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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Want To Report A Big Cat Or Other Exotic?

I no longer do this by phone. The daily routine used to be talking to farmers, naturalists and members of the public about sightings from 0830-2100 hrs and many times the phone rang from 0700 right up to 2230 hrs.

I once got a shock when I discovered cooked meals were meant to be eaten hot!

But by email initially is how I do it now.

The strictest confidentiality regarding witness names is maintained -as is the case regarding the location of sightings.  Between 1977-2015 NO witness name has ever been published.  I make this clear because I absolutely DO NOT accept anonymous witness emails nor reports from people using internet pseudonyms. Those are IMMEDIATELY DELETED.

Just contact me at the usual private email (not in comments which are public!):  and remember I need to know:

(1)  Date of incident
(2)  Time of incident
(3)  Location of incident
(4)  Full description of the animal you saw and if you can draw the animal include a sketch scan.
(5)  Your full name
(6)   As full an account of what happened and what you saw and how the animal, if it saw you, acted and your own reaction.

If you took a photograph -after 40 years I can spot a fake- or if you have video footage let me know.  A photo can be attached to a message.

That is it.  Nothing scary.

But I check the emails daily so you should not have to wait long for a reply.

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