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Sunday, 10 January 2016

"Had any British Bigfoot reports yet, then?"

I was asked, rather sarcastically, "Had any British Bigfoot reports yet, then?"

Well, the response to that question is a resounding "No".  Obviously the guarantee of confidentiality hasn't been much use as a couple people I contacted regarding photographs of broken tree limbs, "knocking sticks" and what they claim might be a wildman/bigfoot in the distance have refusede to respond.

Now, I made the publicly open offer to look at any material or evidence with an open mind and this should have encouraged the people who keep screaming that "science will not look at our evidence!" but they seem to failto understand that if you do not provide your evidence then science cannot examine it.

If I wanted to treat the subject fairly then I would need to use example photographs to make a point or a photo of a footprint and so on.  I cannot.  Why? Because every photo of a twisted, broken or damaged branch or tree, or location or a stick has a big "C" (copyright) on it.  I abide by the laws and rules of publishing as well as image use. 

I cannot have copies to use?  Can I be taken to the area in question? NO! "We/I've secured the site and am not revealing its location".....HOW do you "secure" common land?  And I am NOT allowed to know the location which is odd because my head contains some very special site locations that if I revealed them WOULD cause major problems for the wildlife involved.  Information and locations from police, farmers, forest rangers and wardens and many others over 40 years.  But I cannot be told the location of a broken tree branch?

In fact, reading one account of "sounds" has told me that a certain animal only a very few people know about is still there and doing well -the location is spot on, too.  So, in a way, this has had some interesting results for me.

The lack of any cooperation of "British Wildman" people speaks volumes.  However, I am still determined to read or look at any evidence but the 31st January deadline still remains.  After that I base my report on what I have seen so far and I doubt in the future  any other naturalist will be anywhere as willing as I am to look at evidence.

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