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Friday, 15 January 2016

Notes: The German Study Group of Sub-Human Primates and British Wild Man

The  The German Study Group of Sub-Human Primates site has not been up-dated since 2011 and my emails keep bouncing back.  Sadly, I think it fair to say the group must now be defunct.  Anyone knows any differently please let me know.

Still a couple weeks until the deadline for any reports of "British Wild Men".  Anonymous reports are never accepted, though none has been received by me.  People I have contacted regarding alleged photo evidence are either not responding or refuse to allow their images to be scrutinised -particularly photographs of alleged wild men.

It does not look good.  You ask for "the experts to look at the evidence" and then refuse to cooperate you have no reason for complaint when results are announced.

This is AOP blog is public with a world wide audience including naturalists and other professionals but guarantees strict confidentiality.  The offer is still open.

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