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Friday, 14 August 2015

Facebook are trying to remove it -The UFO Photo That...well...

There is an image being shared on Face Book along with this message:

Mark OConnell
"This photo was taken in Australia, get it out there as Facebook are trying to remove it."

Do I need to point out that this is a reflection of a light fitting?  Look to the left of the lightning strike and you'll see another indoor refection.  Also, it's like being poked in the eye -the position of the 'UFO' and the boat below, no water surface reflection, the fact that the said 'UFO' is MUCH closer to the camera.

It's like going back 40 years to "UFO Photo 101"!

Also "Facebook are trying to remove it" is  a sheer and utter nonsense.  Anyone who has used FB knows they WANT to delete something they DO with one click of a button.

I'm hoping that this was intended as a lame joke because if FB is now going to be inundated with fake images/video like You Tube -I'm out!!

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