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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ghost Adventures -Black Dahlia. Where Is The Shovel?

So I decided to watch the first episode of this series while working.  Then I stopped working to watch it properly.

That good?

That BAD

Bagans and his old pal, Billy, were up to their usual bad acting and "let's not let facts get in the way" methods.  If that 'psychic' they had on the programme was not a bad actress then I think it proved my point several times over about psychic fakery.

More of "adult content and situations" special effects.  Hey, Zack -how many times can we mention the 'killer' (according to his son who is an ex cop and seems obsessed with writing books about his father's alleged crimes -as an ex cop you'd think he might have heard of hard facts and evidence rather than conviction by trying to sell books) had "incestuous sex" with his daughter -and her daughter seems to be thriving on that notoriety- of which he was not convicted?

Sensationalist bull crap from start to finish.  In future it isn't even going to be on in the background.

Bury the damn show -because that is what it is: fantasy entertainment.

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