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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Review: Walking Among US -David Jacobs loses The Plot?

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Disinformation Books (September 1, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1938875141
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938875144
  • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.9 inches

In his 1998 book, The Threat, Jacobs uncovered disconcerting reports about aliens' plans for the future of Earth. He reported that a "change" is coming; a future when very human-like hybrids would intermingle with humans in everyday life. "Soon we will all be together," the aliens said. "Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place."

This book examines a disturbing phenomenon that Jacobs began noticing in 2003. The alien integration action plan has kicked into high gear.The incidents of alien abductions have accelerated as have occurrences of alien involvement in everyday human life. A silent and insidious invasion has begun. Alien hybrids have moved into your neighborhood and into your workplace. They have been trained by human abductees to "pass," to blend in to society, to appear as normal as your next door neighbor.

This book illustrates in detail the process of alien integration into society and the strategy and support structure that has been developed to make this happen seamlessly. While he is not certain why they are doing it, the final chapter of the book will provide some chilling possible answers as to why they are here and what they want to accomplish.

Jacobs is a careful researcher who has investigated more than 1150 abduction events experienced by more than 150 abductees. This book focuses on the experiences of thirteen abductees.

 David M. Jacobs is an American historian and recently retired associate professor of history at Temple University specializing in 20th-century American history and culture. Jacobs is also well known in the field of UFOlogy for his research and authoring of books on the subject of alien abductions. Visit him at


"David Jacobs has spent his career as a history professor at a major university, and--what matters most of all--he backs his claims with an impressive mass of evidence.…Jacobs treats his subject with ethnographic depth and detail, but without academic ponderousness." --Thomas E. Bullard, PhD, board member, Center for UFO Studies and Fund for UFO Research and author of UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery

"Once we accept the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs and that the beings can act purposefully as rational beings invariably do, it is only a small step from UFO phenomena to the co-residency of the two species. It is this logical consistency that makes Walking Among Us constantly grip our imagination with such vengeance." --Young-hae Chi, D Phil, faculty of Oriental studies, University of Oxford

"Walking Among Us is a chronicle of human experience that contradicts every current theory about the universe that we think we live in. Jacobs' human observers have experienced a concealed reality that is literally next door to some of us, and that he believes is about to interact, secretly and insidiously, with the rest of us. Walking Among Us explains why extraterrestrial UFOs are here, who is aboard them, and what they are doing. To put it mildly, the evidence from the people that Jacobs has interviewed shows that the extraterrestrials are up to no good. You will find Walking Among Us hard to put down. If enough of us read and pay attention to the evidence in this book, we might be able to avoid the disaster that its evidence portends." --Don C. Donderi, PhD, associate professor (retired) of psychology, McGill University, Montreal, author of UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions

"David Jacobs has written an extremely important book about UFO abductees and the meaning of their abductions." --Ron Westrum, PhD, emeritus professor of sociology, Eastern Michigan University


You know, I once defended Jacobs in an article that Fortean Times refused to publish.  It was after Peter Brookesmith wrote a typical sat-in-a-chair Fortean attack on Jacobs' work.  Just look online, Brookesmith tends to write a lot of attacks on cases or peoples work that others then correct him on.

Anyway, as with Budd Hopkins, whom I supported publicly -and in other ways- I felt that it was very important that their work be monitored and encouraged and peer reviewed by other researchers.  I defended Budd in print a few times, too.  You see, we need to assess what we can and from what knowledge we gain and move on from there.

I had doubts creeping in regarding Budd's work and I know Ann Druffel has suggested that it might be possible that some form of accidental telepathy might be at work -the percipient under hypnosis picking up what the hypnotist is thinking, hence Hopkins outlook on what "They" were up to differed from what Jacobs felt "They" were up to,or even what John Mack thought. I am not saying that telepathy is rubbish for various reasons, but I do not think this is what is going on here.

Druffel in  How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction (1998), notes how, pre-Hopkins and Whitley Streiber there were no "Greys" (she does get rather piqued that the English spelling "Greys" seems to be used more than the American "Grays" spelling!).  Yes, there were small, large headed entities but not "Greys" -in fact,  it amazes me how Greys are represented in art or witness sketches: they are all Greys but with differences.  Ufologists don't tend to point this out.  Even old cases are now represented as involving Greys when they were never described as such.

And here is another thing: Betty and Barney Hill were not abducted by Greys. We have Ufologists and witnesses stating "They were Greys exactly as shown on Streiber's book cover" (Communion). The problem is that I, and a few other serious researchers, do not believe Streiber is doing anything other than selling and promoting a profitable series of books.  Fiction.  So,these abductors look like an imaginary alien on a book cover...though witness drawings then start differing.

But all those UFO abduction cases in the past not involving Greys were all "screen events" -false mental images designed to hide the great alien mastermind abductors -The Greys.

Except now, according to Jacobs, the Greys are probably some form of hybrid worker. This could get confusing.

We have, according to Jacobs, the burly reptilian security aliens who look a lot like the reptilian alien captain, Gorn,  from the original 1960s Star Trek TV series, and in recent years cameo guest in The Big Bang Theory.  The witness drawings look like him.  But these guys are subservient too.  Maybe or maybe not some hybrid form -who knows!

Then we have the Hybrids who look part human but still mostly unusual and alien looking.

Then there are the ultimates.  The Hubrids who could pass for human.  They are everywhere. They command you to come move their furniture as you are heading off to shops and you forget about it and turn up at home hours late but no one pays that much attention. Jacob notes that one alleged abductee showed him a photo of the Hubrid attached to him -standing right next to him in the photo.  But the photo is not reproduced.

The real masterminds are....the Insectilians.  Giant preying mantis type creatures and it may be the Greys are hybrids from these or another species this point I had to sit back and take a breather.

Oh, and the nasty aliens like to beat up abductees who talk to Jacobs.  And they threaten all kinds of things -killing family members and so on.  Arrange for Jacobs to have an 'accident' or just make him vanish.  No.

When I read Sight Unseen by Budd Hopkins I realized he had been duped.  Not some secret government plot to discredit him.  He had been conned pure and simple and as each new chapter unfolded I realized that his credibility had gone.

On reading Walking Among Us it was clear that Jacobs had gone over the top. I checked out a few videos from MUFON and other conferences plus an online live interview. Jacobs tells us that UFO witnesses "say they stopped to look at this bright UFO in the sky then, suddenly -it's gone. Shot away at incredible speed!" Jacobs gets very excited because he knows the truth: "No. It didn't! What happened was that you were abducted!"  But it is worse, Jacob tells us that we shouldn't "even try to fight back because they are so far advanced we cannot do a thing!"

So, everyone who sees a light in the sky is an abductee.  Fifty or one hundred people watch a UFO and they have all been abducted?  According to Jacobs yes.   Jacobs and Hopkins, the Wise Men of abduction research, sat down and were happy to estimate that 2% of the Earths human population had been abducted. So, 2013 human population was around 7.125 billions so 2% means one hundred forty-two million five hundred thousand people on Earth are abductees.  And if you marry an abductee and have kids THEY will become abductees.

And Jacobs repeatedly states that these "experiencers" are fifth columnists.  They are helping the aliens to out-breed and control humans. More than one has stated this but Jacobs is being irresponsible because he not only writes this but says it at UFO events and online interviews. If we look at the US and the number of guns there, not to mention people who have mental health issues or who seriously believe what Jacobs is saying then a target has been pinned to everyone who has claimed to be an abductee.  How long before some gun-toting idiot decides "action needs to be taken" to save his/her kids, grand children or the human race? And, sadly, it will happen. Jacobs tells us how abductees state they are "above humans" and are trained to control those other humans, to herd them, come The Change.

So, why are these important abductees, such as Kara Turner, allowed to die from cancer,strokes, heart attacks or other human maladies?  According to Jacobs because there is such a large stock of abductees the aliens can move on to.

All those quotes about the book. Crap.  Simplest way of putting it.  What "evidence" has Jacobs' work unearthed?   Somebody found a scratch or cut on themselves and "I'm pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday..."  Bruises -ditto.  "Implants"?  Not one single alleged "implant" removed has proven to be anything than organic material -nothing alien and, yes, I am including those bunko-men who, if genuine medical doctors, should be investigated  and prove their case or be struck off.  "Wow. Look at the radio signal coming off that thing!"  Same stupid con played by TV "ghost hunters" with their "scientific equipment".

So, what "evidence" is there?  Ann Druffel put the whole "missing foetus" myth in the bin back in the 1990s.  Being announced pregnant but then not being pregnant -false result,is not rare.  It is why pregnant women get scans these days.  Nothing from the "missing foetus" syndrome has ever stood up to scrutiny and the worst thing is that we only have the "experiencers'" word that any of this happened.

Experiencers go into "altered states" prior to abductiuons. One instance demonstrates this ( emphasis mine. pp. 55-56):

"I conducted the following session with Betsey without hypnosis.  She had so many sessions with me that she had learned to place herself back into an event and to remember consciously and accurately what had happened to her.  This session took place using Instant Messaging.  Often, our messages crossed each other in cyberspace..."

I read this and had to re-read it three times.  Betsey had "so many sessions with me" and she could put herself back into an event.  I wonder how many times is "so many" and do I really need to point out that this is going beyond any medical guidelines on the use of hypnosis?  

In fact, as Betty Hill herself pointed out, Dr Benjamin Simon, a highly accredited psychologist with a very honorable record and who made ground-breaking -provable- treatment for traumatized patients, and who conducted the hypnosis sessions with the Hills, warned and was concerned that untrained people with no real understanding of what they were doing would increasingly turn to hypnosis if "alien abduction" was mentioned.  His fears are alive and well and hypnosis is being used more and more by Ufologists who seem to have no idea just what they are getting into.

Oh, and on page 8, para. 3, Jacobs has the audacity to write that although Dr Simons was  "talented and experienced, (he) did not know about abduction phenomena and its attendent memory problems."  This is the arrogance of the evangelical Jacobs who notes how one abductee, between 1999-2007, had weekly sessions for over a year and recalled 100 events and was able to delve into them more deeply!  And regarding the use of hypnosis: "Learning comes from trial, error, and experience" and goes on to make sure that everyone knows he is the undoubted expert in this matter.

It is utterly unbelievable.  And another thing, while internet messaging with Betsey she had to stop as she was getting "that feeling" -meaning that she was about to be abducted.  For all we know, Betsey could have been eating cookies and sipping on coffee whiling away the time until her TV program started. This is NOT gathering evidence.

Jacobs seems to be almost playing with experiencers and is certainly not helping them as he interprets what they are telling him because only he can sort out the truth.

He dismisses -ignores- commonalities between Contactees and Abductees (p. 9), though in some cases there may be the same cause because he knows better.

Abductees not being told of the aliens' planet(s) of origin nor of the ultimate aim of what they are doing and to Jacobs this is "hard evidence" that it is not all psychological because if it were the abductees would tell us all of that.  But Jacobs book shows that abductees are told what things are leading up to if not the end event itself and some have been told about alien planets if not their planetary name (which would still prove nothing).

Jacobs (p. 17) notes that abductees can be as normal and unstable as non-abductees.  In fact, Jacobs, and those who have allegedly read his work, do not seem to pick up on the fact that it contradicts itself in many areas.  And I think his breakdown and analysis of the alien types just got so hysterically ridiculous that "the cat-in-the-hat" might have been included.  "No apparent heart or lungs" and no noticeable waste or reproductive organs.  I had to say "WTF" out loud.  How does he know there aren't? Lungs and hearts are internal organs and in some cases it is believed the aliens are wearing all-covering outfits so how on earth are abductees -"controlled and seeing only what "they" want them to see" going to check for an anal cavity, penis or vagina.  Oh, perhaps someone ought to ask "Can I see your "junk",please?"

Now, Gort and the hybrids or whichever, are determined to "securing silence" I really have to point out that this is Jacobs third book?  He talks allover the place on abduction.  He hypnotises (though he is obviously -and this is scary- has his own definition of what hypnosis is, though with "abduction specialists" you'll find they all use hypnosis but all define what hypnosis is in varying ways!) many abductees -hundreds of times and even conducts sessions using Internet Messaging.  But the aliens threaten injury, beatings and death to silence abductees -who next day contact Dr Jacobs to tellhim what happened.

I'd like to break here and speak to our alien overlords if I may?

Hey, guys -kill the abductees that are talking -you got millions of others to spare.  Oh, and ground the abductees from using the internet or car.  Seriously, you are not giving this a lot of thought, are you? And why don't you just kill off the abduction researchers -heart attack here.  Stroke there. Come on. And, please, I'm not being silly but, you and your hybrids and hubrids have total, unchallengeable control over human minds and can warp and break the laws of physics...and you've been doing this on Earth since at least the 19th century?  What are you the mental rejects?  

Back to Jacobs.  "No evidence" of an alien language and that makes you wonder what all the symbols are that abductees see? Or the book mentioned by Betty Hill -or what other abductees have----damn.  Sorry, I forgot, only Jacobs KNOWS. 

Aliens can mind-scan abductees to see what they have been doing since the last abduction.  They can "upload" information to abductee minds -even though they can only remember some of it. Hybrids scan abductee minds and control them -as do hubrids.  So why, after generations, are the ultimate end product, the super mind hubrids such dumb-asses.  Seriously, they do not know how to rent an apartment and when they do they live there as a group (are the special needs?).  They need help with getting furniture they bought back to their apartment.  These super intelligent, mind controlling hubrids are such dumb-asses that they cannot drive a car or own one -they mentally command an abductee to stop what they are doing and drive to transport things.  Money.  These super intelligent folk cannot understand the decimal system of currency (we really have not, as a planet, attracted the galaxy's finest).

Taught EVERYTHING from when little hubrids and as they grow up and reach adulthood mental retardation sets in.

Now, and I began to despair at this tripe, the "caretaker hybrids", who went through the whole contact with a human female, etc., as in all the female abduction accounts, who have mind-scanned blah blah blah abductees do not know what parents are or what they do.  Here's something else.  They have no idea that the United States is the United States or that there are different see what I mean by the Galaxy's dimmest?

Abductee Paula's experiences are all in keeping with her school experience, younger kids and keeping order amongst them.

And these super superior dim-wits have no idea what music is or how it has made. Do they not have internet access -it's all on there! Here is an idea for our alien overlords: to maintain secrecy of your not very secret project to replace the human race (oops!) and stop abductees breaking the strict silence and secrecy: steal their computers and laptops and look all this stuff up and that way you'll stop abductees internet messaging all the secrets to Jacobs.  Oh, and you won't be paying the internet bill even -the abductee will!

Ah, it seems that hubrids are the successes of generation after generation of breeding and refining so that they may take over the Earth....but no one has taught them to read or write?

You can see how absurd this is?

And there are examples of Jacobs using leading questions.

Have I mentioned that abductees kids are a great threat? Yep, all part of the scheme to subjugate humanity so pin a target on them little bastards, too...I think that's what Jacobs is saying.  Well, no he is not saying that just laying it on pretty damn thick that abductees feel they are above humans and will control us for their masters "come the day" and their children will also be at their sides.

And gradual take-over because, as Jacobs has stated over and over again like some evangelist on a super high: these aliens are totally unstoppable.  "Don't even try -nothing you can possibly do!".  Their technology to enter buildings undetected.  Control human minds.  In an hour they could send "Greys" or whatever into every single military or governmental facility and mind control every human there and disarm the military and control politicians.  Absolutely no one anywhere can stop them.  

This is what Jacobs seems to not realize.  No,they are taking more than a century to rape or have their females impregnated -or female abductees being raped by male abductees- and abducted many millions to breed super intelligent half-wits.  In 1898 the Greys or Insectalians or whatever the hell they are could have taken over the Earth.  Full stop.

And Jacobs, and again, those who have allegedly read his work, cannot see just how absurd all of this is? How one thing contradicts another?  That it is just sheer nonsense?

Movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The X-Files, Dark Skies, The UFO Incident, Invaders From Mars -TV, movies, comic books, pulps going back to 1900 all have elements of what these experiencers /abductees report.  But, I guess Jacobs will tell us, that is what They want us to think. The screen images -images mentally created by large-headed super intelligent aliens with no real grasp of human emotion?  Star Trek, the original 1965 pilot, ""The Cage", was not shown on TV until 1988. However, it was used in a two part story "The Menagerie" in 1966.  It contains the short, dome headed, super-intelligent aliens who don't quite understand humans and use "screen images" to create various scenarios.

Many of the abductions cited by Jacobs have elements of even cult TV series such as The Invaders. It goes on and on.

In a letter to me, some years ago now, Jacobs told me that he feared for the future of his grandchildren. At the time I guessed that there must be even more to be revealed than was in The Threat.  I was wrong.

This book, and not to mention Jacobs statements in public, is proof of nothing.  Lead the witness in the right direction because "you have to interpret what they are telling you means" (!) and you'll get what you want.  The abductees seem to have experiences that correlate with their normal lives and employment and it is easy to say that accounts "agree on these points" but what do they not agree on?  And why is Jacobs not pointing this out?

If there were ever a case that proved why peer review is vital it is this book and Jacobs work.  It is a potpourri of contradictions and fantasy and there is absolutely not one piece of hard evidence or provable fact. There is evidence that Jacobs has no understanding about the use of hypnosis or how it should be used and of leading questions and egotistical arrogance that really took me by surprise.

I have no doubt that some of his "subjects" genuinely believe these abductions and events are happening -though many do say, as in Kara Turner's works, that they are not sure whether what they are experiencing is real or a dream or an altered state.  But if you are going to go into this to simply collect abduction stories -do not.  David Jacobs is/has not helped these people but seems to have encouraged them to go further -internet messaging should never ever be used to fill in gaps or allow a subject to put themselves into a "relaxed state" to find out more. It is unethical and non-scientific.

Abductees or experiencers  need long term help and from properly qualified, psychologically trained professions who will not say "Let's try hypnosis -that works!"  These people, I do not believe, are being abducted by aliens or beings from"Magonia" or parallel dimensions and used as breeding machines or whatever. They are NOT mentally ill  -but they do need to learn how to cope with what is happening to them and once they understand they can learn to control.

This is part of a bigger problem in Ufology today.  Abductee researchers and hypnotists who suddenly realize THEY are an abductee or experiencer.  In fact, in the last year I have encountered more experiencers involved in UFO 'investigation' and collecting abductee reports (by the dozens each year) than I have the old time plain and ordinary UFO investigation and researcher.

This does not call for more tests to prove pet theories on piezoelectric or electro-magnetic phenomena nor "imaginary abduction tests".  This calls for serious study by psychologists because we are now seeing -excluding the fakes and Wannabees"- thanks to better communication and the internet, something that has probably been going on for a very -VERY- long time and kept mostly hidden until modern UFO abductions meant more people felt easier to speak out.

They certainly do not deserve to be targeted as potential threats to humanity and all that might entail.

I was expecting to find out more and see how Jacobs' work had progressed.  I was left stunned at what I found.

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