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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Memories Are Made Of These....even bad ones!!

Oh, how the years fly!   I was going through the Hooper Report: Final Report of Project Grey Book, which has been edited to the extent that it can be published as an historical document looking at the AOP Bureau work and solution to UFOs.

Yes, if I ever get round to typing the near 500+ pages (cut down from 1,900+ pages) people will see what Ufologists in this country were offered a view of back in 1983 (three years after the Report was written) but flatly refused to even see a copy of -and I do still have the written responses from BUFORA and "leading Ufologists"!

But I came across a forgotten photograph in the Report.  It is one of a young, bearded man standing near to one of RAF Manston's radar units in 1979 at a time of high activity.

Sadly, the "AOP B" badge on the left sleeve cannot really be seen -no digital photos in those days.

Ahhh. To still have that hair!

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