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Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Greys Are Here...Squirrels I Mean -though this is about a black squirrel!

You see, my peripheral vision has been honed over the years to pick up any odd movement -light in the sky, movement in bushes (don't ask) and so on.

So, I stood by the bus stop across the road enjoying the sun when I caught something black. It took less than a second to go from littler to it being organic and...a black squirrel.  Went into the garden after crossing the road about 100m/100 yds away.

It explains what has been munching on the apples in my garden other than the foxes or hedgehogs. With a huge crop of acorns on the oak tree it ought to be fun seeing which gets there first -the jay or the squirrel!

If only I had a good camera.

Incidentally, you can get melanistic (black) red or grey squirrels and as we have greys locally (no, not the aliens) I think it safe to identify this one as a melanistic grey squirrel.

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