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Friday, 1 January 2016

A Response

Might I just respond to a couple of remarks left in comments which I have deleted as I prefer to give absolutely no free publicity to any disreputable con men involved in cryptozoology or ufology -neither of which are scientific subjects, though some reputable scientists have delved into both.

Information used without my permission, twisted, re-worded and even used to indicate that I have worked with any "cryptozoological" centre are incorrect.  I have corresponded with and written for many organisations and publications over the last four decades.  Luckily, some I have learnt were disreputable very early on and severed all ties with.

Others I have had to wait until they begin showing their true faces.  The big fat bully boys who think they cam "muscle" ladies in their 70s or get "the gang" to run hate and rumour campaigns against someone but can say "I have no control over what others write -it is a free country".  Well, "free" so long as you agree with this particular person.

I am not and have NEVER been a part of or associated in any way with any cryptozoological body as anything other than a writer.

I will leave the matter there.

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