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Sunday, 3 January 2016

WHY Do I Work Alone?

I really do need to get some rest. Let's not get into the wildlife side of things too much here!

I have to say that I am very disappointed that no one has so far come forward to give their first hand account of observing a British wild-man.  I contacted a couple of people about their alleged photographs but no responses. 

What I find even more disappointing is how many people involved in this see a couple of fallen tree branches and THAT is evidence of a wild-man.  A sound of snapping twigs in the woods -a wild-man.  To date, my file contains not one piece of evidence in favour of a wild-man existing in the UK countryside.  As I have written before, however, I am keeping the file open until 31st January then I go with what is available.

I also find it sad that most UFO and paranormal groups seem to be TV obsessed.  Investigations I am seeing nothing about but talking about UFO, Bigfoot or paranormal programmes seems the main priority and a great many inaccuracies are creeping into these subjects because people are believing what they see and hear on entertainment TV shows. "This program is intended for entertainment only" is a give-away and "based on" like-wise.  They are not serious documentaries.

But the inaccuracies and false 'facts' are now almost filling up books on the subject.  People -including people on "serious groups"- are reading these and accepting them as fact.

It does not bode well because, as I have already found, the current generation of people involved in these fields are passing the false 'facts' on to the next and if you try to correct them, no matter how politely, you get screeched at as a skeptic or "fool".

Why do I work alone?

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