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Friday, 8 January 2016

Idiots Obviously CANNOT Read...hence their being idiots...right.

A little aside before we get back to REAL things.

The moron who called me a jerk looking to find fakery in everything that Ghost Adventures does really ought to read my posts....I take it he can read because his spelling is awful.

He might do well to get in touch with the other jerk who mocks my credibility at having believed that the original Ghost Adventures documentary was real.  "Call yourself a paranormal investigator!"

Again, moron: R E A D my posts.  And, I have never claimed to be a "paranormal investigator" -I have investigated many things and neither do I call myself a "cryptozoologist" a "Ufologist" or any other fake "ology".

I am a scientific investigator. 

I was a wildlife consultant to UK and non-UK police forces on exotic fauna from 1977-2007 and did a lot more -IF you can work it out look at the "ABOUT" bit at the top of the page.

I know what this is all in aid of.  I've come across it more than a few times.  If you express an opinion based on provable fact and if your blog is getting a lot of views what happens is that "Tommy Envy" starts stamping his foot and hates it.  But then, as with these two idiots, the thought of starting an internet argument occurs to them -it might boost their own blog views.


I have a policy of deleting offensive, name calling comments because the people making them obviously were not very well educated.


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