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Sunday, 29 November 2015

I Blame Myself -No One Forced Me Into This!

Well, I have had to take a chance.  I have searched the Magonia website  and their list of books and I have trawled through every one of my books of folk-lore and so on.  No "MacGregor" book from 1955. 

The 1930 Tomintoul case seemed to have dead ends everywhere.  I even searched through my huge stack of magazines and newsletters from the 1950s-1970.  Nothing,

An internet search...nothing.  But I was able to search a large internet archive reserved for researchers, or people with nothing better to do...only the 1937 The Peat -Fire Flame by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor, is listed and I already have a first edition copy of that.

There are a few books by A. A. MacGregor -none listed by Magonia. Only one was published in 1955 and that was   The Ghost Book: Strange Hauntings in Britain by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor.  Is this the reference to the report?

Well, it better be because I just purchased a copy from a contact -and I won't get my money back if it is not.

The whole point in citing references to a report is that it must be accessible to researchers to double check the details.  As I have found IntCat lacking in accuracy in places I was NOT going to take what it read without double checking.  

Ufologist on site after cite quotes this 1930 incident and 99% of them quote Jerome Clarks UFO Encyclopaedia.  According to Jerome he was citing IntCat!!  So he has asked me to up-date him when I find anything out.  And I shall.

Look, it is simple. If you mention a case then the reference source is given.  If that source is the same reference for the next report you simply write "ditto pp.----" (whatever the page numbers are.  If the source is not used again until report 15 then (if it was the first reference source) you write "Ibid 1pp---" and the page numbers.  It is that simple yet Rogerson and Magonia (who seem impossible to get hold of), critical of so many writers/researchers and sources do not abide by the first rule of research: always cite your reference".

This is why Ufology is never taken seriously. People like me have to come along and then correct sources and details.

It's been a bad day as I just read David Haisell's A Question Of Control and wait til you see my review on THAT!

Let's all blame Nandor Fodor.


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