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Monday, 9 November 2015

WARNING: Graphic Image!! Another Dead San Diego now!

Yes, I have seen this and people are trying to link it to the US Navy missile test firing off California. It is quite clearly an aborted mis-formed deer foetus (I'd guess deer).  But then on Face Book I see this:

"Just so you guys know I copied and pasted this caption
In Southern California everybody noticed a bright weird light... The government tried to tell everybody it's a testing of a missile launching... And now ppl in San Jose, CA are seeing dead aliens laying around and Facebook deleting every time somebody mention it ..."

My response was:

" Undeveloped animal foetus. No vet or animal expert checked it yet? And, NO, all the photos are NOT being deleted by FB -just as they were NOT deleting all those fake UFO photos. I'd say deer foetus?"

And I thought it might be an idea to see how many of the "removed" photos there are on the net ? Found a few and then a site that agrees with me and has the full story:

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