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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

UFO fans believe the glowing spaceman could be part of a NASA plot

I assume these "UFO fans" are either living in their parents basement, unemployed or have mental health issues.

Seriously, wonder WHY no one takes UFO cases or creature reports seriously?  And TV follows this on with Swamp Monsters, Mountain Monsters and fifty other shades of cryptozoological, Ufological and paranormal faked crap.

You do a 'great' job Rob Waugh.

Here, read:

Witnesses See ‘The Antichrist’ Hovering Over Los Angeles

UFO fans believe the glowing spaceman could be part of a NASA plot

The Dark One? (Picture: YouTube)The Dark One? (Picture: YouTube)

Could NASA have harnessed the power of the Antichrist and released him over Los Angeles this week?

That’s the rather far-out conclusion of one UFO fan, after seeing a strange flying humanoid over LA last week.

Many of us might conclude that this was a Michelin-man-style inflatable – but no, some UFO fans it’s more likely to be the Antichrist, or perhaps a shape-shifting alien.

One UFO fan said that the apparition, filmed hovering over LA by three UFO fans, recalled Project Blue Beam – a conspiracy theory where NASA uses the antichrist to start a new religion.

Others suggest that it could be a hologram, or, more boringly, a balloon.

YourNewsWire said, ‘The sight was captured by not one, but three different cameras as a part of a UFO research group’s meet-up.

‘While YourNewsWire cannot verify the authenticity of the video, the fact that it was shot by multiple people, from different angles, and on different cameras certainly makes it worth watching.’

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