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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Food For Thought

When you sit there and laugh at the idea of a Sasquatch or  unknown sea creature that is basically because you are an educated fool.

When you laugh at the idea of there being intelligent life on another planet in space, laugh at the idea of an alien spacecraft -a "UFO" or "Flying Saucer"- visiting the Earth to look around or even at the possibility of a genuine alien (no, no, NO -I am not talking about "Greys") abduction scenario, it is because you are an educated fool.

Laughing at a "genuine" ghost report -whatever a "ghost" might be.  You are an educated fool.

You went to school and were taught historical, geographical or scientific dogma that other educated fools were taught because their teachers disliked something or were told by religion to dismiss things -the Church as not decided upon the ghostly after 2000 years but they will give "sainthood"  for 'miracles' performed by a rather less than Christian nun? 

Educated fools.

In the past educated fools tortured, executed (in some VERY nasty ways) and pushed what we would today call "free thinkers" to suicide.  Because what they discovered was fact and proven but went against standard dogma.

Travellers from Europe or the Middle East and Asia could NEVER have gotten to the Americas before Columbus.  Where did Columbus get his charts from? Why are there Pictish carvings, Viking runes, Roman coins and artefacts, accounts of large red-haired Europeans in Amerindian history?  Ask those questions at your own risk because, sadly, younger historians are still being taught to laugh first and keep laughing until there is evidence and when there is to quibble and doubt it and when they cannot "Well, we never said it was all hog-wash but just needed the proof -what a discovery we historians have made!"

This goes for most fields. Astronomers and those searching for signs of extra terrestrial life will talk about the possible statistical (guessology) number of inhabited planets in the Milky Way galaxy and what forms this life may take, how advanced it might be and much more.  However, a thoroughly investigated mass sighting of what seems to be a totally alien constructed craft?  Howls of derision.  Talk of mass hysteria. Optical illusions -everything but really studying the report, talking to witnesses and visiting the area involved themselves.  Dr J. Allen Hynek, the former US Air Force advisor noted how once, at a meeting of top astronomers, someone entered the room and told them there were UFOs being reported in the skies outside right then.  They laughed.  Silly stories.  How many do you think exhibited scientific curiosity and went outside to have a look?  Guess. None.

But not every Light In The Sky (LITS) is an alien aircraft.  Not every helicopter or aircraft light or satellite either.   There are many explanations that have to be looked at before you can say something is "unknown" and even then unless it looks like a physically constructed craft -NOT a big multi coloured light- what do you have?  Something to make you think and dig deeper.

Skeptics have an easy time because, even when anyone with a brain realises they are talking total crap, bilge and hog-wash, people think "Well,they are experts" -but so are many serious researchers; some far better qualified than a man using wood cut outs to prove their case and ending uplooking a fool while stating "Well,those results prove my point"!

If you have a brain and can read, get up off your backside and go talk to people and accept that "Nothing is what is claimed until everything has been checked and double-checked then you are a thinking human being learning and passing on that knowledge and, perhaps, even make the odd discovery.

You are, literally, walking the path of "counter-actuality".

It is not a question of believing the hard core, irrational Doubters or the hard core, irrational Believers that everything is evidence because it was found on the internet.

Be a proper Skeptic.  And learn what being Skeptical means!

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