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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Giant Mutant Rat

Giant Mutant Rat Scares The Living Daylights Out Of Med Students

2 December 2015

Rats scurrying around are never much fun but when you see one the size of a CAT, you know something is up.
The students at Wenzhou Medical University in China thought they had seen the results of a genetic experiment when they saw the giant rodent running around the campus.
Fearing a mutant rat was on the loose, a plan was formed to catch it using fishing nets because if its monster size.

Captured: Fishing nets were used to catch the rat (CEN)

Super-sized: Some students thought the rat was the result of an experiment (CEN)
The rodent was finally captured out in the open and was identified as a coypu - otherwise known as a river rat.
The 10kg creature was later contained in a cardboard box and was sent to local wildlife experts where it is expected to be released into the wild.

Teacher’s pet: The animal was later released into the wild (CEN)
Teachers at the university believe the animal may have been purchased online as a pet and accidentally set free on school grounds.
Or it was the result of a fiendish experiment to create an army of super rats

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