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Sunday, 13 December 2015

I Like A Good Mystery....But The Mystery Should NOT Be The Origin Of The Report!

I throw my hands up in complete surrender!  I have so far up-dated a great deal of my UK Entity-CE IIIK data base by going to the sources direct. Not citing IntCat, Rosales or any other Ufologist catalogue and the reason is that if I had...I would have been perpetuating the erroneous 'facts' in many cases.

But the 1990s....oh boy.  I found this:

Location: Near Swindle RAF, Wiltshire, England.
Date: November 14, 1996.
Time: Night.

Joseph Carpenter and four other men were traveling by car when they spotted a huge black triangular shaped object descending over the road. The men appear to lose consciousness at this point.
Later under hypnosis Carpenter recalled encountering a humanoid creature with a triangle-shaped head onboard the object. The creature had an olive complexion. He also recalled being exposed to a strange scenery and environment and of seeing a creature resembling a “dolphin.”

So I checked and any site using the details refers to Rosales.  I even found a site linking to a map -of Cheshire.   But Rosales cites:

HC addendum.
Source: Denys Breysse Project Becassine. Type: G

Okay, so I checked and Breysse seems to be un-contactable.  And I really would like to ask him his source for a number of reasons:

(1)  "Near Swindle RAF" I take it to mean RAF Swindle?  Well, I have a list of past and present RAF stations plus a couple future planned ones.  RAF Swindle does not exist.

(2) "Swindle RAF Wiltshire"?  Could it mean Swindon in Wiltshire in which case -where does the RAF come into it??

(3) a creature resembling a “dolphin.”....this report I want to see!!

Anyone have an email or web site like to Denys Breysse "Project Becassine" because I know he exists but it should not be this difficult in the internet age!

If you do please let me know!

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