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Monday, 23 November 2015

A Previously Uncategorised Entity Type and A Unique UK Case -but that's for 2016!

Thanks to Luis Gonzalez in Spain I have managed to up-date the Spanish section of the AE CE IIIK data base and, as I am an idiot, I have ordered so quite old books that may contain references to possible UK cases prior to 1950.

I do not really have the room for all the books and I've even been going through the 20-40 years old folder files to try to sort things out and that may entail box files.

But I do love reading books and the only books I buy tend to be for reference or research which, to me, is pleasure rather than a chore.  After all, it has taken me 35-40 years to finally close some cases (the longest was the file I opened in 1977 and only closed (finally) in 2012).

And, yes, I have realised that such long term projects are things of the past as in 40 years I'd be 98!

The number of cases to be listed by Date, Time, Location and Possible Explannation (if any) from my own data base, I believe, will run to 2-3,000.   However, before that, the actual report summaries need to be up-dated and replaced because even in plastic wallets inserted into arch files, you can imagine that 40 years sees a lot of wear and tear!

One thing I have discovered, quite by accident, going through UK reports from 1900-1990 as well as non-UK cases, is a type of entity that appears to have slipped past researchers.  Initially I thought "Two cases -coincidence" but a third...a fourth and then a fifth?  So in 2016 I'll present those cases in my book.

There is also another case, from 1978, in Devon, that has a very High Strangeness rating but, sadly, we will probably never get more details than those I will present in the book.  Reading through the notes and then file last night really brought home how unique this case is but the local investigators simply messed everything up to a point that I recall telling the head of the group what I thought of their actions.

But this is all for next year.  For now, I'm off to check on more reference sources.

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