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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bigfoot Photographed In Sussex Countryside

I have said it over and over again: there is no Bigfoot-like creature in the UK countryside. We are looking at reports from hoaxers and the "cryptozoological" (less than honest) fringe.

In this case the figure bears none of the physiological traits reported in Sasquatch reports from Canada and the United States.  Everything marks this out as a regular person and the all black gear and what seems to be a grey face-mask is indicative of either (a) someone perpetrating a hoax, or, more worryingly, (b) a person stalking the forest with unknown intentions.  He/she is carrying nothing to indicate a poacher.

Someone living rough in the forest?  Quite a few of those and not all bad as people but there are some "crazies" out there.

Here is the account from the Mirror online.

Is this proof Bigfoot exists? Dog walker claims to have spotted mystery beast in Sussex countryside

"Caroline Toms, 34, was walking border collie Ash when she says the huge ape-like beast ran across her path leaving her dog running off terrified

SWNS Mystery surrounds this grainy image which appears to show a large shadowy figure reminiscent of Bigfoot lurking in woodland in Sussex.
Bizarre: Caroline Toms managed to capture this grainy image of a mystery beast
"A dog walker claims to have captured images of ' Bigfoot ' roaming in the Sussex countryside.

"Caroline Toms, 34, was walking with her border collie Ash when she says she was confronted with a huge ape-like beast as it ran across her path.

"Her dog was first to spot something was amiss and began barking before shooting off into undergrowth at Angmering Park Estate in Arundel, West Sussex.

"She managed to quickly capture a grainy image of the creature as she was taking pictures of Ash playing during their visit to the estate on Tuesday.

"Caroline, from nearby Littlehampton, said: "It all happened so fast. Ash started acting a little bit bemused and barking.

"Then she quick as a flash shot off into the undergrowth - then I saw this big black thing flash out in front of me.

"I only had my camera out because I was taking pictures of Ash playing.
SWNS Her dog started barking then shot off into the undergrowth before she spotted 'Bigfoot' run across her path
Her dog started barking then shot off into the undergrowth before she spotted 'Bigfoot' run across her path
"She came running back quick-as-a-flash though.

"I don't know what it was, but when I had a closer look at the pictures, it certainly does look like Bigfoot to me."

"The building society worker said the incident was over in seconds, and she has no idea what it is that she photographed - but won't rule out the mythical North American ape-like creature.

"She said: "I posted this photo I took last week on my Facebook page.

 "I took it whilst walking my dog through Angmering Park Estate last week.

"I have no idea what it is, but I wonder if anyone else has seen it."

"The Angmering Park Estate is a private nature reserve set in the heart of the South Downs National Park, and covers a whopping 6,750 acres - the equivalent of 3,375 football pitches.
Angmering Park Estate
Caroline was walking her dog Ash in Angmering Park Estate (pictured) when she claims she saw the mystery beast
"Caroline said: "I think it could be Bigfoot, but it happened so fast I cannot be absolutely certain.

"It was just luck I had the camera out.

"It was so big and massive, I don't know if it could be anything else.

"That's what it looked like - I don't know for sure, but I've seen other pictures of supposed Bigfoot, and what I saw looks like the other ones."

"The Sussex Big Cat Watch is a group that claims there has been 'countless sightings' of a puma or leopard over the years.

Among them, they say, was back in September 2009, when a walker saw a big black cat the size of a small Labrador walk in front of him on the edge of a dense forest. "

Here I will note that non-native exotic cats DO live and breed in the UK.  So let's get that out of this account.  But maybe the police should be warning people, especially women, walking alone in the area?

Here's a video with the account spoken by an anonymous robot!

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