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Thursday, 3 March 2016

UP-DATE Two Possible "Wolf" Photographs From Germany

Two photos have emerged of "possible" wolves in the German countryside.

I actually learnt about these by checking out the Face Book page of Radio SAW -the German radio station I listen to while working.

The first of a "wolf" walking toward the photographer near Schartau bei Burg looks like an Alaskan Malmute to me.

 Below -the wolf photo

 Here is an Alaskan Malmute -head shape and colouring...?

The second the photo, taken at Krina in Kreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld is not great and could be a manged fox or, possibly, a Saarloos wolfdog?

The Wolf photo

And a Saarloos Wolfdog

Checking with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust to see if they agree (they see wolves on a daily basis)

And the response from the UK Wolf Conservation Trust is:

" Hi Terry, The bottom picture is a wolf. The Top picture is quite poor quality & more likely to be a malumute. Thank you for sharing"

So,  Krina in Kreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld has a wolf. Just do NOT panic and go hunting it. Leave it alone.

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