faults. In one case when an employee climbed atop an electricity pole to fix some wires, he felt a ghost was already there working on the problem. The employees have linked this paranormal presence to the death of a worker on duty at the spot some years back.

Some suspect the ghost stories could be a ploy to mask the theft of government equipment but no missing articles have been reported so far.

Barmer zone’s chief engineer Premjit Dhobi confirms “evil disturbance” at the station and says only the police might be able to help.“We have received complaints from employees and have sought police protection. We are not aware who all could be behind these problems,” he said. One employee is said to have proceeded on indefinite leave out of fear.
Among the allegations against the ghosts is that they load cables, poles and other power equipment on to trucks. But the employees say they only hear sounds of such activity; when they step out to check, no trucks are found.

Sheo police station SHO Dhanna Puri Goswami says police teams have visited the spot twice -- for the entire night on one occasion but nothing unusual was detected. “We haven’t been able to verify these claims, even when our men were there through the night,” he said.  

Budget, power: India will have to look into efficient power distribution. A recent study by Centre for Science and Environment reveals that the country's coal-based power plants are some of the most inefficient in the world. (Reuters Photo) © Provided by Hindustan Times India

Goswami said it could be a mischief by some elements who wanted to scare the staff away at night so that material could be lifted from the station.

Not satisfied with the police explanation, one of the employees, requesting not to be named, said the search for a master of tantra was still on. “Tantriks called by us have confirmed heavy presence of evil spirits here. But they expressed inability to carry out exorcism of such magnitude, saying only a master could accomplish that feat,” he said.

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