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Friday, 13 November 2015

UK UFO Groups and The AE and CE IIIK Project

I have to say I am a little disappointed with UK UFO groups.  The AE and CE IIIK Project has received cooperation from France and Spain (just waiting on the Germans) but the UK -nothing.

What I did was go online and check UFO groups listed in the United Kingdom.  There were lots of them that were set up around 1995 at the height of the UFO TV craze.  99% described themselves as "dedicated to a lifelong search for the truth"  some added "We will not stop until the UFO mystery is solved.  Most of the groups and people who founded them after "getting into UFOs around 1995/1996" (which is very telling) are now no longer active.

No Albert K. Bender or Men In Black.  Interest just fizzled out.  I've seen this over-and-over again in the past few decades.  Sadly, many UFO witnesses or even abductees are then left hanging.  What a mess.

Anyway, I've sent out more emails because sending letters out (at 65p a time!) is bloody expensive when twenty letters have received no replies.  Let's see how it goes.

And yesterday evening and today, up until 1600 hrs (I have to eat) I have been up-dating the UK entries for the 1980s.  Postage and ink cartridges -could it get any more expensive?  But for today that is it.  I'm taking a day off as I await a delivery of...more ink cartridges!

Any serious investigators/researchers -UK or in other countries- want to get involved then please read this:

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