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Monday, 25 January 2016

The Fox In The Tree

Now, for many decades I've specialised in felids and canids. Canids, particularly foxes, have taken up most of my time.  1977-2007 I was a UK police forces advisor of exotic fauna but also, inevitably, canids in some cases.

So, when I tell someone that foxes have been known to live or sleep in trees, possibly even stash food in trees should I expect the looks or comments that say I'm 'joking' or have no idea what I am talking about?

Also, Wikipedia's entry on foxes, particularly in the UK seems a bit "off" because there were definitely foxes in UK cities prior to World War 2 as my book Red Paper: Canids shows.  But who am I to question Wikipedia?

But foxes are great at leaping and if a domestic dog can climb a wall or wire fence to get out of a garden then you can be sure a fox can.  I've seen then shoot up a 7feet high obstacle with a mouth full of sausage rolls!

Here are some photos to prove a point -all (c) respective copyright holders!

 Below: I think a lot of people have seen or heard of foxes sunning themselves on shed rooves or on top of house extensions, however, some will not believe foxes can get onto roof houses.  They do. If there is a way up there -shed, wall, out house or even a tree then do not be surprised: cats get on rooves, too, you know!

 Below: Come on -it was a sunny day and, really? All that exertion to CLIMB a tree?  Why....not...just...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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