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Friday, 25 September 2015

Man struck by lightning twice -Or WAS He?

Someone sent me this video and said it was "amazing!"  As soon as the video started I was thinking "something is off here" and the fact that I don't see wet pavements was one thing.  When the man gets struck by 'lightning' that did it for me.

I just said "fake" out loud!

You see, in both 'strikes' the lightning looked the same and if you have ever seen or been in a storm you will know what I mean by the lighting being very "off" -I mean the shadows of the vehicles and trees.

So I thought to myself that someone on the internet must -must- have taken a look at this video.  And it took a while (yes, I know, I should have checked You Tube straight away) but, yes, I found a video by sddtraining which picked up on the main points.

Quite seriously, it is okay for a little fun but adding "just for fun" but You Tube should be re-named "You Hoaxer" and one day genuine UFO or Bigfoot or even unknown sea creature footage is going to be uploaded and totally ignored.

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